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7/20/2017 c14 18Svinorita
That was truly an amazing story! There were so many twists and turns that kept me guessing right until the end...I even admit that I was really beginning to hate the twins myself! But I love how it ended up that nobody was really the antagonists after all, it was all just a huge misunderstanding and everyone was able to resolve their differences and get along, something I didn't see coming!
You are such a great story-teller and well done on this wonderful piece of work!
I hope to see more great stories like this from you soon!

7/12/2017 c1 Svinorita
That was really well written! I can totally relate to how Riley must have felt being at a new school and all. I always felt like a bit of an outsider myself and making friends was something I struggled with, being really shy my whole life. I'm a 25 year old woman now and I still get nightmares about it!
Riley's really lucky to have met someone like Catherine I think...
Good job and keep up the great work!

1/30/2017 c14 2SolarGoddess99
I loved how the ending turned out, I'm so glad they worked things out. Wow, Meg was behind the whole jail birds thing? Wasn't expecting that at all!
Also congratulations on finishing another great story. I really enjoyed it and will definitely read it again. To be honest, this and Life after death are my favorites right now.
I look forward to the new story and keep up the awesome work! :)
1/29/2017 c14 1Tripledent
It's a good thing that the Kaines managed to be granted an audience, imagine if the answer just ended up being a total no? I'm also glad that things got worked out between Riley and Catherine especially.
1/28/2017 c14 37Justin Bonesteel
I liked it when Joy and the emotions joined in a group hug. Just as everyone was celebrating, Mr. Kaine, Catherine and Caden, along with their mom and stepdad arrived! I thought he was gone for good! I figured the video about Catherine and Caden was an edit all along. But I'm glad all this mistrust has been cleared! Now Riley's life is back to normal! I love happy endings!

I'm proud of you for completing this story and I can't wait to see what other stories you plan to write in the future! Well, see you later, alligator!
1/28/2017 c14 5Orangebird124
Yes! Woohoo! You did it, HollyAnne1084! You finally finished the dramatic story which turned out to be a huge success! (Joy: Three cheers for HollyAnne1084! Hip, hip!) (Me and the Emotions: Hooray!) (Joy: Hip, hip!) (Me and the Emotions: Hooray!) (Joy: Hip, hip!) (Me and the Emotions: Hooray!) Now to review this final chapter, I liked the part when Joy asked the Emotions for a group hug and Sadness was the first one to start it and at first, Anger, Disgust an Fear didn't really want to do it, but they did it! Just as the happy celebration was going on, I was surprised that Mr. Kaine came to the door with Catherine and Caden along with their mom and stepdad! (Fear: Oh-no! Mr. Kaine and Catherine and Caden are back with some more crimes!) (Anger: *growls* I thought we'd seen the last of this guy! He better not ruin anything else after what he did to Jeanette!) Didn't I tell you guys that he'd be back? (Fear: Yeah, you did, Orangebird124!) (Anger: *angrily* I don't want those twins near Riley even if she's fifty years old!) At first, I agreed with the adults to not let them in until Mr. Kaine said that the video about Catherine and Caden was an edit all along. (Disgust: An edit? Are you kidding me?!) I'm not kidding, Disgust. I can't believe Mr. Kaine allowed them to go to school when he didn't believe the rumors and that must've caused the whole confusion! (Anger: *explodes* Dang it! I knew that it was an edit all along! *turns to Fear* And this is all your fault, beanpole!) (Fear: Me? What did I ever do? All I wanted was this crazy, dramatic story to end!) (Anger: *furiously, as his head explodes with fire* I'll end you!) (*Fear screams like a little girl and starts running away with Anger chasing him from behind*) (Sadness: *sighs* There they go again.) And Meg must've recognized the twins before the bullying started! The good news was that the adults and twins managed to apologize to each other and especially to Riley. I also liked it when Jeanette apologized to Catherine and Caden for bullying them too far and now Riley has all of her five friends! (Joy: Yahoo! No more misunderstandings and bullying! This is what I call the best happy ending ever!) You said it, Joy. Now Riley is back to herself and I think that I'm gonna have to read this story again in the future. (Joy: Holly, you did an incredible job with this dramatic story and we're always there for you no matter what.)

