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for Trapped in a Broom-Closet

2/20 c21 17WolfgangNH
Love your works. This story deserves an ending
2/5 c21 Gryffindorforever4242
Love it
12/27/2023 c1 1Ariel Schnee
Something you need to know.

Double quotes, "speech", are for speech.

Single quotes, 'thoughts', are for thoughts.

As it is, I can't tell if your characters are saying something. Or thinking it. This is something that really needs to be fixed.

Until then, your fic is quite confusing.
12/11/2023 c21 Kyuubinokitsune1995
I really hope you continue the story. I love it!
12/11/2023 c8 Kyuubinokitsune1995
I am enraptured by the story I thought I had read all of the Harry and Daphne stories. I’ve already gotten this far in a few hours. I’ve been reading nonstop. I hope you keep up the good work!
10/31/2023 c21 johnny99

I think this is one of your best stories — I enjoyed the writing, seems to flow a bit more. You also deepened some of your characters in interesting ways.

Hope all is well and thanks for writing!
10/20/2023 c7 Toolazytologin
Oh buggering hell..

I usually don't read comments before I get to entrenched in a story because they tend to spoil the story. Especially here as they're not locked to the chapter that's being reviewed.

I wanted to see what the reactions had been for daph to decide to hide the pregnancy, when I saw a comment akin to "please continue" immediately I closed the comments and skipped to the last chapter... sure enough "t.b.c"

So, I'll mark this story in the app and keep an eye on it in the hope that it'll be completed one day.

For the record, I think hiding the pregnancy from harry is a bloody cop-out.
8/29/2023 c21 FrankZhangFan
Tracey sollte Trauzeugin werden
8/29/2023 c17 FrankZhangFan
Mach Tracey und Blaise zu den Trauzeugen
7/26/2023 c21 Danni Tye
-Feeds all the brain food I can give to your muses-
I need more of this story. Pweeeeeeaaaaase -Puss In Boots Big Eyes-
7/18/2023 c21 Guest
Really beautiful story, hope u dont abandon tis id be shame if you would
6/22/2023 c1 Guest
read this in all throughout the night with no sleep, it's really good, just sad to see it's not yet finished and the last update was four years ago... hoping that it's at least updated someday
6/14/2023 c21 Cooper
i hope the muse strikes you again. i just read this all in one long sitting. please dont abandon this
6/11/2023 c21 Just William
Story abandoned?
5/17/2023 c12 1Redical Gaming
I love how she just ignored any names that could perhaps link to harry
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