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6/21/2020 c9 Grilledcheesebandit
Such a Great story! I do hope you come back to it one day!
5/16/2019 c9 Bumdren
Good read. Need to finish it...
8/19/2018 c9 Guest
Love this story ... please continue ...
1/27/2018 c1 Guest
Love this! Please finish it ASAP!
1/7/2018 c9 10mamadillo
Wow! Hope you are still working on this one. I would love to see how it resolves. Particularly (if she survives - as i believe we all hope), I'm interested to see how much she remembers and how this impacts or replaces the known storyline.
10/30/2017 c9 USWNTPhilly
Please keep writing! I’m dying here. Never too late to pick up where you left off. :)) it’s so good.
4/13/2017 c9 lauren.g.meehan
3/20/2017 c9 10miss.ouiser
You must continue this story! Really like how you get inside Jean's head (probably not the best phrase to use) and show us her confusion. And poor Lucien - all his medical knowledge doesn't help alleviate the worry. Looking forward to the next chapter.
3/5/2017 c9 47Crinklybrownleaves
I love this story, even though it's rather sad In this chapter. Maybe you have caught the mood of the moment! I hope there'll be lots more, when you've time to write it.
3/4/2017 c9 37seven dragons
Given the week this has been I wondered if a sad chapter was the last thing I wanted to read, but it was surprisingly cathartic.
3/4/2017 c9 coachsone
Just makes me want to cry. Thank you for another chapter. It is such a beautifully written story. YOu can just feel the love.
3/4/2017 c9 6HikerLady
This is so good my dear! Please don't make us wait too long for the next chapter! ;o)
3/4/2017 c9 154NancyMay
Heart in mouth, fab writing, don't keep us waiting too long for the next chapter. Funnily enough I was only thinking of this story, when you were going to update as my daughter,(almost 17) was suffering from her first migraine!
2/3/2017 c8 7Lucien and Jean forever
please update soon, i have enjoyed this story
1/18/2017 c8 jclementine
I am more worried than at any other point in the story (maybe that's because I started googling "head injury and migraine"...).

Yes, I google that because I am worried about a character in a story - you got me really involved in this. Oh, pleeeeaase make her well again.
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