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10/15 c40 110bluecatcinema
It's a shame Tea and her friends had to leave so soon, but at least they made some good friends (and in the cause of Florence and Chapel, possibly something more).
10/15 c40 mbh040
Yet again another great chapter :)
Lord Borris and Shannon's actions came as a bit of a surprise here.
Flustered Sapphire is always fun to read about.
10/4 c39 mbh040
Great chapter :)
OHH S*** that happened, Floe is soooo dead right now.
9/25 c38 bluecatcinema
Well, that was unexpected. A pity Celestia couldn't get the information she needed, though...
9/25 c38 mbh040
Another great chapter, and one with Celestia, Luna and Discord, been a while since we last saw them :)
Eagerly waiting for more!
9/16 c37 5tyrantOFathens
Well... i caught up... i think Summer is now my new favorite character.

Anyways, you, my friend, are freaking rocking this story! The great detail, the interesting characters, and great characterizing moments, fantastic dialogue... great work my friend, great work! Can't wait for the rest!
9/16 c37 110bluecatcinema
Some more excellent backstory in this chapter, and soem fun moments.
9/16 c23 5tyrantOFathens
HA! I FREAKIN KNEW IT! MIRA IS (on a rather justifiable premise) EVIL!

Its been way to long since ive read this... ive a lot of catching up to do! Sorry i dissapeared on ya, lots of stuff just came up at me and its been a crazy ride recently.

It seems you have still been doing a magnificent job my friend, so i am much looking forward to it! A great job with this chapter, the different reveals and p.o.v changes worked nicely.
9/16 c37 mbh040
Really enjoying these chapters where we see what the side characters are doing and learning more about them :)
Always eagerly waiting for more!
9/12 c36 110bluecatcinema
Great chapter. A nice moment of brotherly interaction, and a very funny scene at the end. Sapphire really shouldn't leave those letters out in the open...
9/12 c36 mbh040
This was a very entertaining chapter, great fun to read :)

Bit of embarrasing backstory of the Hearth family

"Pass the salt", dear god the lack of decency! pffth... ROFLMAO! HAHAH XD
1st class humor right here.

As always eagerly waiting for more! :D
9/10 c35 bluecatcinema
So it finally happened. Poor Smolder...
9/10 c35 mbh040
Awesome chapter and that ending! :D
I can hardly wait for more! Reunion time :DD
9/6 c34 bluecatcinema
Lucky for Sapphire, a possible bad day just became very good...
9/5 c34 mbh040
Love how those noble just got humiliated lol xD
Eagerly waiting for more!
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