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8/17 c32 110bluecatcinema
That was a nice backstory. Young Wingston was pretty cute.
8/17 c32 6ST4RSK1MM3R
Not really sure what the purpose of this chapter is, but okay.
8/17 c32 mbh040
Good chapter, really like the backstory here with Wingston
8/15 c31 110bluecatcinema
That was an interesting way to tie in all the different storylines. Can't wait to see what happens next...
8/15 c31 mbh040
Love Trixie's fight with Chrysalis, it was hilarious :)
Seems like that put a dent in Mira's plan
Eagerly waiting for more!
8/6 c30 bluecatcinema
Nice to see they've got some back-up at last.
8/6 c30 mbh040
The Cavalry is here!
Eagerly waiting for more :)
8/2 c29 bluecatcinema
Wow, this is getting more and more intense... keep it up.
8/2 c29 mbh040
Great chapter, really enjoyed it :)
Someone sure is delusional here.
8/1 c28 bluecatcinema
Whoa. Didn't see that coming... Nice twist.
8/1 c28 mbh040
Another great chapter.
And the culprits are revealed!
Eagerly waiting to see how this turns out :D
7/18 c27 bluecatcinema
Looks like they may have found the culprit...
7/18 c27 mbh040
This chapter is full of surprises.
7/10 c26 bluecatcinema
Some excellent detective work there. Good work, Pinkie.
7/10 c26 mbh040
Pinkie and Rarity is making some progress I see.

But I am a little interested in why Rarity hasn't gone detective mode, considering there is an episode that is a film noir parody and Rarity is the detective, though that is first in season 5.
Perhaps Rarity got interested in detective stuff after this? That would seem plausible.

Anyway again a great chapter, really liked the scare Pinkie and Rarity got here.
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