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11/29/2016 c1 Casperace13
Nice little story
11/26/2016 c1 22Missyriver
I loved this for its bittersweet story and in depth charcter analysis. Thank you for sharing
11/14/2016 c1 6Hazmatt
Great story! I enjoyed it!
11/13/2016 c1 LaughsInappropriately
I read "Beach Weekend" and want to thank you for the fluff. This season has been shite, what with Kurt's...well, you know. I want to write MG and tell him to "slow your roll" you got time to make things happen. This season is feeling rather forced. However, I digress. When I read this story, I immediately placed it into the timeline of pre-Beach Weekend which makes "Beach Weekend" that much more enjoyable. Any chance of you - or your co-conspirator from "Friday Night Gossip" - to write something about Jane discovering Nas & Kurt's relationship and/or Kurt and/or Nas realizing Kurt is still in love with Jane? Perhaps with a little Patterson support for Jane? That is a thought bouncing around MY head, but I don't have the mad-writing skills to do it justice. Love your stuff. Can't wait to see what you do with the mid-season finale. Though I hope that the updates come sooner rather than later.
11/13/2016 c1 101MonkeyPajamas
So, I wrote my review, and then decided that it was far too long (and probably too personal) to actually post here. But really, the length is what made me decide to just email it to you. Because it's longer than 86% of my stories, so really, I may break FFN if I tried to post it here.
11/13/2016 c1 Amydave29
Wow. I don't even know where to begin. So amazing. So heartbreaking for Jane. I wish Kurt would wake up. Start over just like this. If they would just talk, things would be so different. When she whispered I miss you, years filled my eyes. Beautiful story, every word!
11/13/2016 c1 Guest
What a beautiful study of Jane's and Kurt's states of minds. Nice done!
11/12/2016 c1 Annie
this is delightful and so reassuringly genuine...love the second chance!
11/12/2016 c1 Guest
Wow! Wow! I mean, wow! This was incredible! It was moving and beautiful! All of your stories are amazing and this one was no different! I wish that the show writers would take your story and put in the show! I have had enough of pity party kurt and I miss the sweet emotional moments between him and jane! This story was perfect, the way you describe emotion is like no other, and so genuine! Fantastic job!
11/13/2016 c1 56piaffe417

So beautifully in character, so beautifully within the canon, and so very much needed at this point in what (so far) has been a bit of a disappointing season. I feel like we should send it to Martin Gero with a note that reads: THIS! ALL OF THIS!
11/13/2016 c1 5Chris.JC
Once again another brilliant story from you. I finished up going to bed at about 3.00am because I couldn't bear to put this down, it had my emotions all over the place. When Jane is in this position you can imagine wanting to take her in your arms and not letting her go. Well done and congratulations on an excellent story and I for one am looking forward to your next story.
11/12/2016 c1 Brakkari
Wow, that one was really extremely intense and so full of angst. There certainly is a bunch of stories out there for Jane and Kurt getting closer or at least beginning to interact in a positive way again but this one was just so long and keeping the tension high all along, I felt barely able to breath like Jane at times, too. Based on whatever morbid fascination I really thought for a while that Jane would just leap up and walk right into the traffic and therefore the path of a bus or a car in the need to just get away from Kurt and her own feelings of guilt, not really being aware of her surroundings (cause I can't see her suicidal in any way). That would have been kind of cruel but at least I can imagine that Kurt would have been able to grab her in time - or not. Both would have been interesting. Did I already say that I just crave for Jeller angst...? ;o)
I totally liked that you didn't rush this story. And I'm so glad you made Kurt appear and not just walk away after seeing her sitting there. That would have been devastating. And I loved Kurt's POV - Jane's too, don't get me wrong. But most writers concentrate so much on hers that we don't get more than a glimpse into what's going on in his mind which is why I value it anytime an author gives it some fair needed time.
The only thing that felt unrealistic to me was Jane being able to stand and walk without any problems after sitting in that tensed position for almost 24 hours. Even with all her training that would have been an impossible task in my opinion - ever had cramps or no feeling left in your limbs after sitting in the same position for too long, too? ;oP Just wondering, not meant as a form of criticism...
So, I'm really not sure myself if I should suggest a sequel because in a way this story seems just right with this fairly hopefully ending as it is. On the other hand the way that lays before the two of them with certainly not be smooth but more like a bumpy road and since it seems you are a genius in writing long angst stories I can't refuse the hopeful thought how great it would be to just get more... so, perhaps?
11/12/2016 c1 16Scousedancer
What a beautifully heartbreaking story! I loved the way you explored Jane's emotions, how desperatley sad & regretful she is! I adored the way Kurt came to find her & realised what was wrong - with her, with him, with BOTH of them. I can only hope that we get something like this on the show
11/12/2016 c1 Nerdy-Country-Girl89
I love this
11/12/2016 c1 6MSerrada
Yes, this! So painfully perfect. Jane's not a robot. What she's gone through both physically, emotionally and mentally has been unrealistically ignored. I've needed the team...And especially Kurt, to have some empathy and realize the full implications of Jane's past year.
Loved this. Made me cry in all the right ways.
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