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for Not on Tenrou

11/27/2016 c8 3endereaper2013
Loving the story thus far! Keep up the good work!
11/25/2016 c8 Akira44
hmm.. Good concept.. Can't wait for the next one...
11/25/2016 c8 2Barbatos rex
great story
11/17/2016 c3 Jake
Wow this is quite a bit more imaginative than other fics on this site although i am curious as to what could possibly oppose team natsu four years of training after reading current manga chapters after a one year skip with casual training for most of them. Still I look forward to where this is is going, especially since Wendy is up next and the route you look to be going is one that i always wondered why they never touched on.
11/18/2016 c4 3endereaper2013
I'm really enjoying the story and we haven't even got to natsu yet!
11/18/2016 c3 Morenoel
this is getting so good! can't wait to see how team Natsu grows! I like how you are focusing on one can
character's training per chapter!
11/17/2016 c3 Grizzly98
keep it up this is awesome
11/14/2016 c1 Grizzly98
oh I'm liking this.
11/14/2016 c1 2Barbatos rex
sounds like a great story i hope you continue it

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