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for The Scientist's Lament

9/15 c5 SteadfastWhiplash
The reason why nearly nobody bothers writing accents into dialogue is because of how awful they are to read.
8/29 c19 Yusakin
You may not own Fullmetal alchemist nor Harry Potter but you sure as hell own my fucking heart
8/9 c32 Guest
Great job. Cant wait for the next update. Deifnelty one of the best tucs I have ever read.
6/19 c32 PWRtW

Such a place to finish! I am going to impatiently wait your update and continuation on AO3. Thank you kindly. : )

By the way great story... I didn't know if I was invested at the start but I kept going and was drawn in to the little details and how surprisingly dark the story beats were. i've never really considered FMAB to be dark... maybe melancholy if I really stop to think but I always pair it with bright colours. This story had the same feel which I believe to be a plus.

Thanks for the story.
6/15 c32 OrigamiGuyII
Pile of Ash? Did Fawkes do something? or did dumbledore just lose a finger or something?
5/30 c32 Alechaos Ogigio 2
did not realize this was continuing, thought this was a crazy way to end a fic. can't wait for the next installation!
5/20 c2 5Ironmchfn
I like the accent and don't? I love seeing accents written in but I tend to softly read aloud and this screws with me.
5/8 c21 leaffeal
Sorry, just learning how this website works. My last comment was in reference to Ed learning about Horcruxes in chapter 21.

He definitely would have recognized that Horcruxes are awfully similar to homunculi and that, in comparison, destroying Horcruxes should be a walk in the park.

A trio of untrained teenagers was able to locate and destroy most of the seven Horcruxes, but an entire team of vetted soldiers and a living philisopher's stone were seriously threatened by only two homunculi, and even after they won the fight, they still couldn't kill either of them (pride & gluttony versus Al, Ed, Heinkel, Darius, Lan Fan, Greedling, Old Man Fu, AND Hohenheim). It took the use of Hohenheim's philosopher's stone to simply contain Pride.

To be fair, it wasn't an individual soul being split is was just a large amount of souls being divided, but still. Awfully similar.
5/8 c21 leaffeal
Technically, this is fuckery he could see in Amestris. Father, like Voldemort, split his soul into seven pieces. The only difference between Horcruxes and homunculi is that the homunculi actually fought back.
5/5 c32 Linn
I literally can not wait fir the next part! It's sooo good!
4/27 c32 Cha0s4ever
Well, has Dumbledore been Thanos snapped?
4/12 c32 Masked Jackal
I can't wait to see how that turned out. You're putting in a massive amount of effort in your worldbuilding with all the "theory" parts and I appreciate you for it. So vivid. I love this fic.
4/7 c32 2TrenchcoatMan
oh, that was a very fun chapter. I love seeing all those scientificly minded boys at work. I imagine the after party will be quite a lot of nerdom all at once.

I feel like they did it, that the ash is the remnants of the curse. Well, I suppose we'll find out soon enough. Good job as always, see you next time.

4/7 c32 V
I've been coming back to this fic every so often pretty much since you started writing it and I was so excited to see this update! I've just reread the fic for the like 50th time and the part with Al vs Voldemort just gets me every time
I love your characterisations and the plot you've chosen is fascinating and I can't wait to see where it leads next
Bill and Ed is just pure chaos waiting to happen at this point and I love the energy they're giving out
I'm so hyped to see what happened to Dumbledore's hand - did they fix it? Or just stop the curse? Is his hand just gone?! Keep up the good work and stay safe! X
4/7 c32 4ZeaDragon
"What was noise?"

*Ed, swiping off the ash on the table real quick*

"Zat, Old Man, was the sound of progress"
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