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12/14/2018 c37 19Vixen7117
Woah woah WOAH. THAT WAS SO GOOD! I got so excited from all the action and drama. Chiaki and Izuru’s reunion couldn’t be more perfect. Love the theme park aesthetic and just so my punches to the heart. All hail Chisa the true matriarch of despair. Hehe my emotions are all over the place so this review isn’t very structured. I’m just so excited and nervous at the same time. Simply excellent.
12/14/2018 c37 12Francis456
Quite the interesting chapter with Chiaki meeting up with Izuru. It's a shame that Hajime isn't influencing Izuru, though I guess something would have to befall Chiaki before Hajime's influence would kick in, though once he saved her, Izuru would be back in control and find it confusing why he saved her.

There's still the issue of Mukuro and Enigma to answer, and I'm now starting to wonder about Enigma's identity again. Could it have been Izuru, managing to put his disdain for Junko aside for the time being, considering that Enigma wore a giant Junko helmet, and he was able to best Juzo. To be honest, I don't see how Enigma can be anyone else, plus Izuru did not answer the question on whether or not he was Enigma, and there's also Mukuro. It'll be interesting to see how she'll factor into this.

It's unfortunately that despite everything, Izuru figures that Chiaki will lose when she faces off against Junko, and I'm guessing that it'll be AI Junko instead of the real Junko, since she's dead. However, despite not being too happy about that, I can understand Izuru saying that. Even if he truly believes that, I bet if he had gauged Chiaki to be able to win and told her so, she could go in thinking that she had her victory in the bag, and probably end up losing because of her overconfidence. With him telling her that she'll lose, I bet she's going to pull off some sort of a miracle that he never expected.

From the discussion that they both had, it seems that Junko pretty much wanted her to survive somehow, and that she was conflicted with part of her wanting to kill her and another part of her believing that it was more interesting keeping her alive. Despite what she said about ensuring that none of Chiaki's vital organs were harmed, just so she could gloat over her loss before she died, I bet she factored in Izuru coming to save her, if what Izuru claimed to Chiaki is correct. However, if Izuru has met with Chiaki, then he also has AI Junko with him that he claimed from Shirokuma and Kurokuma, and assuming that she's aware of what's going on, then she knows that Chiaki is alive, but I bet Izuru planned that just to ensure that Chiaki would not have an unfair advantage for when she faced Junko again.

As for the bit at the end with Chisa and Izuru, I think I'm beginning to get a grasp at Chisa's motives. If what she says is true, then I bet she's planning on eventually dying, probably the same way she did in canon, and I bet she's using Chiaki as a means of getting her revenge on Junko, though how exactly is up in the air. I'm starting to wonder if Chisa's planning on having both Junko and Chiaki kill each other, since after Junko's gone, Chisa will have no further use for Chiaki, so instead of killing her herself, she can have Junko do it for her, while Chiaki dealing with Junko at the same time.

I really do hope that something that neither Izuru nor Chisa expected happens and Chiaki ultimately triumphs over Junko, and hopefully the question behind who Enigma actually is and how Mukuro managed to survive will both get answered as well. Also, I hope that Munakata ends up facing up to the unpleasant truths of methods in such a way that he cannot refute just to see how he handles it.

Also, I noticed four spelling mistakes. Two times, you put the word, lied, when it should be, lay, you missed out a t in the word laughter in the line, "The sounds of happy jingles and laughter", and with the line, "I'm guessing you already know, but you'tr aware of where the extraction zone will be and who'll be there to meet you, right?" You put, me you, instead of meet you.
11/29/2018 c9 14TheAngelicPyro
Do all the chapters start with the word Save because you're 'Saving,' the story?
11/13/2018 c36 Guest
hmm i wonder who it is(im one of those people who neglect good english when reviewing stuff)
11/12/2018 c36 12Francis456
This is quite the interesting chapter. I think that it could easily be re-titled as Chisa Yukizome, the Ultimate Busy Body, given how it was solely focused on her and how she seemed to be rather busy with meeting various people, including Nagito, Mitarai, Munakata, Tengen, and finally Izuru, though I gather that what's discussed between them won't be revealed at the start of the next chapter.

