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2/17/2019 c39 12Francis456
Wow, to tell you the truth, I was actually dreading this chapter because I knew that everything was going to go south for Chiaki. I'm not entirely surprised that Chisa threw her to the wolves, as I thought that something like that might happen anyway.

Of course, it means that just when Munakata was finally starting to lighten up, this happens and because of it, any character development he may have gained from it has gone out the window, though that would probably have happened anyway, even if Chisa hadn't betrayed Chiaki and managed to get her off the hook. I bet Munakata would have still eyed her like a hawk from then on if that had been the case.

Of course, I think that the Radical Faction's problem is that they just jump to conclusions to quickly and aren't interested in any counter-arguments, like when Juzo attacked Mitarai and told Miaya to shut up when she did bring up a valid point. I guess he just didn't really care what the truth was and just wanted an excuse to hurt somebody. I know Juzo has sympathetic traits and there's more to him than his love of violence, but if he doesn't watch himself, people are going to mistake him for a kill-happy barbarian that enjoys hurting people because it makes him feel good about himself.

It's too bad that Chisa holds all the cards and that Chiaki was unable to prove her guilt, but telling everyone despite that, and knowing that it was doomed to failure, I have to say that it seemed that she was desperate and hoped that someone would believe her, though in a previous chapter, I noticed how Miaya noticed one of her despair smiles, but thought that she imagined it. I bet she would be able to put the dots together, and then there's Tengen, who already made it clear that he suspected Chisa of being a despair, so he probably believes Chiaki as well, though neither made a move to help her, Miaya, probably for pragmatic reasons, and Tengen because... well he probably sees Chiaki being sacrificed as worth it due to his own plan.

Of course, Chiaki mentioning that even video evidence probably wouldn't be enough, I can believe that. Even if Chiaki had been able to prove that Chisa was the real despair, I doubt Munakata would want to believe it even if it was shoved in his face. He would go into denial and try making excuses for Chisa, which is hypocritical, but then again, Chisa is someone he cares about dearly, so in his mind, it's okay to accuse those he doesn't know of being despairs with very little evidence, but when someone he cares about is accused, and with irrefutable evidence, that's different somehow, and there must be a reason for it, even though there could possibly be reasons to explain why those he didn't know seemed like they were despairs. It's a pity Chisa was never exposed when she was alive because I would've loved for someone to point out his hypocrisy.

Of course, since this story is canon-compliant, I bet come the Final Killing Game, when he finally discovers that Chisa was indeed a despair, he'd probably remember Chiaki's accusations. I can just picture him replaying Chiaki's accusations in his head, but rather than accept that he was wrong, it would probably only make him hate her even more, and he'd probably picture her laughing in his face saying "I told you so" and wishing that she was right there so he could kill her out of pure spite, unable to accept that she had been right. In other words, he'd hate her because of the damage to his ego. Of course, I doubt we'll get to see that scene, and I confess, that might be some of my own personal bias against Munakata.

However, I did notice something about Munakata when he and Chisa were alone. Him making her his secretary. I wonder if perhaps, at least on a subconscious level, part of him has taken what Chiaki said about Chisa to heart. Even if he's not consciously aware of it, it could be interpreted that he subconsciously wants to give Chiaki the benefit of the doubt, but his ego gets in the way, and I think that Chisa at least suspects that much as well, and given the last lines of her narration, it seemed that this was not part of her plan and everything's she's worked so hard for is starting to fall apart.

As for Ruruka, no surprises there, though I agree with Sonosuke, that Ruruka probably did come to like Chiaki, even if she doesn't want to admit it, and I have to praise her for fingering Chisa as well, but unfortunately Chisa was prepared, and Ruruka has no idea just how right she is about Chisa. How ironic, and thanks to this misunderstanding, it's only gone towards reinforcing her beliefs that everyone will inevitably betray one another. Of course, given Ruruka's personality, let;s say, Chiaki was able to clear her name, Ruruka seems like the type who would not want to admit that she was wrong and would probably play the "I never liked you anyway" card in order to avoid facing up to the fact that she was wrong, and Munakata and Juzo are probably the same. Chiaki manages to clear her name, and they both want her dead out of pure spite for the sleight caused to their egos, unable to handle that they were wrong, and would probably twist everything to make it seem as if it was Chiaki's fault that Chisa felt to despair. Of course, in a way it is because Chisa got captured when she came to save Chiaki and Nagito from Junko, though the blame is mostly Nagito's since he was the one that led Chiaki to that location.

