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7h c25 110bluecatcinema
Now that was an unexpected character.
19h c25 6ST4RSK1MM3R
Aw, no Smolder this chapter :(
BTW, you really should star posting your fics to FiMfiction, that way you'll get a lot more attention to them, and your fics deserve more attention.
22h c25 mbh040
And we switch over to Rarity and Pinkie Pie in Trottingham.
Pinkie goes Sherlock Holmes XD
And Trixie is there too, I didn't expect that.

Great chapter and eagerly waiting for more!
6/19 c24 110bluecatcinema
Another nice little tangent. Scorch and Glow are pretty cute together.
6/19 c24 mbh040
Great chapter and lovely backstory here :)
Eagerly waiting for more!
6/19 c24 6ST4RSK1MM3R
Do not go gentle into that good night, Old age should burn and rave at close of day; Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

Chapter title doesn't really fit the chapter, but nice nod the the poem anyway
6/16 c23 110bluecatcinema
That was an intense backstory. And that final paragraph... poor Smolder's in for a nasty surprise.
6/16 c23 mbh040
Great chapter!
Some lore about the Void here.
And Mira's plan is revealed... oh dear, watch out Smolder.

Eagerly waiting for more :D
5/27 c22 mbh040
Great chapter, really enjoyed it :)
Quite a few surprises here.
5/27 c22 bluecatcinema
Probably not what they were expecting to hear...
5/27 c21 mbh040
Again a great chapter, eagerly waiting for more :)
5/17 c20 bluecatcinema
This was a pretty epic chapter. Can't wait to see where the search for the Heart takes them.
5/17 c20 mbh040
Those henchponies are quite something xD
Really enjoyed this and eagerly waiting for more!
5/9 c19 bluecatcinema
An unexpected side-trip. But interesting, too...
4/24 c17 bluecatcinema
Ah, Dr. Grey. Classic overprotective father...
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