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for Control

12/4/2016 c1 106byunbonbon
Hello, there. Wow. I really love this story. The way you told his story was simply beautiful. Draco is already one of my favorite characters, and you made me feel even greater sympathy for him and his situation. You were able to transpire his emotions so well that I felt as if I had to fit into this pocket mold and not have one hair out of place at all times. The ending is wonderful. I love the soft note the story ends on. It gives off a melancholy feel that I love while simultaneously giving off a ray of hope. Well done. :)
12/4/2016 c1 113MaryandMerlin
I'll admit when I read the synopsis I wasn't keen but having read the whole thing I couldn't have been more wrong. This is something that's truly great about the advent thing it opens you up to fics you never would have read otherwise. I thought this flowed really well it was smooth sailing between scenes and I thought it was well written. Very emotive, the language really spoke of that trapped feeling and I even felt a little trapped myself. I really sympathised with Draco, he's one of my favourite characters anyway but I tend to read him in AUs or when he's being really awful but I felt connected to him in a different way this time I really felt sorry for that poor little boy. Honestly great fic, well done :)
12/1/2016 c1 2Hogwarts Official
Results for your Herbology #1 Assignment:
Graded by: Kayleigh (kayleighjo312)
Grade: 16/20 - A (Acceptable)

I thought you wrote Draco well, I could definitely tell it was him you were writing about even though you do not mention his name. However, you focus do tend to focus on Dracos thoughts and tell us, rather than show us with gestures, facial expressions and movements. (Show don't tell)

I thought your take on this prompt was very original. I liked how it was his parents that had the possessive relationship with Draco rather than a lover.

Most of the story flowed very well but there are a couple of unnecessarily long paragraphs that spoiled it a little.

SPaG is generally okay however you do have a few misused commas.

As I said above I thought your use of the prompt was excellent and it was the focus of the story.

Overall I enjoyed the story. Well done.

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