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10/16/2020 c5 layettejean
es gey naruto
8/25/2020 c35 Auvro1
You rocked man.
5/20/2020 c34 Naeym Jaafar
i thought that danzo already dead in this time line...so who is the third of the history trio
5/16/2020 c39 thor94
good chapter
2/8/2020 c23 HazelWolf111
Naruto should not call him Shukaku, no one would know who he was talking about. They all refer to the beasts by their tail numbers, so Gaara has the one-tails. I don’t remember the Japanese word- ichibi, maybe?
2/7/2020 c7 HazelWolf111
Why is Kurama still being called Tsukimaru when he gave his name?
1/22/2020 c42 3ShadowTomes
1/7/2020 c9 JudgmentKing
You have your chapters all messed up
1/7/2020 c6 JudgmentKing
So... you mind me asking why chapter 6 is chapter 12?
1/7/2020 c43 Uday Sra
1/7/2020 c43 Shifter
Great story continue as soon as possible please along with the Naruto Pokemon crossover
8/23/2019 c45 prince711
Are you reposting chapter 45 again and again ad I keep getting notifications for new chapter but it doesn't reflect
8/23/2019 c47 7Dexter-83
I like this even though it's too much overpower. Thank you for writing
8/20/2019 c47 bladehorn
Itachi and Naruto kinda remind me of the doll and suit wearing crimson denizen from shakugan no shana
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