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for What Would Harry Do If He Found FanFictionnet?

3/30/2005 c3 2mimi4

your chapter doesn't really match with the rest of your story. In the two first chapters, Couples were made and break-ups happened. In this one, Severus only read stories. Nothing really happens exept that he think about Remus


3/5/2005 c2 Chelsea
You are a bit quick, it seemed rushed. There is no emotion. Also you may need some help with grammar and punctuation. But it was a great idea.
11/2/2004 c3 7ChristmasInHollywood
Yeah, my friend told me about feck... maybe it's just because that's what it sounds like, so they write it differently, like 'mum' and 'mom'... i dunno
9/20/2004 c3 12Chicklepea
Your a fucking lunatic. oh well i'll get over it. So, read your bio, see someone else reads them. Mines long too, full of useless information because i love to chat shit. Oh thanx for reviwing my story.You reviewd seperated right? sorry crap memory; i can never remember stuff even though it was the reason i kicked on your name. Ahh well. Can i ask though why is every one in your story gay? cept Ron, and why is Ron never gay! Ok first of all Draco Malfoy is not gay; only ugly guys are gay. Do NOT correct me on that. Second of all, i didnt have a second of all. any way take care kid, xxcay
3/19/2004 c2 HG Wannabe
Personally, I usually don't read slash. It's not that I have anything against it, because dang, my next-door neighbors are gay, it's just that I like certain pairings, and none of them are slash. Now, let me get to the point. THIS IS VERY FUNNY! However, HERMIONE IS NOT BLONDE, AND I'M SO ANGRY AT YOU FOR SAYING SHE IS! HERMIONE IS A PROUD BRUNETTE, AS AM I! ER!
3/18/2004 c1 Psychopathic Maniac too lazy to log in
interesting fic, though it was kinda rushed... well, keep writing. ^_^
2/20/2004 c3 85MajinSakuko
Nice ^^
Maybe you should write a chapter about Rita Skeeter, so she can spread rumours of what she read there. Would she think it's true? I don't know her character too well ^^
1/24/2004 c3 10dracoz-sexc-hunni
this is good, and funny i think dumbledore shoulf "find the time" to look at the site himself :P...it would be good...keep it up lub jade
1/15/2004 c2 weirdass
ur strange. its interesting though
1/15/2004 c3 psycho
omg! ur harry potter? the real one! ur so cool! i dont approve of homosexuality though, and u should get aids n die!
1/14/2004 c3 Jaded Havok
lupin or seamus or blaise! seamus+blaise 4 eva! harry+draco 4 eva! lupin+sirius 4 eva! great fic! *^^* ta!
1/10/2004 c3 blaise
remus ! i want remus to find internet ! please ! pretty please !
1/10/2004 c3 siriuslee
Hey I loved it
i think Umbridg (sp)
needs to pay a little viset to ff
1/10/2004 c3 5InsanityShadowed
i love the fic its great and i think that ginny should be the next one to go on ff.net anyways its a great fic update soon
12/31/2003 c2 2mimi4
Second chapter was good, but evrything always go to fast. Don't take it in the bad way, but I think you should make the story go slower. Imean Hermione went out with Ron in the first chapter, and a week later they break up. Aweek after she first went out with the guy, She goes out with Pansy cause she found a story with her and
pansy. It a good idea to make the characters find a story where they're going out with another character and they decide to go out with them in 'real', but I think you should make things a bit more difficult for them, lie the other character don't like them back, or they deny their feelings.
Anyways, it's your story and you decide.
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