Holly, I'm so proud of you for completing another successful story and I can't wait for the next story in the future! Keep up the excellent work and thank you for your compliments. I'm always happy to review! (Joy: See you, Holly! And remember, stay positive!) (Sadness: Another story has come to an end and I'm sad. But I really like it.) Don't forget to thank my Emotions too and remember, you are a fantastic author! Toodles! :)
1/26/2017 c14 31iHateFridays
Hey hey hey! Well done on finishing this story! It's really dramatic and pretty intense, and I liked it a lot, so good job! Also, good luck with your next story, and I'll see you around! :)

1/26/2017 c14 18DisneyFan2002
That story was fantastic! Very great job on it! :D
1/26/2017 c13 8Pearl Bramble of Willowbottom
I really love this story so far. When are you planning to finish it? It felt like chapter thirteen was the ending, with Riley getting a coma as the climax, to me. My Fear was on the edge of her seat in anticipation from all of the drama, she doesn't understand why I like to make my heart race and my blood pressure rise from reading stories like that, much to the other emotions amusement. Please read and review my Inside Out story Controlled by Fear.
1/23/2017 c13 2SolarGoddess99
Wow, I love how Riley surprised them like that, definitely the best kind of surprise. I still can't believe your story is going to end... I really had a great time reading it and I will definitely look forward to your future stories.
Amazing job as always Holly :)
1/22/2017 c13 1Tripledent
Well, it's good that Riley's better. The twins shouldn't be held responsible for something their father did though. High school can be such a complicated place... I wonder what happened with Catherine in the immediate aftermath of her knocking Riley out.
1/20/2017 c13 8WriterofBliss
So much sweetness
1/20/2017 c13 37Justin Bonesteel
Oh, what a relief! Riley is awake at last! I liked it when Riley surprised her parents and friends after getting out of the hospital. I'm so glad Bill returned home to be with his daughter. It made my heart soar! ((-D I hope Riley and her friends teach Catherine and Caden a lesson they'll never forget!

I'm a little disappointed that this story will be ending soon, but I'm glad there are only a few chapters left.
1/20/2017 c13 5Orangebird124
Hey, Holly, you're always welcome for the support and for my reviews along with my Emotions as well. (Joy: Hooray for you, HollyAnne1084!) So it turns out that the scary memory with the lion woke Riley up in shock and I can't believe how protective Jeanette was when she refused to leave by Riley's side. (Disgust: I thought I told you to never speak of that memory again, Orangebird124!) Quiet, Disgust! (Disgust: *scoffs* Whatever.) I was so surprised when Riley woke up from that coma! It actually worked! (Fear: Riley's alive! *jumps with happiness* Woohoo! Riley's alive and she didn't die!) (Sadness: She got lucky once, but maybe not lucky twice.) I was also happy when Riley decided to surprise her mom when she got out of the hospital and that plan successfully worked. It almost reminded me of that "Ted 2" scene when John faked his death at the hospital and scared the heck out of Ted, Samantha and Tami-Lynn! LOL! Btw, it's a rated R movie and I don't really think that it might be appropriate for you. (Joy: Yeah, sorry, Holly. Funny, but not appropriate.) Okay, moving on. What I really loved was that Bill came back! (Joy: Oh my gosh! Bill's back! I knew he'd come back for Riley and I guess that means that they'll be a family again!) (Sadness: *sniffles tears of joy* I'm so happy I could cry.) I also loved it when Riley surprised Jeanette, Denise and Stacey at the end of gym class. That my friend, was so heartwarming! (Joy: Now that's what I call a best, dramatic, heartwarming chapter ever!)

I'm also a little sad that this story is coming to an end soon. (Sadness: The story is ending soon? Aw, that was a really great story that was filled with loads of drama.) Hey, look on the bright side, Sadness. It's not over yet. HollyAnne1084 still has a few more chapters left and there's still some time left to enjoy this story. (Sadness: *sighs* You're right, I guess...) (Disgust: Hey, this story wasn't so bad after all. I actually enjoyed it.) (Fear: This story was alright for me, except when Catherine put Riley into a coma. Oh, man, I think I'm gonna have nightmares with this.) You guys so funny, you know that? (Joy: Thanks for that!) No problem, Joy! Whoa, you got over 80 reviews! Holly, this has got to be one of the most dramatic stories you've ever created! If Disney and Pixar ever read this story, they'd hire you and make it into a TV special! I think me and my Emotions are already enjoying this story and we'll be waiting right here for one of the last chapters. :) (Joy: Yep! T.T.F.N.: Ta-ta for now!)
1/19/2017 c13 31iHateFridays
Aww, I loved how Riley surprised everyone in this chapter. Her family and friends are really happy to see her, which is good. Well, except Catherine and Caden, of course. I wonder what's going to happen to them? And well done for nearly finishing this story. You did really well! :) Oh, and to every time you said thank you, you're welcome!
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