Anyway, it seems that the groundwork is being set for the events of the second game in the Neo-World Program, though I do wonder if Chisa did indeed help assist in that in canon given her secret allegiance, though we'll never know for certain. However, I gather for the purposes of this fic, that she did. However, I do wonder if instead of an AI version of Chiaki, the real Chiaki would take her place, and just whose form the AI observer that had assumed Chiaki's form will assume, though I think that it would be Chisa, since the class all seem to adore her as much as they did Chiaki, as Chisa pointed out way back in chapter 1 during her conversation with Junko that she could have used her for the execution instead of Chiaki, but then again, she's still alive.

Interesting scene with Nagito getting confused about his feelings for Junko, in which he can't decide whether or not he loves or hates her. I guess it must be a sign that he's trying to resist the brainwashing, though given his character, he'd probably just go along with it for a time just to increase the amount of Hope he believes will be born from the despair he sows. However, I wonder if his resistance to the brainwashing is in part due to his frontotemporal dementia that he has in canon, as it affects the brain and possibly affected the brainwashing as well. However, I guess that it's safe to say that he's abandoned Monaca and left her to fend for herself.

Nice interaction between her and Munakata, if it wasn't for the fact that Chisa was brainwashed into despair, I'd say that it was really a heartwarming scene between them, though it's just one of Chisa's many attempts at manipulating him, and it seems that they both suspect that Tengen's up to something, though thanks to Chiaki, I guess Munakata's decided to take a step back and think things through before making a judgement call, as I'm sure that if not for Chiaki, he probably would have been plotting to relieve Tengen from his position, and, I can't believe that I'm saying this, but I think that Tengen being relieved of his position is for the best, so in this instance, I agree with Munakata, just like I agree with him regarding Kitta, in that Kitta's better off dead.

As for Tengen himself, I think that he suspects Chisa, though that was probably the case in canon as well, but I wonder if Chisa's seriously underestimating him. Sure, she may not particularly care for Tengen's suspicions, but it's possible that she's underestimating him, and if he suspects Chisa, then that may prove problematic for her plans with Chiaki. After all, since it was Chisa that brought up the idea of Chiaki being a Savior, he may seek to sabotage that just to prevent Chisa from reaching her goal, whatever that may be. Of course, I could just be overthinking things, since Chisa may have become the first victim of the Final Killing Game intentionally just to push Munakata over the edge.

I liked the flashback with Chisa and her mother, though why did her mother call her by her surname? Her surname is also Yukizome, so wouldn't that be a bit weird. I know that Japanese tend to address one another by their surnames, but that doesn't hold true between family members, so Chisa's mother should be addressing her as Chisa, and not by their shared surname (I know that in the English dubbed version of the anime of the first game, Makoto was also addressed by his surname by his family, but that was probably just a mistake on Funimation's part). Anyway, if this chapter's told me anything, then it's that perhaps, the old Chisa is still within Chisa's body, and that she's fighting to get out. One of the comments Nagito made, also seemed to suggest this as well, though if Chisa did reunite with her mother, I'd bet she'd just kill her just to feel the despair of it, thanks to the brainwashing, and would probably use it to further manipulate Munakata.

Anyway, if the Neo-World Program's coming next, then what about the other outlying mysteries, such as Mukuro and Enigma? Will they be coming back anytime soon? However, given that Nagito made an appearance in this chapter, I'm starting to doubt if he's really Enigma or not, but if it isn't Nagito or Izuru, then who is it because I can't think of anyone else.

Also, I think you made a spelling mistake, in that somewhere you put Chisa's, when it should only be, Chisa.
11/12/2018 c36 19Vixen7117
Interesting. Very very VERY interesting. Hehe I love Chisa so much, so reading a full chapter from her perspective was just wonderful. Glad to see one of the remnants show up in present day, I can only imagine how he’d react if he knew. Just love seeing how Chisa’s mind works now. Wasn’t expecting the flashback to her as a kid, but it was really sweet and cute. Chisa’s mom sounds just as motherly as her and I love it, even though she’s likely dead. Super excited to see what Chisa and Izuru are going to discuss. Can’t wait!
10/30/2018 c32 1Destrark
… The reaction the future foundation guys have to the idea of Junko being alive is both horrifying and hilarious. This one woman has managed to single-handedly scar the entire world into fearing her very name, even her greatest enemies.
10/16/2018 c35 12Francis456
Wow, that was quite the chapter. Honestly, I didn't expect that. Chiaki standing up to Munakata, though I have to say that I think she may have struck a nerve when she pointed out that just killing Ritsuko because of his suspicions makes him no better than Junko, though it seems that it had the added effect of having him calm down later. Maybe she should have told Munakata that in reality he doesn't care about who's a despair and who's not and that he just wants to make examples out of people regardless of whether they're innocent or not. I know that that's not true, but it could have gotten him to stop in order to rebuke Chiaki's claim.

