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10/9/2017 c20 Bobtrumpet
First long multi-chapter in this AU. Nicely done. You basically have a good take on the haracters, even with the AU relationships and history. Favorited.
7/10/2017 c20 4CajunBear73
I believe Ron would rather die, or wander the wilderness alone, than accept Kim's full love and a formal place by her side as her husband...So strong, is the crushed hope that he felt for being someone who was supposed to be the mystical, mythical being who was to save the world and save the love of his life...Only to find he was an accidental recipient of the MMP...nothing more than a placeholder, a battery to recharge...the Actual Chosen One...

In that one revelation, several chapters back...when he and Kim each called the Lotus Blade, he saw hope dashed, yet again, that he was to be at least...Kim's equal. But for a different sitch from Larry's visiting, it would have been Kim (as was planned for centuries), leaving him further in her wake as she 'went to the stars'...with him grounded as the Forever Sidekick, who was only good enough for Kim because she said so...

His years as someone neglected by his parents, raised by his best friend's parents, at times taken for granted by his best friend, the mangled names he was known by, so often discouraged by classmates, teachers or other authority figures, left an indelible mark upon the boy who wished to be his own man, in the shadow of the 'near-Wonder Woman' that is Kim Possible.

Just this once...for Ron, turned into, you'll have to do...and I believe he has taken this as a final sign that 'he's not worthy' of Kim Possible, regardless of what she says and what his heart tells him...

Mixed endings for this chapter of a larger ARC...threads to deal with, friends going to many points of the globe, love springing once again in the Possible family with promises of another relative to come later.

And Ron and Kim beginning their year-long paths to growth and adventure...alone.

As your epilogues say, there's more to come. Ron's name screwup, once again, rears up and places him somewhere he can be looked after, though in an unorthodox way...(for a price-can't see Ron being happy with this sitch, and finding he's to be a future genetic additive for a former classmate's needs), the Lowardians are back and may be about to extract payback for the first failed invasion (though they are still looking at the wrong Great Blue), and a Norse legend is about to unfold, probably when Earth, or Midgard, needs him most.

The question to be asked is: Who will be deemed worthy to hold and wield Mjollnir?

7/10/2017 c20 26Sentinel103
Oh no...Jessica Fields huh? Sure Ronnie boy isn't dangerous. Well Kimmie is off to have some adventures and leaves our boy to fend for himself for a while. You know any other Kim Possible might just blow up over this. It's sorta good thing that Kim and Ron talked about it Jimmy.

Anyway, things have closed out for a while and Kim will probably be too busy for about a year and a half to think about Ron.

Oh take yourself a bow Jimmy, congrats on finishing your first.

7/10/2017 c20 47daccu65
Oh boy! So we come to a sad end...or is it one door opening when one door closes. I really feel for the three protagonists in the upcoming tales. All three have been separated and didn't have the time they thought they'd have to stabilize themselves before leaving. With Kim and Ron, I believe that they'll both have a great deal of temptation to deal with...and temptation and loneliness together aren't good things.

It's a bittersweet final review I leave for this story; I've really enjoyed it and seeing an update was something that brightened my day whenever I saw it. I hope to enjoy the subsequent stories soon.

So long, and please keep up the writing. New perspectives and original plots are very rare in the Kimmunity any more, so each one is precious.

7/7/2017 c19 Aqua Rules
Glad that Slim is slowly coming around to realizing that he will have to accept that he and Joss will be part of the crazy as well. I love the part with Wanda in this one too. :)
7/4/2017 c19 4CajunBear73
Recovery...seems to be going on in several places. Not just with Ron and Kim, but with those up north of Middleton...

Those of the MMP are drawing back what was blown out at the explosion and those at the site are healing.

Slim seems to be grasping that he could have really mucked things up with his stubbornness and had to fend off an official who knew nothing of the world Joss seems to be entering.

Kim and Ron are coming back to the 'living' and along the way, some 'friends' of theirs seem to like the pause in their 'lives' and seem to have forewarned that, in the end, all is to burn. Kind of depressing...ain't it?

Seems the President is out of the loop regarding the details of Team Possible, other than the social flash they seem to have with the public. Glad Agent Smith and Smith are keeping him in the dark about some details...they'd have him crap his pants if he knew more. And would probably either have Kim and 'Rob' (really?) under lock and key way down underground, or executed as a worldwide threat...Politicians-Bleah.

Realizations coming to several, slowly, as this chapter ends. Ron has to recover and Kim needs her Ron...regardless what Daddy Possible has to say about it. You Go Ann!

Now to see how the dominoes fall...and upon whom...

7/4/2017 c19 47daccu65
Good to see you're back, and Happy 4th of July.

