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for At a loss for air

4/19 c1 Lestat74
It was very good! I would love more drama and complications with Mac but overall I enjoyed it! Good job!
11/27/2016 c1 121only-some-loser
This is pretty good. Mac often gets away more unscathed than he should lol
11/26/2016 c1 13Dramamama5
Cute, I loved the ending with Bozer. Hilarious. I love the friendship between Jack and Mac... I wasn't sure about the remake...especially since they made him so young and Jack is so much older than Mac in this one and then there's the whole Thornton thing...LOL...but after several episodes I decided to start watching and give it a chance...dang if I didn't like it. It's just different enough to let you enjoy it as it's own entity...Love Jack! Well done on this... As to your concerns about if it could happen that way with the poison they used in the show...it's called creative license...it's all good.
11/26/2016 c1 10302pilot
Love your writing style-you capture these guys so well! Thanks for making a good episode even better! I love when Jack panics and his training kicks in. Thanks for making it more real!
11/26/2016 c1 97TinkerBella7
I watched this again last night and was thinking the same thing. So glad you wrote this. I love missing scenes. Well done.
11/26/2016 c1 4Dlwells51
Really great take on premise. Needs a little more proofreading, not complaining, just letting you know. Like your writing style a lot. Keep this stuff coming, those who can't, LOVE the works of those who can!
11/25/2016 c1 Lhaven
Love your story! And especially the slight panic of Jack and Riley about their friend. Nicely done!

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