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for Sacrifices

6/20 c20 Guest
I have just blitzed through your whole distractions and sacrifices storys. I am enthralled by your work, you should be proud of your self. Please don't abandon this story, we are all desperate for you to continue to give life to these the world of hei and misaki
6/13 c20 267Omnicat
I like the whole chapter, but aaaaaah, Ootsuka making a fellow otaku friend! :DDD And yes, learning to people will be good for you, Aisha. Do it.
5/16 c3 paprikaflakes
I am screaming. Holy crap. I love the idea of single working mom Misaki. I am trying to wrap my head over how overwhelming all this would be since she is too busy to think of it herself. Your Misaki rocks. And that cliffhanger. Omg.
5/16 c5 paprikaflakes
This chapter was so intense. I hung on every word. There is so much tension between Misaki and her father right now. But they still care very deeply for each other.
5/16 c2 paprikaflakes
The aftermath and Hourai's new conditions are great. Of course he would try to mansplain. I cheered when she cut him off like that. She is really growing into her own power and I love it. This is what S2 should have been.
5/4 c20 20desy
I like be this story, although I miss Hei in this. I'm curious how her team and especially Saitou will react to the news of her pregnancy. Please update soon.
4/19 c20 Novelcat
Man, I'm usually a picky reader but your work is so good! Thank you so much for putting out so much content! You make me want to write fanfic of your fanfic.
4/15 c20 50Rydia Asuka
Don’t worry, Misaki. I’m certain that whatever mess Hei has planned, or will inevitably get caught up in, will not cause you any sort of distress. At all. None. All is well. :)
4/12 c20 Guest
Thank you for updating! reading your work just makes me happy
4/12 c20 Guest
Thank you so much! Every time you update this story you brighten my day! I wonder what hei is planning? Will he and misaki finally meet? Will hei become a farther?! I cannot wait for the next update!)) )
4/12 c20 Guest
I LOVE THIS STORY SO MUCH OMG, I can't wait for Hei to find out about the pregnancy
4/11 c20 Me again

The infamous Bangkok joke makes a glorious return. With more context! I love it
4/12 c20 1Sinthija
Thank you for another chapter! Reading about Misaki’s day mine.
4/12 c20 7J Luc Pitard
The tension in the room was building and about to explode until she brought order to it and learned how to delegate. That's the way, Misaki! You'll make a great mom...
4/11 c20 1viralhybrid29
I really hope Hei comes back soon. What's his goal right now?
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