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for Mobile Suit Gundam: Gihren's Glory

12/22/2021 c53 or14121991
Thank you so much for the new chapters, almost could not believe my eyes! I look forward to more
12/22/2021 c54 3Sajuuk
Hello lol
Thanks for the 3 new chapters.
I know toi need ideas but why not take ideas from other gundam animes.
I think gihren taking ideas from Earth 21 century scifi is good but since he is in unicorn would that tell hum the tech from gundam wing, gundam seed, gundam age, gundam 00, gundam build fighter, gundam divers and gundam blood orphan is possible.
More so when techs in someone of those universe seem prettie much the same and different.
Ses the GN drive from gundam 00, the gundam réactif in blood orphan and the réactif in unicorn.
Also the tech To connecte pilote and machin like the zéro system in gundam wing or the psycho drive in gundam unicorn.
And all the drones, mobiles doll, mobile armour, mobile suit, weapons, armour, missiles, shield...
Really make gihren written all good design tech and ideas that can help zeon and create some company and finance some R and D. Also found some techs, weapons and innovator experts to create new tech part.
I hope some tech like the nuclear jammer from gundam seed or the energy shield from Artemis.
Stole ideas of tech like the GN drive, the zero system, the n jammer, the age system.
Create some droids, stealth tech, new detector suit and FTL.
Take ideas from game like code geass, armored core, fafnir, titanfall, halo...
Open your imagination to new and old ideas.
Go wild and have fun.
12/21/2021 c54 4PoofyOhio
Oh my god it’s here.
12/21/2021 c54 The armed forces
Don’t know if you ever thought of this but have you thought of adding a Home line defense? Using asteroids an mounting Beam artillery or something like a MAC cannon? Not only does it provide something cost effective instead of building something from scratch, but there’s millions of asteroids you can use as a sort of a Fortress point. Also provides a fall back point for your forces. Could also add mine fields in certain sectors. along with on station Tracking system able to track movements before they hit you. I have some other ideas also if you wanna hear
12/21/2021 c54 22edboy4926
Good chapter.
Nice to see this story updating again.
12/21/2021 c52 1ArchivesofaDreamer
Welcome! it's great to have you and your story back, it's perfectly normal to lose the muse especially when it's about doing creative works.
12/20/2021 c54 14Aldon Blackreyne
Ahh, it's good to see this story running again. I half expected the 'pirate' attacks to be orchestrated by Zeon. Also, will Cosmic Crusade get an update before the New Year? Or will it take a year-long break while you work on Gihren's Glory?
12/20/2021 c54 12bleungHK
Oh my, Christmas definitely came early this year, and the chapters are impeccable as always.

I really enjoy how you developed Degwin and Kycillia's character in ch.52's slice-of-life while maintaining Kycillia's vigilance on others than made Johnny acts like a fool. Though I must admit that it's kinda sad to not having the "spike-helmet Zenith" and M'Quve did not became a thing.

The anti-pirates combat scene is nicely done, and the node to Cima's canon marine and later pirating future is an unexpected but welcoming surprise, just wondering if this will be an bombshell if the OSS manage to force an confession from the pirates and bring it up to the court knowing that not all the judges are blindly pro-EF.

On a side note, while currently limit to video-game sector, UC and OYW seems to be back on Bandai's table again, hope you can get more materials and inspirations soon, and I wish you have a happy Christmas and New Year.
12/20/2021 c53 22edboy4926
Good chapter.
12/20/2021 c54 5Glasses Writer
12/20/2021 c52 Glasses Writer
You have no idea how happy I feel seeing this story updated. It was like a Christmas gift!
12/20/2021 c52 22edboy4926
Awesome chapter.
12/20/2021 c53 1wanderer097
... ummm...very realistic
This is actually very detailed and reads like something a law student might write.
Hell I might even actually admire marcenas for his politicking...

My only problem is why doesn't he try taking over the space and non earth government? I mean seriously allow a minor official office based on population of which space has considerably less of and nationalism loses a lot of its bite. And if he wants to reduce the people dissatisfied... wouldn't it be easier to remove the poor to space or one of the many large colonies they are building.
12/20/2021 c54 ReviewerDWJ
(clapping) Well these three chapters sure make up for you absences. It really shows you haven’t lose your touch. Also I don’t hold it against you that you lost interest cause it happens often then you think to everyone. These chapters were so interesting with a bit of slice of life, politics, and action represented in these three chapters. I look forward to the next chapter in the next year.

12/20/2021 c54 Morkail
So I watched the battletech pc game intro while reading this the theme “for all mankind” seems to bit this story well the build up part anyway we will get to the city’s burning from orbit part soon enough I suppose.

Nice to see this get updated again lovely story but it did bug me that some of the early chapters hinted that zeon would lose the one year war anyway. Which is strange because he shouldn’t be dumb enough to waste his best troops on pointless attacks on earth. Burn hard for the federation shipyards, destroy there fleets and get the other side to atleast stand aside and zeon wins since there goal is independence rather then conquest.

It’s cool to see you taking character and changing how they turn out. Isn’t character at the end there the zeon admiral who tells the Federation about stardust?

Anyway, thanks for the chapters!
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