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4h c57 mbh040
So now four of them have met Mira.
And Smolder and Sapphire have reunited, really enjoyed that part of this chapter. Love the part with the memory sharing.
Eagerly waiting for the next chapter!
4/10 c56 mbh040
Really enjoyed this chapter :)
Love the part with Scorch's confession.
Eagerly waiting for more!
4/4 c55 111bluecatcinema
A very good question. Can't wait to hear the answer.
2/28 c54 bluecatcinema
I think Scorch may be more dangerous than ever in this state.
2/28 c54 mbh040
And they have reunited with each other. Very interesting with Scorch here.
Eagerly waiting for more! :)
2/14 c53 bluecatcinema
Poor Sapphire. Not the best way she could have been introduced to those two.
2/14 c53 mbh040
Sapphire is never going to catch a break, hahaha
2/3 c52 bluecatcinema
A whole chapter dedicated to Wingston? Nice. Especially the flashback.
2/3 c52 mbh040
I really enjoyed Celestia's and Wingston's conversation and the flashback.
1/28 c51 bluecatcinema
A lot of touching moments in this chapter.
1/18 c50 bluecatcinema
Now that turned from scary to sweet pretty fast. But I'm guessing that's not going to last long.
1/18 c50 mbh040
Well then, Aswang is no more and Fluttershy has made some new friends.
Eagerly waiting for more!
1/11 c49 bluecatcinema
Now that was an unexpected rescue...
1/11 c49 mbh040
I'm going to be honest here Aswang was really creeping me out.
Great chapter, eagerly waiting for more :D
1/3 c48 bluecatcinema
That was a really epic chapter. Can't wait to see what happens next.
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