It's surprising that Miaya's decided to bust Chiaki out of jail, but the question is, is it the real Miaya, or the robotic duplicate that Monaca control in Side Future? I have my doubts about whether or not it's the real Miaya. I can somehow picture that Miaya went to Chisa and confronted her on Chiaki's accusations, and telling her of her own suspicions and how she observed Chiaki whenever her name was mentioned, and Chisa killed her, and it's basically her using the robot before she gave it to Monaca. Yes, I'm sure that Chisa helped Monaca get into the killing game and that she was the one who really killed Miaya, since Monaca had been in Towa City at the time. I wonder if it's just Chisa masquerading as Miaya in order to further the next stage of her plan, after all, she did convince Munakata to spare her, at least for the time being.

Also, I know that this probably won't happen due to the story being canon-compliant, but wouldn't it be something if Chiaki did manage to clear her name in the eyes of the Future Foundation? I bet a good swathe of them would end up grovelling at her feet for forgiveness. Of course, that probably won't happen because the majority of Future Foundation division heads would be dead by the time her name is cleared, though since Munakata's still alive, and after what Makoto and him went through, perhaps he can set aside his ego and get down on his knees and grovel to Chiaki for forgiveness. That would be something to see. Also, Chiaki needs to learn to stand up to him without fear. Perhaps that'll come after the Final Killing Game when everyone is battling to stop Mitarai from releasing his Hope video.

Also, I've been musing on what happened to Mukuro. What if Mukuro was brought to a facility and AI Junko was able to download a copy of herself into Mukuro's mind? That would make for some shock twist, as unlike before, Junko now has access to Mukuro's combat abilities, and there's also Enigma as well.

Also, I wonder if Chiaki will enter the Killing Game herself and defeat Junko herself, with Munakata and the rest of the Future Foundation watching. I wonder how Munakata would feel seeing Junko again, getting excited at the prospect of being able to kill her himself, only for Chiaki, someone he deemed as a traitor to the Future Foundation come in and do what he could not and rob him of his "entitlement" a second time. Heck, how would Juzo feel knowing that hes in the same boat? He probably believes that he could finally take his revenge, only to have someone else rob him a second time, and not only that, but the one that did so is a traitor. I bet they'd both claim that it was some sort of trick and that Chiaki's still a despair, but the real reason they're furious is because Chiaki damaged their egos.
2/16/2019 c39 14TheAngelicPyro
This was a rollercoaster of emotions, and I absolutely loved it!
2/16/2019 c39 19Vixen7117
Holy mother that was so intense! I was shaking the whole way through. Aghhh so much happened I just can’t even process it, but that just shows how effective this chapter was. Was not expecting Chisa to sell Chiaki out granted she’s always finding ways to surprise me. God this whole situation is so hopeless, but at the very very very least Miaya and Chiaki are teaming up again. Aghh this is gonna take a while to process. Spectacular job you really scrambled my brain this chapter.
2/16/2019 c39 4Ronin Warriors Fanatic
Miata to the rescue! Chiaki's position sucks though
2/1/2019 c38 Hyde
Oooo this is really good! Keep it up!
1/14/2019 c38 12Francis456
Wow, that was quite the chapter, from Makoto meeting with the Remnants of Despair, to that flashback, to Munakata mulling over the past and his reasoning on present events, to the party that Chiaki arranged for his return. I have to say that it was reminiscent of the time Chiaki organised a party for Chisa's return from being transferred to the Reserve Course.

As for Makoto, it's surprising that he told Kyoko to tell the other Future Foundation members that he went rogue. I get the feeling that he severely underestimates just how much some of the Future Foundation hates him over their bruised egos. I don't think he realises the severity of his situation, though I'm sure that those that hate him would secretly be glad that he "went rogue" just because it presents them with an opportunity to get rid of an embarrassment to them. The fact that he managed to do what the Future Foundation couldn't, defeating Junko, is something they see as an embarrassment because I bet when the Future Foundation was first formed, they told the masses that they would be the ones that would bring down the mastermind and save the world. The fact that someone else managed to do what they could not, probably has some in the Future Foundation feeling that Makoto made them look bad, and they just can't stand it.

Of course, there's AI Junko to worry about. I'm surprised that Nagito told Makoto about the brainwashing. I know that he seemed to be the only one aware of it, but I was under the impression that the brainwashing would have prevented him from telling anyone about it. However, with AI Junko's plan to download herself into the comatose Remnants, Kyoko has every right to be suspicious because after what I read up about the second game, having AI Junko download herself into them was the reason they surrendered in the first place. The meeting between Makoto and Izuru was intense. I wouldn't be surprised if Makoto believed that Izuru would have randomly attacked him at any given moment. That's just how tense I felt the situation was.