Also, nice to see that Chiaki's finally gaining the courage to stand up to Chisa. However, I'm disappointed that she didn't manage to launch an attack before she was subdued. I think it would've been better if Chiaki had managed to at least wound her having caught her off guard. I noticed that Chisa was caught by surprise. Perhaps Chiaki could've wounded her first and then stop to tell her how she's no longer the Chisa she knew and is now nothing more than a second Junko, and then the agent could've come and subdued her before she could administer the killing blow. It would have definitely given Chisa something to think about, especially considering that Chiaki may eventually decide that she doesn't care if Chisa can activate the bomb in the choker, she could do her best to at least try to take Chisa down with her.

Also, despite what Munakata said, somehow I get the feeling that Ritsuko's going to die by Chisa's hand. After all, Ritsuko was present when she heard Chiaki talk to her and heard everything Chiaki said, so that would make Ritsuko a liability. Of course, I doubt anyone would believe her, but Chisa probably won't want to take any chances, especially with Kyoko breathing down her neck. I do wonder if Ritsuko will manage to rely the info to Kyoko, assuming Kyoko manages to talk with her. It would be what Kyoko needs to realise that Chiaki is just an unwilling accomplice in Chisa's scheme.

Also, I'm surprised that Munakata was able to calm down. However, Chiaki should have reiterated her point that killing Ritsuko would make him no better than Junko. That was the only thing she had to confront him with, but instead, she just attacked him. Of course, Munakata wouldn't have taken too kindly to that, but that's because it's an inconvenient truth. Maybe they can confront each other in future and Chiaki will find an argument that he cannot easily refute and keep at it, and if he responds by attacking her or telling her to be quiet, then it's a sign that he's lost the argument, and in that case, it should be rubbed in his face something rotten.

Of course, I can't help but wonder what Chisa's planning, given her sinister smirk. I'm guessing that Chiaki dodging punishment was somehow down to her talking with Munakata. Either way, things aren't going to get any better. Hopefully, Chiaki will be able to pull through and not only that, but be able to gain the upper hand over Chisa and manage to counter Munakata with an irrefutable argument and force him to confront unpleasant and inconvenient truths.

Oh, by the way, during the part where Chisa came to take Chiaki to the infirmary to see Munakata, I think at one point, you mistakenly typed Chiaki when it should have been Chisa. The line is, "Chiaki didn't respond right away". I think the line should be "Chisa didn't respond right away", since Chiaki was the one that had spoken beforehand. I just thought that I should point that out.
10/16/2018 c35 19Vixen7117
Aghhhh. SO TENSE! I swear my heart stopped at some points, especially with Ritsuko’s introduction since she’s so cute. Thank god she didn’t die otherwise that would break my heart. God you write despair Chisa so well, not even I can predict what she’ll do which adds to how scary she is. I’m very happy to see Chiaki putting her foot down especially to protect Ritsuko who is practically her little sister now and no one can convince me otherwise. Also seeing Munakata in a kind of happy and understanding mood with Chiaki was nice since he’s usually so cold. Makes me wonder if the shock to his brain made him have such a change of heart. Also, even though I know Chisa’s in despair, that exchange between her and Munakata at the end was SO CUTE. Finally, Tsundere Mukuro is the cutest! Love love.
9/14/2018 c34 Guest
cool btw was the person at the end izuru
9/14/2018 c34 12Francis456
Wow, that was quite the chapter. Chisa's actions at the start were predictable, and it confirmed my suspicions about the choker. I think that it's also safe to say that Chisa's also aware of Kyoko confiding in Chiaki her suspicions about her, since she did bring up that Kyoko was investigating her and seemed to accuse Chiaki of being in league with her. I just hope that Chiaki can find some way of getting rid of that choker before Chisa decides that she's outlived her usefulness.

