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for Mobile Suit Gundam: Gihren's Glory

4h c54 3Gir240
I came into this story not expecting much but got blown away by how thought out it is. Really amazing stuff here.
11/17 c54 evilstatistic19
Good chapter looking forward to the next one
10/1 c54 Kim-ken
Please continue with this series. I really love this work of art of your.
9/29 c54 Kim-ken
When will you update?
10/1 c54 VileG
Honestly i wanted to enjoy this fic, i really did.

The first 30 or so chapters hooked me immensely and really managed to draw me in, the quality was excellent and the arcs reall. Unfortunately after that things just seemed to drag on constantly, not even worldbuilding half the time just drawn on repetitive political/speech scenes that only seemed to pad the wordcount without contributing much.

At some point it really did seem like a decently sized timeskip was needed once Gihren laid down a solid foundation, instead the pacing seemed to get even slower with things being gone over in minute detail for seemingly arbitrary reasons.

However the biggest problem was that It was made 1000x worse by the book excerpts from the future that started to be forced in, as once those started appearing the SI's actions were filled with an underlying air of futility that just seemed to get worse and worse.

Why care about the improvements Gihren makes to Zeon's MS program? We know it doesn't matter and the Feds are not going to be surprised by MS capabilities due to being in a better position and building their own suits early thanks to 'Juane Aznable' so the conflict gets dragged on.

Who cares about Gihrens improvements to Side 3? We know from another of Juane's excerpts that the bubble bursts and they'll probably have to scramble to salvage the damage from the resulting depression and leave them in a worse place.

Who cares about Gihren making the Zabi family far better than their canon counterparts while still keeping them in power? We know from Mei Heartfield's little history book that it's getting undermined by the Contolists and Isolationists working behind the scenes so they can bring 'true democracy' to Zeon (whatever that means).

Every excerpt like that only drained my enjoyment of the fic more as it made the SI's actions feel more and more meaningless, to the point that the interest i'd built up from the first 30 or so chapters was almost drained to nothing by Chapter 54.

I get wanting to do worldbuilding but the way it was handled was completely godawful in my opinion, it spoiled various things that were coming up in the future and filled the actions that centered around those topics with an air of pointless futility.

Don't get me wrong your writing is top notch and the 360k words I've just read were incredibly well written, but that just made those excerpts worse in some ways.
9/11 c24 Kim-ken
This chapter got me thinking on 2 thing.
1. What kind of MS will the japan resistence and other zeon allies use when the war happen? Since their not as advanced as zeon, the would need a simple, easy to pilot, and low maintenance machine. Here are some ms surgestion: the Leos, the Tieren Gound Type, and the MSJ-11 Zouka.
2. With Adam levels of Agmentation, could it be possible for Kaiser Gihren to make Zeon own version of the Alaya-Vijnana System ( the Calamity War version, NOT the bootleg ones that Tekkadan use) from IBO? If so that would be a massive boom for Zeon as that systom allow an illiterate like Mika to pilot Bartato without problem.
9/10 c54 Kim-ken
Hey Kaiser Gihren, can you add MS from the Build and other Gundam Timeline? Like for example:
The MS-06R-AB Zaku Amazing as a high mobillity unit.
The PF-78-3A Gundam Amazing Red Warrior as Casval personal MS.
The Leo as a cheap, easy to use, easy to repair unit to give and used by Zeon allies -like Riah- in the up coming war with the feddie.
The OZ-12SMS Taurus as it transformation feture is pretty simple compare to something like the ZZ.
Mobile Doll from Wing to somewhat mitigate the Federation numerical advantage.

Also, why did you chose the Musai kai? Why not the Musai Late Production Type, which to me í much better.
8/15 c54 Kraut007
Pretty aswesome to see Cima of all people as pirate hunter XD
This chapter was a joy to read and expands further on the setting.
Always hyped for further chapters.
6/18 c54 Kim-ken
Hey Kaiser-Ghiren, can you add the MS-06R-AB Zaku Amazings from the Gundam Build series?
6/4 c14 SirSomebody1
Wait if M'Quve proposed the united maintenance plan earlier does that mean that when the Zaku II appears it will look like the Zaku ii kai by default? Also, since he proposed the plan before the Zaku I's production, it will be developed under the UMP and it will look like it was designed by Yutaka Izubuchi.
5/18 c45 Guest
Question: what is the power source of the battlesuit? Battery or mini fusion reactor.
5/6 c54 Guest
Hold on a second, I dont remember the Zaku 1 having Vulcan guns.
3/4 c54 nliochristou
when will you updated this and Gihren's Glory; it's a few months since last update in this story and much longer on Cosmic Crusade.
3/1 c2 tylerlane8
why would you want to be vader you would be in pain all day that would be awful
2/9 c21 jackaboy122
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