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5/7 c7 24TheDonutMistress
This is a delight. It goes straight into my favorites here. Frank's characterization is top notch, and the depth you've given Sarah highlights how she matches him at every turn. They're already my favorite couple from the movie, Frank's my favorite of the brothers, and this just elevates the both of them. I loved this, start to finish. :)
I'm so happy I came across this story.
5/30/2017 c7 Tracey
I loved this story! Seven chapters are also symbolic when it comes to Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. You got character personalities so well. I'd like to read other stories from you about this musical. Maybe something about barn-raising meeting? Or after the shotgun weddings? Btw, on Youtube there are these group of young talented actors who do Seven Brides inspired videos. They just uploaded a new skit it's called June Brides- Spring Cleaning. I think fans of the musical will appreciate those vidoes. They have couple of other things, but the new one is my fav.
5/22/2017 c7 2CaramelloBear
Aww, I loved this story, and your writing style. I'm sad its finished, but such a sweet ending :)
5/19/2017 c7 13Countrylover99
Congrats! I loved it so much! You got the characters down so well. Can't wait for other stories.
5/19/2017 c7 3hopefullydying
This was so cute! You did such a good job!
5/14/2017 c6 Guest
Girl, it has been months since you updated! I'm having Seven Brides withdrawals! Please update soon because I don't know if I can handle never learning how this story ends
5/11/2017 c6 hopefullydying
I love the story about the bear!
Idk if this is what you were going for but it makes me think that Frank gives Sarah the bear eventually.
Cause in the musical he gives it to her
4/12/2017 c6 Guest
love it! 3
3/10/2017 c6 13Countrylover99
Well, this was a bittersweet chapter. I wonder how old the other brothers were in the flashback. I mean how could little Dan and Eph stay up there with their papa? It's a horrific scene...and I'm not too sure how young kids like them would be able to stay sane after witnessing such disasters. I imagine Adam, Ben, and Caleb, in their teenage years, and they'd be more mature about it. But if Frank is a toddler...Ephraim is only few years older than him. So I just don't see how a 6 year old is thinking clearly about his father's death let alone helping him to bring him down. I know this was mostly about Frank's loss and memory but that part stuck out for some reason. I know how shocking it is to loose a parent...let alone witness their death. Anyway, you came up with a creative idea! I really love how sweet, soft and caring Frank really is. It's so cute! Keep up the good work!
1/31/2017 c5 2CaramelloBear
Awww, cranky Frank is so hilarious and adorable! Another brilliant chapter!
1/31/2017 c5 13Countrylover99
Hahaha! Oh dear goodness, this was such a fun chapter! The way the characters talked with one another. It was hilarious!
There were so many funny sentences. Good job! Honestly, you have a talent! Excellent work!
1/30/2017 c4 2CaramelloBear
This chapter was sooo cute and funny! Thanks for updating!
1/29/2017 c4 13Countrylover99
Hahah OMG! What a hilarious chapter! Hope Frank becomes even more determined to win her heart. Loved it! Aww you miss snow? Here in Montana we have tons of snow right now!
1/21/2017 c1 Faller lover15
Plz update soon I love it. Frank and Sarah are my favorite couple in the movie
1/12/2017 c3 2CaramelloBear
Fantastic chapter, looking forward to reading what happens next!
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