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for Uzumaki's way

3/7/2017 c11 thor94
poor naruto.
kakashi is sadistic
1/30/2017 c10 rinalen96
The plot are interesting despite how short the chapter is...
I can't wait for the next chapter. Keep up with the good work.. :)
1/22/2017 c10 DryestPeregrine
What age are the characters and fix the grammar pls
1/18/2017 c9 thor94
interesting and fun chapter.
naruto arriving late was really amazing to see.
1/18/2017 c8 thor94
ask how the the coup and danzo action could be found on nakara tablet.
it is supposed an very old thing
12/21/2016 c5 28Alley McNally
Ehh . . . I don't think I like this story. Sorry. It is was a good try though.
12/14/2016 c5 thor94
interesting tht deal with shinigami.
and the way how kyuubi was in despair to lose naruto was touching, kurama really care for naruto.
12/11/2016 c4 sphaere
I hope you'll update soon. That's the problem with cliffhangers, I have to wait forever till the next update. So yeah... Otherwise, pretty good chapter.
12/2/2016 c3 thor94
a naruto who doesn't like konoha and its people but prefer ignore them instead of get revenge (in one side, let the village damage by outer event without help is a kind of fair revenge without being dark).
Same about madara and obito, doesn't want to follow their stupid plan (yep an ideal peace coming from illusion, by definition an illusion is something fake, lie and manipulated to trick people. how a fake and lying peace can be ideal?)
11/22/2016 c2 Oxy-genated
I feel that Kurama accepted Naruto a bit too easily, that part should be paced slower. Also, you might want to consider finding a beta since there is actually quite a number of grammatical errors. But anyways look forward to your next update
11/15/2016 c1 sphaere
Seems rather rushed, and I believe you should rework the summary. It doesn't say a lot about this story. It should explain more.
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