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1/12/2017 c3 Bobtrumpet
Interesting story. Not too bad with the Thanksgiving stuff, either. Looking forward to the next chapter. Following...
12/4/2016 c3 DrLynn19
This is a really great story so far. I love Kim and Ron's friendship and obvious attraction to eachother. Nothing against Josh in this story but Kim and Ron are soul mates. I can't wait to read the rest of the story, with all the twists and turns and ups and downs. Keep up the good work.
11/24/2016 c3 Guest
I just gotta say this is really really really really GOOD!
11/24/2016 c3 46daccu65
I'm enjoying the tale. Thanks and happy Thanksgiving.
11/24/2016 c3 141Invader Johnny
Well Ann certainly is gonna need some therapy after the eventful holiday she experienced, that's for sure, XD.

And maybe eventually shell fondly look back on this in the future.

Invader Johnny Signing Off.
11/24/2016 c3 4CajunBear73
Little by little, the differences that brought them together are starting to separate them as their marriage continues. The missions continuing are one thing, that Ron continues to go on them are another.

But...it seems that Kim's behavior towards Ron is almost as if they ARE married to each other, instead of the redhead to the blond artist...

As the turkey-day dinner unfolded, and the 'explanations' regarding Anna's 'inclusion' into said dinner as the erstwhile 'chef' at one of Ron's 'restaurants'...continued, I almost fell out of my chair when it became apparent the apple of older-Ron's eye had, again, paid a visit to her pre-married 'rents' past...

Thought Kim was going to actually start throwing cutlery at Anna...for a moment, when it became obvious she was jealous of such a beautiful woman being interested in her not-married-to-Kim-best-friend...But knowing the genetics, Anna probably would have put on a show dodging all that flying silverware...Dinner with a show, anyone? LOL!

Anne's attention to detail saved her the trouble of going through harsher means of retrieving her lab coat at work, and understanding there was more to Ron's 'DATE', than met the eye...

The final piece fell into place in such a whack way, but remember, this is Middleton, home of Kim, Ron and all the whacky stuff that happens to them...

Even getting a glimpse of a future member of the family.

So, it seems what she's been wishing for all along, may come to pass. If Anna stops meddling with timelines that could upset this end.


Hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving! No turkey coma for me! Survived it somehow.
11/16/2016 c2 cabrera1234
josh will tell Kim later on he want to be with Tara and hope to stay friends with his ex wife
11/14/2016 c2 Guest
Harsh on josh? Fuck him he put his dirty hands KP. keep the chapters coming i want to know what happens
11/15/2016 c2 46daccu65
This was both amusing and aggravating at the same time. You'd think that Ron would have worked a little harder to give Kim and Josh some time during the honeymoon...maybe asking for Yori or Hirotaka to team with him to give KP at least that much time.

Still, Josh is now seeing the complications of a marriage with Kim. I very much like the fact that you are not making him be a jerk about the whole thing...he just seems to be in a little over his head.

Looking forward to chapter 3.
11/15/2016 c2 13Jimmy1201
I read this forgetting the earlier chapter which claims the wedding to Josh is doomed. I liked the concept of a Kim who is in love with both Josh and missions with Ron. No matter, nice chapter, thanks. Jimmy
11/14/2016 c2 4CajunBear73
For Josh, this is turning out worse than taking your mother-in-law, who is not a fan of her daughter's hubby, with you on your honeymoon...

But, only in the lives of Kim and Ron could this turn out the way it did...missions and all the aftermath.

Yeah, seeds being planted between two people who are more compatible for each other, than the married pairing. Too bad Josh really didn't think this through when he dated Kim...She is committed to her 'calling' and her best friend, too.

Yeah, that boy didn't think much further than being married to Kim...

11/14/2016 c2 141Invader Johnny
Heh heh Kim just isn't one to quit the world saving gig or let Ron do the job alone, typical.

Invader Johnny Signing Off.
11/14/2016 c1 Invader Johnny
Ah the sitch of times can cause a lot of headaches for Ron, Kim and her future daugther, it was a very humorous read indeed.

Invader Johnny Signing Off.
11/14/2016 c1 4CajunBear73
Remember this one-shot...and glad you plan on continuing.

But when this all goes down as older-Kim and their born-much-later-daughter have said, I wonder how the current Kim handles it?

Should be one heck of a honeymoon tale at Kim's second wedding...

11/14/2016 c1 46daccu65
Okay, now that you're ready to make this a full-blown story in its own right, I look forward to chapter 2.

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