It's good to see that everyone seems to be on the road to recovery, but Slim is about to learn that he should have listened to his daughter. Ah well, Joss should make a good big sister.

Everything seems to be coming together, and that makes me nervous. It's when it all seems to be going smooth that the big bumps hit. I guess the big question is going to be 'what now'.

Thanks for the update.

7/4/2017 c19 26Sentinel103
Slim you old dog you! Anyways, it looks like Kim, Ron, Rufus and the mole bats are recovering Jimmy.

Nice chapter that explained most cept where Kim and Ron split up, but I suppose we'll see that in a chapter or two.

6/27/2017 c2 18DrCyrusBortel
Wonderfully written. Love the technical detail, strategy and trope-inverting humor.
Outer Space Treaty compliance, production of invasion force in situ, ECM, Battle management, c&c detail, self assembly of cyborg components in vivo from injectables, lidar... loved it all.
So that's why you put in a prophecy.
6/13/2017 c18 4CajunBear73
A very harsh lesson Joss learned there...When evil people wish their ends on others, they don't care who they kill or what they destroy.

Tough lesson to learn at the age of fourteen...

Ann's Rough Men named Joss very well. As a more modern 'Valkyrie', Joss did much more than recover the heroic from battle...She's a Logistical Wizard, and Slim needs to realize he's not losing a daughter, he's gaining a very strong woman who will contribute much to the world she chooses to take part in.

The Blade knew who to go to and when to do it, huh? Rufus wasn't far behind, and his flashes from his location helped those who could receive them. Warn of what was coming and to find his family.

Kim and Ron are down, hopefully not for long. But Du almost had his team taken down by the most unusual of 'Guardians'...An angry Father, a Ninja and Twin geniuses who could probably wreak more havoc on GJ than all the gizmos and 'professional training' they espouse...LOL!

Glad that Fukushima is finally done...Wanda, Suzie and Jamie's trek is nearly at an end, but for locating Monty...Wonder what will come when all converge at Team Possible later on...

Quite the emotional chapter, on so many levels.

6/13/2017 c18 47daccu65
Wow. So Kim and Ron are hurt...badly. Kim can't speak to the kitten, so does that mean that she's been completely drained of MMP?

Slim has been confronted with letting go issues...even though his daughter is so young. She did a good job of organizing the 'flying rodent relief effort'. Now, she's going to have to tell Rufus about Kim and Ron.

Gee, you're making Du seem almost human...almost, but not quite.

It's interesting in that most stories that involve Fiske and Fukishima have Fiske being the one who corrupted the student. You seem to be going the other way around and it promises to be a fresh look at this. I have a feeling that there's a whole lot more to Fiske than just someone obsessed with the MMP.

All said, another cliffhanger. Can't wait to see the resolution.

Please keep writing.

6/13/2017 c18 26Sentinel103
Ho boy, Kim and Ron injured and so are a bunch of Rufus' offspring.

Dang Fukuhead, he dinged up Suzy, of course he ended up paying for that.

And they still haven't found Fisk and something tells me that when the English Lord gets reanimated Kimmie is going to make him unanimated...permanently.

Gettin close for this one to be over Jimmy.

6/8/2017 c17 Sentinel103
Jimmy am still working on Mrs 103's notebook, but hope to be back on the main computer next week too and catch up on 3 weeks worth of emails (shudder) and start writing again. I think Kim and Ron being separate for a. or 2 could be a good thing. I just wonder where Rufus will end up.

5/31/2017 c17 ST103
Lots of action Jimmy, it looks like there will only be a chapter or 2 left before Kim and Ron begin their own adventures.
ST103...yeah once I can get down the stairs I'll leave a better review.
5/21/2017 c17 4CajunBear73
Kim and Ron are starting to figure out some details for, and of, the rest of their lives from the general layout they've been given. Exploring each other, briefly, hopefully will carry each on until they reunite during their individual travels through their own 'personal wildernesses'.

Things are getting dicey as Fukushima's assassins are always close by to Team Possible, or Bates, Wanda and Suzie. Too close. Amy's lab also is a warning of how badly security may be compromised as they pack up to give a last piece of information to the kids, they don't know about(?), yet...Oy.

Du should really get a grip, and maybe he's starting to from this point forward, but Derek Flint ain't someone he can 'grow into' being...He was too cool.

Seems this is winding down, Kim and Ron are still spooked by their separate PTSD attacks, their MMP still has a few bugs in it, and there's always the threat of attacks from nowhere to deal with. Just hope any glory-seeking agencies or Du don't mess this up. Or the world could burn.

Shego and Drakken seem to have reached an agreement that will have to be revisited after the vixen gets her bearings after this conference. Pretty heady stuff to consider, as she was almost ready to leave him to find her life elsewhere. Hope she stays, they would be formidable together.

Now to see how this winds down.

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