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for Assassin Life: Paz

3/3/2018 c11 19Moon Lantern
This was a very exiting chapter, not that the others are boring, but I distinctly feel this is where the story picks up, not least because Paz met Bourne again!
Who was the Brit that Bourne was speaking to? Is it some Prime Minister of Scotland or Ireland? But why would he have a British accent, when Scottish and Irish accents are distinct from what most would consider a British accent? Is it a UK educated foreign leader (most are)?

Now, unfortunately, what happens next between Paz, Bourne and those two tough looking men is not clear. Did one of those two men hit their colleague, who misinterpreted this and started fighting him?
When Bourne and Paz sit down, it's sometimes unclear who is "the other man". Is there a reason why you've stopped using their names? If you really have to, then a description or nickname (Bulletproof and Greyshirt?) can be fine.

Ah, so Bourne and Paz's fathers knew each other? I did not see that one coming! Is that based on a canon picture? Fantastic chapter, by the way. :)
5/2/2017 c9 Moon Lantern
Hey there! Sorry for not reviewing lately! I really feel that Paz is having it a bit rough, here! I mean, he finds a safe place, only for the Agency to catch up a week later. :)
I was starting to think: "Why don't they just finish him once and for all, what's the point of this prolonged beating." But then I realised that actually they still have use for him. Is that why they're still pursuing him? He's still an asset rather than someone who hesitated and the Agency have to fork out every resource to find and execute the hesitator. That's great! :)
Although, wouldn't it be simpler to send someone akin to Heather Lee to pacify him and let him know he's still an asset, rather than sending out thugs to scare him? Or do they think that he will lead them to Bourne? Are the Agency under the impression he spared Bourne because they're mates? :)
2/26/2017 c7 1GTiAbby1.0.1
Thanks for the review Moon Lantern! :)
As seems to be the case,the law is a few steps too late behind all the fights;although since the next ch. starts two months later,it could be assumed they did catch up with them.
No,Paz injected himself after the fight. As for sterilization;I hadn't given that a whole lot of thought,but I think Paz would be smart enough to know to keep a wound clean.
As for the anesthetic, it would have been a local anesthetic,which would have numbed certain parts,but not knocked him out. Paz also knew what the doctor was injecting him with,so that's why he prevented the doctor from giving him too much.
Paz seems to de-stabilize every place he stays at! :D
2/26/2017 c7 19Moon Lantern
Hey there! It seems the Agency is making a big mess wherever they go- how do the local police not arrest them? LOL!
I see, so did Paz inject himself before the shooting? By the way, if those bandages touched the ground then there's a huge risk of infection. Though hygiene is probably not a luxury that Paz can afford- did he sterilise them with alcohol?
About the surgery- would that not have to be done under general anaesthetic where Paz would be out cold? Also threatening the Surgeon is very dangerous they have drugs that can put you to sleep forever!
On the other hand, Paz has found another home, I do hope this one would be more stable! :)
2/25/2017 c9 1GTiAbby1.0.1
Thanks Anonymous for your encouragement! :)
Paz is a very interesting character; even with only a few lines. I'ts very interesting writing his side of the story, and it'll be interesting to see what I end up doing with him(as I'm not always very sure where the chapter will end up. :D)
2/24/2017 c9 Anonymous
Hi there! It's great to see that you're still updating this story! You have a great knack for writing suspense/action scenes, and I'm glad to see someone write about Paz and the adventures he might have had after the events of Ultimatum. I always felt like the filmmakers used his character as a parallel for Bourne so that things come to a full circle at the end of Ultimatum, with Bourne launching Paz's journey of self-rediscovery and redemption as Bourne finishes his own journey. With that said, Paz looks like he's in an awful situation, what with being back in the clutches of the agency, and after all that struggle to stay free! I can't wait to see what you have in store for him next, and whether he'll get the chance to truly break free and redeem himself like Bourne, or if his story will end in tragedy, as a darker version of what could have happened to Bourne when he went rogue.
2/20/2017 c1 GTiAbby1.0.1
Thank you MW! I agree, Paz is a too little written about character. I only hope I can do him justice!
Thanks again for the encouragement. :D
2/19/2017 c8 Mw
I am so glad someone is finally writing a story about this character. And you're so good at it! Keep up the good work!
1/4/2017 c3 19Moon Lantern
I remember Jarda! He was the one that Bourne fought in Supremacy, and I can see him giving advice to a young Paz.
Just so you know, shooting a gun in the UK is a no no, it will attract too much unwarranted attention. Coppers don't normally carry guns, there's special unit called CO19 (in the London area) that is called when there is need for firearm officers. To shoot a gun in London would be to put the whole city on Terror Alert! LOL!
Reminds me of a scene from Spooks UK, where some CIA agent came to the UK, tried to arrest one of the main characters, but got beaten up and arrested! LOL!
Wow, a hundred dollars is how much? £80? That's not even enough for a week's rent! Paz really is living tight!
1/2/2017 c1 Moon Lantern
Hey there, I'll review the next few chapters later, but this was a good start overall, where we realise that even the toughest killers have some form of code or conscience! :)
I would have started off with Paz closing his eyes and accepting his fate, expecting Bourne to kill him, but then wondering if he was indeed dead and in Hell, only to find out he was alive. His first words to Bourne in canon were: "Why didn't you take the shot?" and Bourne replies: "Look at this, look at us, look at what they make you give."
I remember watching Identity and it almost seems like at the end the Professor and Bourne are having a drink, talking about headaches, life as a Treadstone Asset must be pretty lonely, I think Paz should reflect on that. Maybe give him a flashback or hint as to why he signed up, maybe he asks someone to forgive him? I'm not saying you should show the whole story, just a glimpse how about? :)
It is quite sad, that Paz KNOWS that because of his hesitation, he's going to be the next one on their hit list. Was it the CIA agents who pretended to be Medics, who came in the ambulance? He's literally had a near death experience and they're already sending him out into the field!
I'm looking forward to see how this goes. Any thoughts? :)
12/27/2016 c5 Anonymous
I've always wanted to see the Bourne film franchise explore what happened to Paz after Ultimatum, since they drew some parallels between Bourne and Paz (Paz appears to be starting on the same journey of realization and redemption that Bourne went through, just as Bourne is finishing his). I'm glad to see you tackle this subject, as I don't see many other fics that deal with Paz. In Bourne's case, he had the advantage of starting from a blank slate (due to his amnesia), so he's able to shake off his old training and become a morally better person right away. For Paz though, he'll have to fight a near-lifetime of training and ingrained cold ruthlessness to become a normal (maybe even good?) person. I hope you'll continue writing, and I'm looking forward to the eventual meeting between Bourne and Paz. Bourne could use a companion who understands what he's been through, but who won't die easily, and Paz could use a mentor to show him how to overcome his training to lead a pseudo-normal life.

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