I also liked the flashback, and the scene following it. It gave some insight into Munakata and why he does what he does. I suppose him having parents that strived for him to be successful all the time would have an effect on him. If I didn't know any better, I'd say that that he has some degree of narcissism about him, but it's mitigated somewhat by his genuine friendships with both Chisa and Juzo. Of course, I still feel that he has a sense of entitlement, though I'll give him point for grudgingly admitting that Makoto's platitudes, as he calls them weren't complete nonsense, though I think he sees those same platitudes as a threat to him, in that they could prove him wrong. It's nice that he's lightened up, even if temporarily, though it seems to me that I was right in that he only saw the Future Foundation as a crutch for his bid to reach his entitlement, and it seems that the only reason he hasn't abandoned it despite its failure is simply because of Juzo and Chisa. If both of them had died before then, I bet he would've left the Future Foundation high and dry about Junko's death, seeing no further reason for its existence.

Of course, with the party, comes an end to Munakata's good mood, with AI Junko having to crash it as Monokuma with the broadcast of Neo World Program. As they say, all good things must come to an end, and I can see that Chiaki's going to be in hot water, as I'm sure everyone would be looking to her for an explanation. However, the question is, will Chisa stand up for her, even if it's just to further her own plan, or will she throw Chiaki to the wolves and leave her to fend for herself? I bet the question on her mind is, "If I'm here, then who's the other Chiaki hanging out with my classmates?" Of course, it's the AI that assumed Chiaki's identity, but at this point, neither Chiaki nor anyone else know that, and another question that I'm sure that Miaya would be asking, just how did the Remnants find out about the Neo World Program? Of course, Chisa told them, but Makoto didn't know about it, and yet Kyoko did.

There's also the issue concerning Mukuro and Enigma (assuming Izuru wasn't Enigma), just where are they and what are they doing? Wouldn't it be something if Mukuro made a second attempt at kidnapping Chiaki? After what everyone just witnessed, I bet they'd think that Chiaki was really just an agent of despair the entire time. It'll be interesting to see how Chiaki gets out of this, and wouldn't it be something if Munakata saw Chiaki managing to defeat AI Junko via broadcast. That would be not once, but twice he felt that he had been robbed, and also, if Chiaki manages to prove herself as the "Savior", would Munakata act out of nothing more than pure spite?

With Chisa crying, I get the feeling that it wasn't Despair Chisa, but the original Chisa from within her subconscious. I bet she knows that she can't fight against her brainwashing much longer, and knows that she's going to die eventually, which was why she said what she said to Chiaki. The only question is, does Chisa anticipate that AI Junko and Chiaki are going to end up killing each other? After all, Chisa keeps going on and on about the savior, but she never mentioned anything about Chiaki being alive in order to be the savior.

Also, I wonder if the friendship between Miaya and Chiaki will take a hit, given that she showed Chiaki the Neo World Program. With what just transpired, I bet that Miaya could mistakenly believe that Chiaki told the Remnants, since they're her classmates and all, though she has her suspicions about Chisa. I wonder if Miaya will confront Chisa over her suspicions and then Chisa kills her. After all, despite Monaca claiming credit for Miaya's murder, there's no evidence that Monaca had left Towa City, so I think that Chisa may have been the one that murdered her and arranged things in order for Monaca to smuggle in her remote-controlled Miaya duplicate in.

Also, I noticed a few spelling mistakes. You had lie instead of like when Makoto noted that the impostor looked like Byakuya, and you also put lied instead of lay in the scene with Makoto and Izuru's meeting in regards to the vase.
1/13/2019 c38 19Vixen7117
Oohhh so good. I really enjoyed Kirigiri, Makoto, and Munakata’s introspective scenes. Also nice to see original Chisa making a cameo through a flashback. This reall is the endgame, yet it’s still amazing you’ve gotten this far. Reminds me of when I first started reading this story way back in 2016. Anyway I’m really excited to see what happens next cause I have no clue what it will be, but I know I’m gonna enjoy reading it.
12/18/2018 c35 Guest
Wow that was close!
12/18/2018 c34 Guest
Wow... Poor Mukuro... Aside from what she did to Chisa, I liked her
12/18/2018 c26 Guest
12/18/2018 c25 Guest
I'm really getting into this story. I still don't get what Chisa is trying to do though.
12/18/2018 c14 Guest
My god I fear for Chiaki... First that Choker, now this. Chisa's gonna end up destroying Chiaki at this rate.
12/17/2018 c4 Guest
Oh god... Junko's gone Arkham Knight Joker!
12/17/2018 c3 Guest
Wow. This story feels like it will be a hell of a ride. I wonder if Chiaki will live though this, she'll make the world worse, or save it somehow? Or... Could she save Chisa? I don't so but it would be interesting.
12/14/2018 c37 14TheAngelicPyro
So is Chiaki going to be on the Killing School Trip?
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