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for Harry Potter and the Phoenix of Beacon

12/3/2021 c14 3LordNemesis
Ok one question where is Blake she was and is very Need to the group.
10/6/2021 c2 Mangoose
Harry without magic is like the Hulk without the transformation. Like Matt Murdock without the echolocation.
7/23/2021 c1 Guest
I’m sorry the name ember rose just made me immediately have to drop the story everything else was pretty good but that was a bit to cheesy for me.
6/29/2021 c14 Dark Red Knight of Fiction
pleassssseee update I love this story I want to see them fight the crow and harry get used to his wings
6/11/2021 c14 Guest
Yo, I'm not really a big fan of Harry Potter, but this fanfic is amazing. If someone like me, who doesn't really like Harry Potter, can can find this story to be amazing, then you truly have some awesome writing skills. Keep on going man, this story keeps on getting better and better :)
5/24/2021 c11 GreatAxel
Now all Harry needs is to teleport by fire
4/29/2021 c14 2akinomatis
I’m still a little confused about what Harry looks like now. Does he have feathers all over or just in his hair? Can you add a description of him at the beginning/end of the next chapter?
4/19/2021 c7 Guest
3/28/2021 c14 RubixJr
Nice story bro. Keep up the good work
3/26/2021 c7 Starfall Shadow
The story is good, but I really hate when authors use real world names and brands for things in stories like this where they wouldn't exist.
3/25/2021 c14 3ReaderWarrior
I'm not disappointed in the decision, just shocked. We don't know what's going to happen in the future and we only have the canon to provide us that glimpse into the future. I cannot wait to see how the teams fill up in this world.

Chapter 14, let's do this.

Oh, please have Nora prank Harry by dying his feathers one day!

It brings a smile to my face to see a happy Nora.

How did Harry, whose point of view we are meant to see from, know Nora's weapon is a grenade launcher? Does he recognize the weapon? Doubtful, because if magic-users knew about guns, it would have been really easy to deal with Voldemort.

Hammers and axes are my ideal weapon of choice.

That sounds typical to me.
And is Harry complaining after chocolate frogs, trolls in the dungeons, and immortal psychopaths?

Wait, would Nora have just randomly chosen that direction in canon?

Who is his partner!? SUSPENSE!

Nora YES!

Hahahaha, that's such a hilarious moment with Cardin. Reminds me of RvB.

Huh. Yang and Ren... That'll go well.
I'm going to guess the teams will now be 'Harry, Nora, Yang, Ren' with 'Ruby, Weiss' Blake' Jaune'... and Pyrrha? There are too many characters! Maybe Jaune *is* kicked out? But Ozpin would never have allowed his two strongest weapons in the same team (Silver eyes and potential Maiden). Oooh, I cannot wait!

If Nora is making a joke 'Hahahaha', if she isn't, how in the name of Monty Oum does Remnant have MLP?!

'Gold and dark'? Dark is not a color.


A singular wing? Or is that just because he only looked in one direction?
Also, is he only capable of gliding, or actually taking off? I guess we shall find out!

So Jaune is Ruby's teammate. Huh.
And Weiss is with Pyrrha. Greaaaaat. Totally won't inflame her pride at all. Oh! That means they are going to get grouped with Harry and Nora. Because you need Weiss to have that counter-sync with Harry (being a Faunus). Also, you put Harry and Pyrrha together.
But where's Blake, then?

Ugh, cliffhangers. Gotta love 'em. Cannot wait to see what happens next!
3/25/2021 c14 Joshua the Hand Written
Great chapter.
3/25/2021 c14 Table-Kun
Is Harry supposed to be like Ren? If youre worried about harry taking Rubys place he cant since he only has his faunus abilities and dust.

Ruby has
Silver Eyes
Gravity Semblance
Best Weapons
Is a Weapons expert
Has high training
Is a Prodigy

Harry has
Pheonix traits
dust magic

So you don't need to make Harry like Ren if youre worried because he cant match Ruby in any of her strengths and has more weaknesses
3/25/2021 c14 E
Gotta say this chapter was in two halves. The half where Nora was the focul point was awful. Then the half where she wasn't and it was wonderful!

So Harry and Nora... TBH I've never liked her, Ren seemed like abuse victim but because the whole "She's happy so the abuse is actually ok" cliche and everyone is fine with it. I thought that worst comes to worse I'll just skip over her dailogue getting over her scenes faster since she won't ever saying anything important. Unfortuantely I also now realise she's also the spoilt child character that everyone needs to submit to because "it's never ok to make a child sad" bull. Yeah I'm really hoping she becomes a background character despite knowing that's really unlikely, guess your chapters might become half length for me.

The second half was far more entertaining. I found it interesting you brought in Jaune's semblance so early though I guess that's good because Harry having healing tears won't be needed, huh or his pheonix song? Weiss smacking him was mildly amusing as well and it looks like his presence didn't change Ruby. Actually how were Pyrhha and Weiss as stupid as canon Jaune? Yang and Ren, wonder if he can teach her to better control her temper. Ruby and Jaune, looks like Ruby got shafted with a shitty partner as well but hey since his sembalnce is working already maybe she'll actually be an OP tool at her command. Nuff said about the last coouple.
3/25/2021 c14 alec-potter
Nice chapter. Just poor Pyhrra if she is paired with Weiss.
So we will be missing our fav kitty. Guess she will make guest appearances.
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