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for Secret Santa 2016

11/15/2016 c1 8TheCrownedLioness
You can count me in! :-) All I ask in mine is a happy and fluffy fic, with a Niles/C.C. pairing, preferably set at Christmas. Be as creative as you want with the rest; it's your fic too, after all!
11/15/2016 c1 CCNilesBabcock
I forgot to put my Christmas list!

I'd love a fic of Niles and C.C., I don't have any special requests about the theme :)
11/15/2016 c1 64EspoirDio
I'm in, it's about time I wrote something for this ship again. ;) If there's enough participants I'd like anything with the N/CC ship but that probably goes without saying ;)
11/13/2016 c1 25CCNilesBabcock
I am so in! Love your idea :)

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