Also, it was really something for Chisa to bring up arguments that Chiaki could not refute. However, I get the sneaking suspicion that the reason Chisa cut Chiaki off was because she had struck a nerve with her when she compared her with Junko, or perhaps, Chiaki would've started "working her magic" on Chisa herself, something that Chisa would not want, since I'm sure that if Chiaki somehow did manage to gain the upper hand, Chisa probably would have detonated the choker out of spite.

I enjoyed the flashback with Junko, though I'm still not sure what it was that had Junko so afraid of Chiaki. I think I need it spelled out to me without this beating around the bush. It's clear that Junko was scared of Chiaki for some reason. She can deny it all she wants, but it's obvious that she's scared. I doubt she's into despair as much as she wants people (possibly even including herself) to think because if she really was in despair, why would she feel the need to be afraid?

Also, that part with the silhouette at the end before Mukuro lost consciousness. Somehow, I get the feeling that Mukuro's still alive somehow, though as for the silhouette, I'd guess that it's either Izuru or Enigma, one of them having decided to go in and save her for some reason, or perhaps it's even Junko herself in some form, perhaps AI Junko in a robot body made to look remarkably human. Of course, that last guess probably isn't true, but hey, I can always hope.

Another reason I think that Mukuro may still be alive is because of the mystery concerning the Mutual Killing Game. I mean, I think that it is the real Mukuro, or at least, she believed that she was the real Mukuro. It goes back to my clone theory. After all, if the person posing as Junko wasn't Mukuro, then who was she? She had a Fenrir tattoo, so just how is it possible for her to have survived. While she was alone, if she had been an impostor, there would have been no reason for her to come up the act, and yet, I think I can safely say that if she's not the real Mukuro, then she is connected to her somehow.

Nice to see Juzo being civil for once, and around Kyoko, though I get the feeling that Kyoko knows more than she's letting on. Sure, she let Chiaki go, but I suspect that Kyoko suspects that something is up with Chiaki and Chisa. Only time will tell if she can figure it out, though I wonder if Chisa is manipulating Munakata in an effort to have Kyoko's probation extended just to keep her off her back.

So if that part at the end is anything to go by, I guess Izuru's starting to stir, though it's interesting to see what he meant when he referred to the "one he hated the most", obviously Junko, but Junko's dead. I suppose the city was Towa City, and he meant AI Junko, and I'm guessing that the events of the second game are about to happen, though it'll be interesting to see how having the real Chiaki alive will affect the outcome.

Also I hope that Chiaki can gain the courage to stand up to Munakata and give him a piece of her mind and force him to confront unpleasant truths just to see how he'd react to coming up against something that he cannot refute. I'd like to see Chiaki "work her magic" on him and show him up for the egotistical bigot he really is.

Also, with Chisa telling Chiaki that the main reason she helped Mukuro was to upstage Junko, my take on it that both Chiaki and Chisa were right. Chiaki probably did want to genuinely help Mukuro out of genuine compassion, but at the same time, a small part of her also wanted to upstage Junko, so in effect, both were right. I just wonder what Chisa would do if Chiaki came up with an argument that she just couldn't refute. I think Chisa took advantage of her chaotic emotional state, since I'm sure that if Chiaki had been calm and collected, she would have been able to find a way to counter her. It seems that Chiaki's "power" only seems to work whenever she's in a calm and collected state. How about whenever Chisa's punishment is over, Chiaki, after thinking about it and coming to an answer, she tells Chisa and then rubs the fact that she can't refute her in her face?
9/14/2018 c34 19Vixen7117
God that first scene was so emotional. Poor Chiaki wants to save someone and in return Chisa just keeps physically and mentally abusing her. Though Chisa does bring an interesting point up about Chiaki’s true motive for wanting to rescue Mukuro. Seeing Mukuro on the verge of death was expectedly sad, but at least there’s some hope she’ll be saved, probably by Enigma. I’m glad everyone was happy to see Chiaki safe and sound, though it’s sad that Chiaki feels guilty about Mukuro. Her talk with Tengan has me suspicious that he’s been turned to despair like in the anime. Good to see Izuru is still around and awaiting the finale to his experiment. All in all great chapter and I’m super pumped for the next arc to see what it’s about.
8/21/2018 c33 Wheatley
Damn this is good, like super supper cool!
Can t wait for da next chapter (well Idk how long they take but due to the coherence and quality I think I'll have to wait some times.
Anyway keep up!
8/16/2018 c33 Guest
8/16/2018 c33 12Francis456
Wow, that was one heck of a chapter with Mukuro and Chiaki having to team up in order to take down those tragedy beneficiaries. I guess when it really comes down to it, both were brought together by a common enemy and were in a situation in which they had had no choice but to work together in order to win. Of course, Mukuro could've been more effective had she released Chiaki since I doubt Chiaki would've decided to run and make a break for it because the hunters probably would've killed her if she tried it. However, even though Mukuro didn't confirm it, I think that Chiaki's guess about her not releasing her to ensure that she wouldn't be targeted was probably correct.

