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10/21 c14 4Steve-Arkarian
This was a pretty good chapter, and overall I really enjoyed the story. However the dueling section of this chapter vastly irritated me like I can't even say how much. I know Voldemort wanted only magic and Harry agreed, you also mentioned that there were I can't think of the word but where you get in trouble for breaking the rules of the duel but you didn't set out what the rules actually were or what the consequences for breaking them were, that was the word consequences. Part of what is irritating is the fact that you spent well over half of this entire story going on about Harry in the local weapons and imperfecting the use of them and killing the death theaters and having so much focus on them, I realize he also worked on his magic but the main thing for the majority of the story was Harry uses guns which is great it worked it's nice however he puts all that effort in and you spend that much of the story and then he can't use it on his main big bad Target? Like are you serious? And then there's the part of no armor. I realize this is special in your story and you can write whatever you want, I'm just mentioning I know it didn't really come up in Canon though a majority of fan fiction stories have it where even if it's a magical duel it's fine as long as it's magical armor. So I can see him not being able to use his Kevlar vests even though they're magically enhanced but he has a ton of other magical armor and Winky Even made him some specialized magical armor and he doesn't get to use that that also doesn't make any sense. but yes again the biggest part was the muggle weapons where you spent a crap ton of the entire story going on about it and then now he can't use it. Even if it was magic Harry and his grandpa agreed you don't fight fair in a fight with someone like Voldemort so if we had known the consequences and rules it may have been Harry goes f*** it all and used a gun anyway that would have made sense.
10/21 c13 Steve-Arkarian
This has been a good story so far and of course I'm going to read the last chapter. However one thing I personally do not like and I don't know if others don't like it as well is I kind of almost hate that you made Harry's girlfriend not a muggle while her and her family. I guess it's supposed to add some interest to the story but really I feel it would have been much better if she was a muggle and he explained magic and it was a delight but she accepted it and whatever but adding the component where she kind of knows about magic but still accepts him is like meh blah whatever.
10/21 c3 Steve-Arkarian
Raises hand, hi there, another question. Earlier in this chapter you had Moody state that how self magic is all identical so I'm assuming that's the case for your story what that means to me though is confusion because then why would you have to I'm not sure how to say it identify how cells to the wards of the house? Like they're already households included in the wards even if they were no longer there yet Harry still had to include Dobby specifically in later winky. It's great that you can separate them and that may help you know random houses from popping in however words usually ID or use identification based off of magical signature not off of names or type of creature sooooocan you see where I'm kind of confused I don't know why anyone has to be he didn't he didn't that's the word separately especially the househelps since they're supposedly identical?
10/21 c2 Steve-Arkarian
Interesting so far. My mind is stuck on a question however. I get why people have to be keyed in and it also kind of sort of makes sense then that house helps have to be Keaton but I don't know why Harry was able to bring in Hedwig without keying her in. I know some consider her a pet most consider her familiar and she is fairly sentient and has some magic as a magical post owl and even more as a familiar so I'm not sure why she didn't have to be especially... maybe there's a special owl ward?
10/1 c14 Kushka
Great story
8/26 c4 Hypatius
Rated M, written by someone aged 12, storytelling and dialogue worthy of Caillou.
8/17 c14 odonnellzoo99
I liked how he finished off TR.
7/21 c14 Cwhit930
Nicely done. Thanks for the share. Enjoyed a Harry that takes out the problem fast. On to your next work
7/20 c12 17MSgt SilverDollar and Snake
Dad said the best two days for a boat owner is the day you buy it and the day you sell it. Of course he had to have a 20 foot bass boat that would do over 75 mph (a must to catch fast fish). Great story! ~~ Snake ~~
5/11 c1 Mation
Great job, thats what I was searching for! One of my favourites.
4/21 c14 Charlie0925
Great job here hon! ;o)
4/19 c14 mumphie
Would love to have known what the reaction of the British magical world was when they were found to be gone. Any calls to force him back? What was MacUSA's response? Children? Were they magical?
3/2 c14 gginsc
Good job. It is a shame Harry had to leave England, but I can see the fan girls and boys getting tiresome.
2/23 c14 AvidReader2425
Awesome and really fun story, thanks!
2/23 c13 AvidReader2425
Really curious what will happen during their battle
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