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for The Test: An AxtonxGaige One-Shot

6/26/2017 c2 Dorngok Sekker
Ahhhh so good. Especially the second chapter. Please continue it.
12/28/2016 c2 TylerJoe2319
I seriously read the end of this and couldn't stop smiling, I love it!
12/15/2016 c1 7RichardLyex
*Reads the Fanfic*

*Reads Author Notes*

Make absolutely a continuation dude! And it is not biased in my opinion, you can hear them talk with each other on the first dlc map in Borderlands The Pre-Sequel, if that is not a message that they are together, i don't know what it is.

Now i'm interested if you will continue this, or not.
11/22/2016 c1 Guest
This is so freaking amazing!

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