As for Mukuro suffering injury, I guess there's a first time for everything, and even if it hadn't been for the leader's companion catching Chiaki by surprise, I'm sure that Mukuro would've ended up injured anyway because the leader seemed more skilled than his cohorts and Chiaki would've probably impeded Mukuro anyway. However, at least Mukuro managed to ensure that Chiaki didn't die. However, releasing her because she was dying, does she not realise that Chiaki won't go to Enigma, though I doubt that it matters to her anymore.

I have to say that despite everything Mukuro's done, Chiaki's concern and desire to save her proves that she has a big heart. I bet even if Junko were somehow still alive and was in Mukuro's position, Chiaki would probably do the same thing despite the fact that Junko practically ruined her live, but I bet none of that would matter to Chiaki. I think that what she wants most of all from Junko is to figure out the real reason why she did what she did if her discussion with illusion Junko way back near the beginning on this fic is anything to go by, so I'd cite that as a reason for Chiaki wanting to at least make sure that she doesn't die.

As for the hunters, I think that it has Chisa written all over it. I bet she was the one that lead them to their location, though I don't hold out much hope for Mukuro's survival since Chisa would probably end up killing her herself if she found her. However, I have to say that Chisa took a huge risk since the hunters probably would've killed Chiaki as well had they succeeded in killing Mukuro, so either Chisa was confident in Chiaki surviving, or she clearly did not care whether Chiaki lived or died. If Chiaki had died, I bet her reaction would be something like "Oh well, I guess I must've overestimated her abilities" and would just shrug it off.

On the upside, Mukuro dying means that Munakata won't be getting his rematch with her. I just wonder how he'd react to that, discovering that Junko's sister, who managed to defeat him, albeit with unwanted outside help, was killed at the hands of someone that he would probably see as some lowlife nobody who's no different from the despairs. I bet he would think that he was robbed, again, and unlike the survivors of the Mutual Killing Game, he can't take it out on the hunters' leader because he's dead, so I wonder if he'll take it out on Chiaki once he figures out the full circumstances and come to believe that because of Chiaki, he had been robbed of what he believed was his kill.

As for Munakata, I really hope that Chiaki manages to eventually find the courage to stand up to him and give him a piece of her mind and tell him just how wrong he is using the same abilities she used to tear apart Mukuro's so-called confession that she was the real Ultimate Despair. It would be something to see Munakata being forced to confront unpleasant and inconvenient truths and having no easy way to refute them. I wonder if it'd drive him insane to the point where he'd kill Chiaki in some mad belief that killing her would make what she's saying go away. It would be a sign that he's lost the argument.

Also, if Chiaki has indeed been with Mukuro, then the question is, just who was that that was pretending to be Junko during the Mutual Killing Game? There's also the matter of the Fenrir tattoo on the body of the person pretending to be Junko and the fact that the corpse matches Mukuro's measurements as well, so if it wasn't Mukuro, was it some sort of clone or something or maybe, it the Mukuro with Chiaki that's a clone and all she has is false memories after the academy went into lockdown. It's just speculation on my part. Perhaps there's also a clone of Junko somewhere that even Mukuro doesn't know about and that's how Chiaki will be able to confront her again. I just wonder, assuming that I'm right, just how the Future Foundation would handle the idea of human cloning being possible, though in the event of a clone of Junko, I think Munakata would use it as an opportunity to try and prove that Makoto's victory over the original was just a fluke. However, like I said, it's just speculation, though if I'm right about the cloning theory, then I hope Chiaki manages to defeat Junko and then for Munakata to have the fact that he was "robbed" again rubbed in his face something rotten.
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