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11/24 c34 Dasgun
7/24 c1 Dasgun
7/21 c22 Cooldude101011
So Perth is back?
7/21 c7 Cooldude101011
Actually, are Kanmasu made out of metal with a skin like outer layer? I thought they are made up of flesh as tough as metal with different organs, parts, etc relating to different ship parts. Like the heart is the engine or something.
7/21 c2 Cooldude101011
Hm, I’m assuming the parts from Leviathan’s POV was just her memory of it after she became a kanmasu? As the ships definitely weren’t anthropomorphic in-universe.
6/23 c34 Guest
You still alive?
4/19 c34 Guest
You still alive?
1/4 c9 Cooldude101011
Unload half a mag not unload half a clip. There is a difference
1/4 c6 Cooldude101011
Is Hephaestus male or female or is Hephaestus like black box?
1/4 c3 Cooldude101011
No wonder Perth went Abyssal. Read the Wikipedia article on the actual ship. Especially about her wreck
12/9/2021 c34 Sierratuere
subway sandwich destroys entire abyssal fleet
12/8/2021 c7 Sierratuere
don't get between a sailor- or a shipgirl for that matter-and their food :>
12/8/2021 c4 Sierratuere

imagine levi finding out that nagato thought she looked like an air defense picket ship lmfaoooo
12/8/2021 c2 Sierratuere
This story has massive "fuck you and your mother" energy and I'm 100% here for this madness.

i still feel giddy as hell rereading this kickass fic
10/13/2021 c8 Guest
I’m guessing she stumbled onto rule 34
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