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4/11/2022 c4 2grimmich
I think its pretty obvious that Rick can handle himself. If the situation were reversed Beckett would be pissed someone was trying to molly coddle her, so why is it ok the other way around? Double standards, especially seeing as they are going behind his back.
4/11/2022 c3 grimmich
I like Alexis's response, it was mature of her but more importantly, she was right. Beckett DEFINITLY should not be talking to his daughter about this.
2/13/2021 c11 cabreradepartamento
Very good story. I suppose that if there is a continuation of a certain team of assailants, they wish they had exploded before, since apart from hitting it is presumably that they have improved their handling of weapons.
7/21/2019 c11 natters
Good fic.
10/4/2018 c6 bponder
love this story - any chance you could write a sequel?
4/30/2018 c11 Guest
The story was great until this final chapter when it became yet another story of Beckett dictating the terms of their relationship going forward. That's why in my opinion the 4th season has always been my least favorite simply because it was just to unrealistic to believe that any guy would wait around for some girl to get her shit together because of a very vague promise she made. A woman with those types of issues needs years and years of therapy before she would be ready for any type of relationship.
4/30/2018 c9 Guest
Not really liking how you have Castle bring up her and Demming but then you let Beckett blow it off like she wasn't required to answer.
1/24/2018 c1 bponder
This story is one of my all time favorites of yours, enjoyed it reread as much as I did originally. Hope you do a sequel sometime with cops and robbers as the base, that would be a great premise.
9/4/2017 c6 aussiecate
I really should have known better with one of your stories. Here I was thinking that I had an idea about this story from it's title, but of course, now halfway through this story, I was totally wrong! I do adore how you can turn how I imagine a story will go and turn it's on it's head, bravo!
I'm thoroughly the journey so far, especially the conversations with Dr Burke, they've been fantastic. I'm looking forward to seeing what unexpected twists you conjure up in the second half.
6/17/2017 c11 Anon
This story is beautifully written and in some way haunting. The summary put me off on reading it many times. I finally decided to at least sample it. I was hooked by the end of the first chapter. Every chapter was compelling.

5/31/2017 c11 Guest
Great story!
4/1/2017 c11 tanyapotter
Looking forward to the cops and robbers carry along. It's one of my favourite episodes. Liked the various forms of therapy in this one. Thanks for writing it.
2/7/2017 c11 fanficfan452
Great story and writing. I enjoyed this story very much! Thank you
2/2/2017 c11 2mobazan27
What!? NO,No,No!
I know I'm way behind but... uurrgghh!
I REALLY, REALLY REALLY need the next chapter to this story.
I'm sad...
1/30/2017 c11 Guest
Great story! Looking forward to reading your next.
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