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for Trapped in a Broom-Closet

1/11 c1 Guest
keep this story going it is good
1/7 c21 Guest
I love this so much thank you for sharing your amazing ideas and take on the characters with us. I loved how you didn’t make Ron a bad guy but still put him in his place. He always gets it so bad in all of the Daphne/Harry fics I’ve read and Rory is sooo cute! Please could you get round to updating because I am so immersed into this story ️
1/4 c21 3Zak4sm
Can’t wait for the next chapter
12/29/2020 c1 AngelousPoofy
Ugh imagine meeting someone and then automatically connect with that person as if you have known them for years. IMMM JEALOUSSSS YOU ASSES!
12/16/2020 c21 K
Still good, even on the second time of reading, though I am a bit miffed that you couldn’t get round to updating it.
12/17/2020 c21 ToddGilliss

time to come back and start this one back up again

good luck!
12/9/2020 c21 hcook10
I loved the story and how original it felt. I amazed that your stories may be similar but each is its own and don't feel like retelling of the same story
12/5/2020 c21 Ladis11
Will it be updated ?
11/21/2020 c5 41miguel.puentedejesus
11/21/2020 c4 miguel.puentedejesus
11/21/2020 c3 miguel.puentedejesus
11/21/2020 c2 miguel.puentedejesus
11/21/2020 c1 miguel.puentedejesus
Un Maravilloso Comienzo!
10/24/2020 c21 H. Brady
Good story line, I like the take on the pregnancy. Any chance on finishing it.
10/23/2020 c2 Cassandra30
Ugly comments.
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