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for What Would Harry Do If He Found FanFictionnet?

3/21/2003 c1 5Goldengirl2
loved the story

3/2/2003 c1 9Strawberryjubilee
Hmm.. interesting.. I like this story.. even though there are a couple grammatical errors that makes me a bit confused.. anyhow, it's a cute story..
2/16/2003 c1 Pinkdevil
thats really dtaraight forward, its like almost all the h/d fics cept in less long mode lolz
2/11/2003 c1 10siriuscos

It is me and you told me to read it, so i did.

All of your reviewers were right. It is a very good plot and it really funny, but you should have let me read it and fix it before you put it up. Well send it to me later and i wil be sure to help you. That's what i am here for. Talk to ya later!
2/11/2003 c1 12Darragh Tieraneaux
This was different...

But good...

It's cute...

Though your dialogue is a bit mechanical...

No offence...

2/10/2003 c1 The great sex god
you're nuts. thank god. great story.
2/8/2003 c1 3GLowStick
HAHAHAHAHA! that was funnie!
2/8/2003 c1 7esmaraldo
its really funny. "i think". i nearly fell of my chair!
2/7/2003 c1 1Mysti1
ooook... not funny
2/7/2003 c1 ProfessuraDumbledora
Okay, Ill review. Your story ate it! Booo shitty ass boo!
2/7/2003 c1 3JuniperHeart
Hey that was a really good plot line! I hafta tell you that...but...I think you need a bit of work on your spelling and everything sounds a bit too straight forward. Im so sorry for saying that, but I love giving help. I hope you take it in a good way because I mean it in a good way. It's great, I hope you write more.
2/7/2003 c1 Addy-chan otherwise known as Adira-sama
This is so corny it's upsured... XD
2/7/2003 c1 43Daeleniel Shadowphyre
Are you sure you want to know what I think? Very well. I have two thoughts to share that are the kindest of the lot: 1) This could be very amusing with some serious work, and yes I know it's a humor fic; 2) You need an editor. Desperately.

Any other thoughts will not be voiced, as I believe the above two manage to get the main point across in the most polite way I could think of.
2/6/2003 c1 Rei
cute story idea, but it kinda lacked substance. I mean whare is the tension, everything just seemed so easy. but don't give up, write some more.
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