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7/3/2018 c4 Guest
Even the dog ships them I love it.
8/16/2017 c4 Guest
I always felt bad for chester, should have been with the nanny
12/27/2016 c4 Liz
I miss this fluffy perfect little thing :( I hope you're not having a writers block or something. I love your stories :)
12/17/2016 c1 nitamontjoy
I love this story so far. It is so original and I can imagine Chester showing off his high society pedigree and expressing his concern for his "human". Too cute!
I hope you can continue the story...
12/1/2016 c4 Liz
Goddddd, this is cute. And I miss it :( I hope you continue this story (and the other ones, which are also great). If you're having a writer's block, I'll send you all my energy and good vibes.
11/17/2016 c4 2RainbowPockets
I can't wait to see Chester's thoughts about CC post marriage and how he feels about her pregnancy/a new baby. I bet he'll be absolutely in love and feel like the baby's protector and personal guard dog and sleep under her crib or something3
11/14/2016 c4 Guest
Really enjoying this fic! Reading Chester's PoV is very cute but also gives us good insights in the CC/Niles dynamics! Keep it up! :D
11/13/2016 c4 26AllTheSnakes
Chester is the cutest narrator in the world!
And he behaves as 'her baby'. I love it.
Thank you for creating this story.
11/13/2016 c4 25CCNilesBabcock
Can I just say this is probably the cutest fic ever? For starters, I now have this mental image of Chester's closet at C.C.'s penthouse and it's hilarious. I keep imagining little Chanel or Dior dog clothes and C.C. patiently dressing the dog with them.

I like how he talk about C.C. liking to talk, and that she does treat him like a prince when no one is watching. SHE LOVES DISCUSSING NILES WITH HER DOG I AM SO WEAK FOR THIS.

"Wowza! – as Fran would say. She liked him too. What I could never understand was why they were not together." Don't worry, Chester, it's a shared sentiment.

The ending was really nice! They spent christmas together, watched 'The Grinch' (I can almost hear Niles smart-ass remarks) and SHE GAVE THE DOG A GIFT. C.C. Babcock is a sweet cupcake when she wants to.

Looking forward to the next chapter:D

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