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6/25/2021 c12 Sierratuere
ah so you finally address it :> you've got a good noggin on those shoulders after all. Kinda a weird discrepancy to write characters and worldbuild so damn good and skimp out on research, especially when you're whipping out google satellite data. Eh. Wierder things have happened
6/25/2021 c11 Sierratuere
just wanted to make a point that modern antiship missileUNSC antiship missile. in fact, Archers have been refered to as the bread and butter of naval combat with swarms in the megaton range and rach individual archer well in the tens to dozens of kilotons range. That's literally the yield of the UNSC fury football nuke but also the same as a modern day nuclear warhead mounted on a minuteman. A strategic level weapon.

most people don't realize the sheer scale of unsc weapons. and the covenant is even more powerful. You can verify these claims easily thru halopedia and halo alpha.

to fit the story however I give you an easy out. there are multiple archer variants and they are variable yielf weapons with variable warheads.
6/25/2021 c11 Sierratuere
archer missiles are basically contemporary suitcase/tac nukes. a single swarm (5-10)can devastate a UNSC cruiser and scuttle anything less than light cruiser weight with ease. These are missiles designed for HALO level ship to ship combat. a single pods worth could erase the entirety of the tiny cringe fleet. This isn't devaluing UNSC nukes. thier tactical warheads are equivalent to dozens of our strategic ones. Much cleaner and much more efficient. Less radioactive waste and more reaction mass used. (the original two bombs over japan are calculated to only have used <2% of their fissionable material)

Thier strategic nukes in the UNSC can crack moons and small planets. (NOVABlue water naval assets barely rank on the frigate scale for halo space navies and the largest ships may be light cruiser sized but weigh much less. Remember, armor for ships depending on bouyancy is a pittance compared to the mass battle plate of any UNSC vessel.
6/24/2021 c7 Sierratuere
either pan paka pan was onomatopoeia or it was referencing pan-pan which is a distress signal
6/14/2021 c11 1Rhyn3
ah, the panthe- I mean warthogs. or maybe chupacabra?
good ol' Red v Blue references.
I'll admit I don't know much about Halo, beyond the idea of the rings and their purpose, the flood in a general sense, the Spartan Program's existence, and the fact that in one of the x-box 360 games you worked with an alien in an early campaign mission. So is there anything special about Leviathan in particular? was part of her crew featured in one of the novels?
5/3/2021 c34 Guest
3/7/2021 c26 4thundercharger123
Hot diggity damn, that's spoopy, but I feel no remorse for the abyssal's. Even though I caught up to the fic, I felt like I should comment on this chapter. Great work like always.
2/27/2021 c34 kj250r honda
you have no reason to be afraid of others for this how you feel and think of things and everyone comes at it from a different respective
2/14/2021 c14 American Blitzkrieg
UNSC Valley Forge, WHY!?
12/9/2020 c34 8Lord of Moons
Huh, a chapter for remembrance day, I don't see why that would have been disrespectful? Such a pity you delayed it, I hope to read it later then, it should be a good read. Respecting those who died for our lives and freedom is more important than ever as China repeats the evils of the past on the Uighur Muslims.
12/6/2020 c34 Guest
I hope these will update faster.
12/3/2020 c34 Guest
12/3/2020 c34 ArchDuke-1
I like the use of Captor mines. You rarely see weapons such as them get brought up in KC stories.
12/3/2020 c34 Guest
I just want to say, modern submarines can launch torpedoes far further away than WWII submarines... which i suppose doesn't matter since with spooky abyssal bs they shouldn't have hit anyways so that they sunk anything is a miracle!
12/2/2020 c11 CamoMurf

I love it.
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