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for CHERUB: Underground

3/17/2020 c9 3JurassicMilitary19
Good fanfic! Keep updating, please!
6/1/2019 c1 anyore
email at
6/1/2019 c9 anyore
hello i found this really good fanfic while scrolling randomly but it was unfinished so i was wondering if you could continue it for me if yes email me at
3/27/2019 c3 sp013
Absolutely loved these stories
3/20/2019 c3 CHERUBfan
Come on you HAVE to update. The description sounds so good!
9/13/2017 c3 PeteeeyJameees
great story had my attention all the way through...
8/10/2017 c3 6yozza
Really enjoyed this series, hope you come back to it one day
12/17/2016 c3 1TheUndrownedChild
Love this series and it's characters and am so excited for what happens next! x
12/9/2016 c3 Dank
Make more pls

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