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5/25 c8 agnar
sorry but the method to protect against animagi seems ridiculously overcomplex and just silly. They need to 'ward' against each and every kind of animal, really?
5/25 c6 agnar
please don't write such long scenes with 'drunk talk' again, it was simply impossible to read through it. There might've been useful stuff in there, but I couldn't take trying to translate the gibberish into English.
5/22 c18 19Priya Ashok
Good story. Thank you.
7/25/2023 c18 mumphie
An wonderful story! I am glad that it was taken over for continuation. It does seem that time was a factor, though, since it hasn't seen a new posting for many Job? New family? I am sad for this because it is enjoyable. Your excellent language skills, plus the way you weave the story makes reading this a delight. I hope for the day when you find time, your muse/mojo and find continuing a pleasant challenge.
8/13/2021 c18 32Jake Crepeau
It's a bad idea to do pretty much anything of any importance when irritated by liberals...because that's how they work, after all. They get you too irritated to think straight, and then they pounce. ;D
8/13/2021 c15 Jake Crepeau
"Once was a mistake, twice was a coincidence. Three times was way too many." Close, but no cigar. The actual saying, and quite appropriate for this situation, is, "Three times is enemy action." ;D

If you write political intrigue like this as a teenager, I am REALLY looking forward to what you write when you're older!
8/13/2021 c14 Jake Crepeau
There is indeed such training, especially in this day and age. All health-care workers are subject to "continuing education" in order to keep up their qualifications, and signs of child abuse are among the things they are constantly updated on.
8/13/2021 c13 Jake Crepeau
I think the most over-used trope is Ron-bashing. Yeah, he's got his problems. Okay, yes, he's constantly hungry, and often eats more than any three adults. So did I when I was his age, and so does almost every other teenager I have ever known. And very few of them had problems with obesity. His manners could use some improvement. The only one ever mentioned in the books was the fact that he often talked with his mouth full. So name me one person in real life (including adults!) who doesn't at least sometimes. I think the movie scene that showed him at the Sorting Feast with a chicken drumstick in each hand was a bit over the top, if you ask me. I've never seen ANYONE do something like that - except possibly for laughs - and I've seen some pretty gross table manners. Yes, he's thoughtless. Yes, he has insecurities. Again, nothing your typical teenager doesn't go through. And his attitude about his schoolwork is also typical. He does what he has to, to pass, and anything more seems superfluous to him. So, nothing to see here. Move along. ;D
8/12/2021 c11 Jake Crepeau
I have no idea what your definition of a stakeholder of a business is, but it looks like you may have it mixed up with "stockholder." A "stakeholder" is anyone who has any kind of interest, or "stake," in the business, not necessarily monetary. For example, a customer is a stakeholder, because he needs that business to exist for him to buy from. An employee is a stakeholder in that he depends on that business for his paycheck. Neither one has any real say in how the business is run, but they do still have an interest in it. And naturally a stockholder also has a stake in that business, because the interest he earns on that stock comprises part of his income; he differs from other stakeholders in that he DOES have a say in how the business is run.
8/12/2021 c10 Jake Crepeau
Actually, Weasley and Potter ARE that closely related, especially if you're using Charlus and Dorea as Harry's grandparents, because Ron's paternal grandmother is Cedrella Black (she married Septimus Weasley), Dorea's close relative (I think she was a close cousin). That's canon; it's in the Weasley's family tree, which can be found at the HP Wiki.
8/12/2021 c9 Jake Crepeau
I think canon at least hinted that neutrals did exist, and that the Greengrasses were among them. Many of them did hold with at least some planks in the pureblood platform, but were neutral in that they never declared for "Dark" or "Light." Their political record reflected this; they were the "middle of the roaders" who would sometimes vote with one side, sometimes the other. Even if canon didn't establish such a thing, I don't think any political system lacks for fence-sitters, so it makes sense that fanon would include such things.

BTW, apropos of absolutely nothing: Though the word "Mugwump" (coined in the 1830s) does come from an Algonquin word that meant "leader" and implied political neutrality, that very neutrality caused its meaning to change, so that by the 1920s/30s, a "mugwump" was a fence-sitter, i.e., someone who "sits on the fence with his 'mug' on one side and his 'wump' on the other."
8/12/2021 c7 Jake Crepeau
To my knowledge, cotton can't be grown any farther north than 39 deg. N. Given that the UK is above the 50th parallel, if they were growing cotton, they must have had acres covered by massive climate-controlled greenhouses...unless there's a magical variety that grows anywhere? ;D
8/11/2021 c5 Jake Crepeau
I'm in total agreement with you there. If any of them has any saving grace at all, it's Narcissa, who showed her love for her son in asking Harry whether Draco was alive, then covering for him when he told her. You've got to give her credit for that much, at least.
7/5/2021 c5 Li-Ion78
oH THIS IS GENIUS harry is playing truly a dangerous game here but having eliminated voldemorts lieutenants without raising a single wand is commendable in itself i love it!
7/5/2021 c4 Li-Ion78
this feels like game of thrones playing the great the game
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