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for Absolutely Not a Date

10/28/2018 c1 21moonrainer
i love that you chose to portray the relationship between Lily and Lorcan. nice characterisation! the way they talk to each other is so entertaining to read. i also enjoyed Lily reminiscing about their childhood quarrels, as well as the ending - spot-on!
however, here's some (hopefully constructive) criticism:
- have you thought about inserting more descriptive language into your dialogue? at times it seemed a bit bare to me.
- a word of caution: make sure to check your grammar and spelling. the careless mistakes distract from your wonderful story!
but all in all, it was such a lovely little read! now i'm curious who Lorcan's crush is, so i'm hoping for another chapter.
7/16/2017 c1 5LadyMuis
This story is adorable as much as hilarious. It surprises me though the way you made Lorcan a bit of a jerk and not dreamy. I love the way how you made this returned hate relation between the two and the bits on how their 'hate' relation developed. It is adorable how Lorcan seems a bit in denial at the end when lily confronts him on his secret crush. Very well written, thanks for the good read!
12/2/2016 c1 18RainyDaysAndGoodBooks
This was cute! I really liked the back stories, and I loved the dialect. Nice job!

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