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1/23/2017 c7 42Lucrecia LeVrai
Wow, built on a cliched theme or not, this fic was just perfect. I'm surprised you haven't got more reviews for it by now.

I loved how much thought and effort was put into organizing Noct's birthday. I nearly got teary-eyed in the end, when Noctis could actually see and appreciate it all. I realize that to some people Noct may seem like a whining, spoiled brat, if one of his biggest worries in life is that his birthday sucks, but I'm not one of these people and your fic made me empathize with the character strongly. I totally loved all the father-son scenes, and Regis was awesome in his own right. As was everyone else, apparently. I loved Nyx for dealing with Umbra and the paparazzi, Cor for his constant scowl, Luna for being so incredibly nice and understanding (especially towards Iris, it was awesome!), Prompto for his work on the photos, and so on. Everyone seemed very much in character, which made any other divergencies from canon at this point entirely irrelevant. Actually, I think that you brought everyone from Kingsglave and the actual game together rather seamlessly. And your writing style was a pleasure to read, too. Thanks for the awesome story!
12/5/2016 c7 3Bryler
Oh my goodness, this was absolutely wonderful! SO well written and enjoyable! I was seriously smiling to myself the entire time, and even laughed out loud more than once. Please, you MUST write more FFXV fics! You nailed the characters so perfectly, and your dialogue was just brilliant. I must have more from you! Haha, please?!
11/29/2016 c1 Relyt42
This was a good fic. Very well done but the only question I have is was there supposed to be an iris chapter? It feels like the story is missing a chapter with her part.
11/26/2016 c7 ImTheUchiha
This was such an amazing and fun read :D Thank u for making this great fic.
11/26/2016 c6 ImTheUchiha
Iggy being OOC is hilarious. He should do that more.
11/26/2016 c5 ImTheUchiha
God, now I'm just hungry. Great chapter nonetheless xp
11/26/2016 c4 ImTheUchiha
Luna and Prom teaming up against Noct was just cute.
Cat-whiskers, classic indeed ;D
11/23/2016 c4 Jeniwa
Oh my gosh I'm actually early!
11/22/2016 c2 ImTheUchiha
This is just great! Can't wait for the game XD

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