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for Mobile Suit Gundam: Gihren's Glory

1/18/2020 c43 3MOR the Divine Being
Religious Newtype, no more god called Possibility, only Jesus Christ
1/18/2020 c43 Imperial warlord
Awesome chapter.
1/18/2020 c43 22edboy4926
Awesome chapter.
Though to be honest, when I started reading the part of Gihren talking, I was actually hoping that the souls of his moms actually talked to him (I mean, you already had future souls talk to present souls in Cosmic Crusade)
But your story, you decide.
1/7/2020 c41 Thekiller7
Nice to see more Feddie pieces
1/4/2020 c42 Guest
The Ghiren's talk with the pope somewhat reminded me of Martin Luther and his lifes story.
1/1/2020 c42 Lord of Steel
It's not everyday we get to see matters of religion intermingling with stories set in futuristic settings. I think the only other Gundam series that mentioned any matters of faith was Gundam 00 and that didn't exactly accomplish much other than being used as an excuse to justify waging war and strife, as far as I know anyways. As for this story, I'm glad that Gihren was able to get his deepest secret off his chest and tell someone who won't automatically decry him as a lunatic or something to that effect, even if he is still confused on why he reincarnated in the first place with his faith never mentioning anything on the matter.

Religion, based on what I've read in the past during my education, provides social cohesion to help maintain social solidarity through shared rituals and beliefs, social control to enforce religious-based morals and norms to help maintain conformity and control in society, and it offers meaning and purpose to answer any existential questions. While the last part is still a work-in-progress with Kaiser Gihren, religion as a whole has helped shape the societies we live in today; therefore, I can't imagine religion being suppressed without major repercussions. It'll be interesting to see how other religions develop in the Universal Century, so I'll look forward to that, in addition with the politics and Mobile Suits of course.
1/3/2020 c30 Anirocks
here's an idea about the upgraded it if you want.
power source:-minovsky ultracompct fusion reactor(which can generate upto 7500 kw)
propulsion-minovsky craft(used in xi gundam)
armor:-Variable Phase Shift Armor
1. laser vulcans
gun:-it can be used in three modes
close range-beam shotgun mode
medium range-beam rifle mode
long range-beam bazooka mode
melee weapon:- it also has three modes
close range-beam sword mode
medium range-beam axe mode
long range-beam spear mode
mounted twin all purpose missile launcher
optional weapon:-
shield similar to shield is made of yata-no katagami armor(beam reflection armor of akatsuki gundam) and has a bullpup machine gun in it.
it can combine with the wing is similar to the wings of the wing zero gundam.
it has
1. 20x funnel missiles
2. 10x Dragoons(which has a rifle mode ,sword mode and shield mode)
3.5X GX BITS(except hat it looks and has the weapon loadout of the gundam)
it is controlled by an interface which is the combo of zero system from wing zero Gundam and flash system from Gundam x.
Also has plans for a Gundam for reveal it soon
1/3/2020 c42 Anirocks
why the hell did you reveal your isekaid instead of revealing it to your close friend like cecile or zabi family you decide to reveal it to some the guarentee that he wont blab it to someone like isekai'dness is your greatest you foes somehow learned about it it will herald will be similar to the vist family who become powerful due to knowing the secret of laplace case scenario is that they will use it to leach things from you like the vist family. worst case scenario is that they can use it to destroy your crediblity thus breaking the zabi unity that you forged which you know resulted in their defeat in OTL.
1/3/2020 c39 Anirocks
Here's a newtypes shown in other shows like tiffa adil,jamil neete,mu la flaga,quatre rabeera winner etc to counter the uc ones.i mean you alreafy introduced treize in this stopping you to introduce other characters from from other Gundam are you afraid that it will make this fic a crossover then make an expy characters based on the characters from other gundam series.
1/3/2020 c26 Anirocks
I always had a theory that Minovsky particles,GN particles,Ahab Particles,Mirage colloid particles are different names given by people in different SUCH IT EXPLAINS THE SIMILARITY IN THE ABILITY OF NEWTYPES,INNOVATOR,X-ROUNDER,etc.
1/3/2020 c13 Anirocks
here's an idea to upgrade the Dolos
Dolos armor is an MLA(multi-layered armor)the layers are phase-shift armor,yata-no katagami armor(beam reflection armor of akatsuki gundam ,chobbam armor and i-field generator)
propulsion system-minovsky drive(used in victory gundam),along with boosters of MSA-0011[Bst] S Gundam Booster Unit Type (also it allows the ship to make a to and fro trip to solar ship in 1 week only)
power source-twin minovsky ultracompact fusion reactor(twin-dive system)[which is similar to twin drive system in gundam 00 except that instead of using GN drive we use Minovsky reactors]{capable of sustaining the battleship in high-level combat readyness for a year)
1. 10x anti air laser vulcans
2. 8x all-purpose missile launcher which can launch various kinds of projectiles like torpedos,glepnir lancer darts(from blitz gundam),Dáinsleif(the wannabe nukes form gundam iron blooded orphans),Nukes,Icbm,bazookas,grenades,anti-ms missiles,anti ma missiles,anti ship missiles and other kinds of of launchng missiles on four sides(up,down,left,right)
3. 6x cannons capable of using various rounds like HE,AA,etc.
4. 4x beam emittors capable of using various kinds beam weapons like beam rifle,beam pistol,beam shotgun,beam bazooka,scattering veam cannon,beam capable of using large scale of beam melee wapons like,beam sword,beam naginata,beam axe,beam spear,beam drill, capable of projecting a huge beam shield for protection.
5. 2x Dolos class bits(like those GX bits in after war gundam x){controlled by AI}
6. 1x giant BFG[Big-Fucking Gun(aka a warship powered and sized twin-buster rifle)
other features:-capable of carrying 100-500 mobile suits,mobile of carrying 1000 artillery unit like tanks,bombers,fighters,submarines of carrying 5000 humans(infantry,warship crew,pilots,etc).also capable of carrying 10000 tons of include an AI like ALICE(appears in Gundam Sentinal),baloon decoys,chaff launcher etc.
1/1/2020 c42 5Many Faced Mage
And the Face of Today is? Greek Gundam Pilot!

The part with the Pope was well done. It seems our protagonist has finally gotten a weight off his chest. If you don’t have to worry about an inquisition. It’ll be interesting to see the pope stands when the war starts. This is getting very good and I’m looking forward to the next part. I wish you a good beginning on this new year.
12/31/2019 c42 22edboy4926
Awesome chapter.
12/31/2019 c42 TheOnlyKing
Good chapter, thanks for updating.
12/31/2019 c42 2Cosmicsafe74
Great chapter :) and happy new years!
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