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6/12 c14 Lucifer-Satani
Remember kids, when your hormones kick in - Review
6/3 c17 Bronze
You do realize that if Harry took his OWLS Good Ole Fumblemort would likely have a stroke, don't you? That cause Harry could then LEGALLY walk out of Hogwash. After taking and passing OWLS a student may quite the supposed school and Good Ole Fumblemort would be powerless to stop him/her. That would leave Good Ole Fumblemort holding the bag and having to solve the mystery without a scapegoat. Now, unfortunately, I must agree with you about McGonagall. At no point in the entire series did she do ANYTHING to help nor protect Harry. Whenever Good Ole Fumblemort called Harry to his office, McGonagall, as his Head of House, was supposed to stay with him. She never did. Always obeying Good Ole Fumblemort when he told her she could leave. As to the rest of the staff of that so called school, really? They actually care for the students in their Houses? Tell that to Ms. Luna Lovegood! Tell that to the entire student body as everyone of the staff obeyed Good Ole Fumblemort in Harry's first year when there was a troll in the school and Good Ole Fumblemort sent them back to their common rooms with only prefects for protection! I know whereof I speak as I attended a similar school long ago. If you didn't want to attend a class, you simply didn't show up. Though, there was one class NOBODY skipped! MATH! Mat was right next door to the woodshop and run by her husband. If you skipped it was a pretty good bet that's where you were. Even in the dead of winter she'd open the window and yell " Frank! Frank! Is so and so in there?! He/she has Math so send them here right now! " And he would! The other teachers always sent out search parties which never A, found the missing student or B, the more likely case, never returned themselves. That's how I see Hogwash.
6/2 c1 Streetwise88
Quote: "Most super HP are where he's powerful for no reason"

Uhh, you may want to take a second look there bud; not one, but TWO custom/rare core and powerful wands, access to the Potter everything, bonded with uber-beast, animagus form at 9yo, powerful wandless magic instantly, 100 house elves (aren't they super expensive and stuff? the house of black only had ONE), Knowledge and allies with Goblinkind...

I mean, some of those things would be cool, especially if they were legit gained as story elements, but they are just 'granted' with no action on 'Hadrian's part... if this is just a harry-curb-stomps-everyone crackfic, put it in the description.
6/2 c33 Guest
I think they didnt use the killing curse on the whorecruxes because they didnt like the killing curse or they just couldnt get Enough murder thoughts

Kinda like the patronus charm with not enough happy thoughts
6/1 c51 Rune Tobor
I disagree.

You have not made Harry OP.

and now some shadow society

To save the corrupt wizzys Harry needs to be greater than Merlin!

Almost godlike may not be enough.

The magicals need a god to protect and guide them.
6/1 c48 Rune Tobor
The 9/11 terrorist believed they were doing gods work.
They knew they were good men.

There are none so evil as TRUE BELIEVERS!

True believers will ruin your life in the name of god...

Dumbledore never doubted himself.

It is a form of insanity.
6/1 c45 Rune Tobor
I do not like Harry/Ginny.

The idea that Ginny looks somewhat like Lily and therefor she should be with Harry just fails.

The main problem with Ginny is MOLLY the rapist. "Love" potions are rape drugs!

I believe that not only would Molly use potions on Harry but also Ginny to see them married!

Another problem with Ginny is Dumbles, the Weasleys blindly follow him. He would want Ginny as another way to control Harry.

Poor boy had Albus meddling in his entire life!

Who name a child after the two men who ruined his life?

Just like Harry, Ginny is a victim.
6/1 c44 Rune Tobor
Figured a way out of the binding magical contract with the goblet of fail.

DESTROY IT, the goblet, fiendfyre or the sword of gryphindor should do it.

No goblet, no contract.

After all, it has just been shown to be dangerous!
6/1 c43 Rune Tobor
Gillyweed POTION is a first as far as I know, Congratulations!

The Kepie and Kappa and all were nice additions.
6/1 c42 Rune Tobor
Even if I were logged in I would not want any reply except another chapter or story.



Write More!

thanks ;)
6/1 c41 Rune Tobor
There is a story I would like to see, sadly I fail at writing.
If not for spelling tests I would have failed english in school.

Lily gets the Prophecy and more out of Dumbledore.
She then sets a trap, takes Harry, maybe James after stunning him, and flees Britain.
Tom dies. I suggest muggle explosives, several tons.
Albus looks but does not find a BWL.
Meanwhile Lily and Harry(and James?) are in a far away country. Not in Europe, too close to Albus.
(Australia, USA, South America, Japan(cross with anime or manga)
Harry has a happy childhood but Lily trains him to defeat a dark lord.
Dumbledore has to deal with Tom until Harry returns. Hermione either killed by troll or goes to French school.

I would like to see a story where Lily saves family not just Harry.
6/1 c39 Rune Tobor
The Idea that someone can force you into a binding contract WITHOUT you intent, consent, or knowledge is one of Rowling MOST RETARED IDEAS!

Tom would have used this to ENSLAVE EVERYONE!

So would Albus...

I have thought long and hard, the only thing I can see is it is NOT a CONTRACT but a CURSE instead and the goblet is so old people have forgotten details.

Can the goblet strip someone of magic? Maybe, Maybe not...
But whatever it does is sure to be very UNPLEASANT.
6/1 c37 Rune Tobor
Many complain when writers make Harry more powerful, Saying he is OP and OOC.
In the books Tom was overpowered.
A better education
More men
More gold
More political power
Tom just had more to an insane degree

Harry should have lost...

Jerkess Rowling had spent books making Harry weak
Tom was bullied in the orphanage but not treated as bad as Harry
Tom may not have had friends but Harry had deadweight Ron telling him not to study
Tom did not have the handicaps Harry did.

Then near the end JKR suddenly realized How Bad She Treated Harry.
So she pulls this "master of death" foolishness so Harry can win.

I am still not sure the dark lord in the prophecy is not Dumbledore.
By sending Harry to the dursleys Albus Marks Harry.
Snape has a Life Debt owed to Harry and kills Dumbles.
"Either must die by the HAND of the other" does not have to be literal.

Go ahead and write a GODLIKE HARRY, it could be fun!

read BACK TO THE BEGINNING by Burnable.
6/1 c36 Rune Tobor
It is the World Cup disaster that shows most wizards and witches to be cowards unworthy of magic and a waste of oxygen.

The death eaters were outnumbered THOUSANDS to one!

The crowd could have just trampled them!

Cowardice like this is why I feel fics like THE BRITISH REFORMATION are great.
6/1 c34 Rune Tobor
The saying goes...

Those who cannot do, teach.

What is the reality...

Those who cannot do often try to tear down those who can.

Sad I know...

I feel those who tear at others will tind themselves torn in turn. IN HELL

Thanks for writing and continuing in spite of trolls and worse.
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