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2/16 c8 Pointer3109
One teenager with some toys. Try 120 soldiers or marines that actually know what they're doing.

Like vampires, wizards are safe as long as they hide.
2/16 c7 7jabarber69
What happened to his uzi's. With that many they would of come in handy!
12/23/2019 c4 Guest
Yeah guns... It's totally what I want to read about in an universe where magic is real !
Americans and their gun's obssession really are creepy
10/25/2019 c14 Smutley Do-Wrong
Double gloaty Voldy. Guess that disarms critics that otherwise might complain too rapid a trained upsuper Harry.

Not bad compared to the wand lore shell game and...bleach, and Mr. Expelliaramus Potter.

If they anchor at fantasy Island. Would Dobby be shorter or taller than Tattoo?
10/25/2019 c11 Smutley Do-Wrong
Magic mobile Harry, allows scheduled mobile calls.
Unlike Weasleys, Harry understands muggle mail.

I'm taking the Hedwig mail, as plot device for Gwen to unmask Harry.

Unexpected that Gwen wasn't discarded or just inserted briefly for Harry recreationally inserting his wand in her sheath. Nice it didn't take that more common route. Susan so NSA & conveniently hooking up with Earnie, preferable to common angst of practice GF that prefaces the fic ship. Even if she wasn't the first here.
Considering the fun they had.
Perhaps Susan might add remark, if Earnie not work out, she'd definitely like to reboot bootie calls to begin meeting up again.

Guess there's always a possible smut omake:
Like a future Harry birthday.
Gwen's surprise present, leads Harry to bed, and in the bed, waiting, are Susan(Bones or Bones Macmillan or other name) and Margo Kestlebaum (or Margo XYZ, she's married to xyz) ).

I suppose, shelving Gwen let the story focus on main plot: Harry vs Voldy.

Plot device also I guess: a prophesy that might come true, given super powers that IT, the prophesy bestows semi immortality, temporary immorality unkillability.
Cousin of such logic includes Neville a sort of alternate BWL(eg. If Voldy chose Neville, Neville becomes BWL).
Another cousin. Lol: Voldy told whole thing. And illogic is both he and Harry immortal as long as neither kills the other. Although that makes more sense IF JKR hadn't written nutty wish washy "neither can live". Since fits better, for "neither can die".
Plus "survives" bit vague.
10/25/2019 c8 Smutley Do-Wrong
the last ones also took down the wards that had them trapped

and her aurors will need to use the floo to get here since I put up wards.
10/25/2019 c7 Smutley Do-Wrong
Gwen just a "cumming of age" for Harry segue?

Seems most common tack for fanfic summer ships. Muggle character drivebys during summer.
Seems a waste, although wasn't exactly all that much of a development, so not near the "waste" in discarding all that much developement as some fanfics.
Has me pondering molds for such al characters.
Such as IF to never play much of a role. Such as this one seems. Perhaps the "romance" kept small, more an NSA or FWB friendship, makes sense.

As for this story, "missing" each other and never forgetting, and missing the sex...yada yada.
You know "magic" allows a long distance "relationship" to have frequent easy peasy conjugal visits.
("... it's been many, many months since I had sex and I do miss it. My mum told me that once I start sometimes it's difficult to give it up ...That good, huh?"

"Her farewell was rather teary eyed .. hoped to see each other during Christmas break and next summer as well. "

by "... she was thinking that I was going to have a girlfriend. forget all about her. I assured her that I would never forget her ... .You are now the master and I, your apprentice. I suspect you will find another apprentice soon." This is what she said to me on one of the last days I saw her.
I personally thought it would take me a while to get over Gwen."

Equals not much different behaviour expected (sex with others) between "forgetting" or "getting over".
Than horny till Xxxmas.

For any future editing.
Consider redoing the temporary cock block conversation between Gwen & Harry.
10/25/2019 c5 Smutley Do-Wrong
Bellatrix," yada yada...

"Are those Muggle weapons baby Potter? ...

Banter interruption and delay of action.
Does a conversation make sense.
Obvious ambush. Why would either side not try to strike fast and first?
Plus prior theme and remarks, Harry wanting Bella dead.

Quite a few owls found their way to my house that day.
Too many owls in fact made it ...

Owls are making mockert of that fidelius.
10/25/2019 c4 Smutley Do-Wrong
Goblins generally kill any wizard stupid enough to draw their wand while in our bank. It is not a wise thing to do."

Perhaps Harry might ask for elaboration.
So run or "muggle duel" (unarmed combat) defend yourself while waiting for goblin to save you?

Two warrior goblins came through the door with weapons raised... the goblins who left then continued as if nothing happened.

So logically. A "response time", goblin guards pop in and out.

Security a bit lacking.
10/11/2019 c14 Guest
That was a truly wonderful story!
10/11/2019 c8 Guest
daaaaaaaamn, he just slaying them bunches at a time. He warned Draco that if Lucious came at him he'd make Draco an orphan...
8/23/2019 c14 Ann Jinn
An amazing story. What made it so good was Harry explaining the war to Dumbledore. No tears for the innocent but plenty of concern for the guilty is a sure way to lose the second war. Great job.
8/16/2019 c14 5HarryPotterFangirl85
I’ve read this before, but it was at least a year ago if not more and I enjoyed it again.
8/5/2019 c14 peggy77
Great story! You write very well, and that was a great fight scene.
8/4/2019 c10 peggy77
Oh no! Harry CAN'T lose!
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