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3/20 c13 Guest
Love the story, but I wonder which emiya is he, was he counter, pre counter or post cheldea, most likely pre counter guardian but if it were nameless or a combination I wouldn't care
2/27 c13 Grima101
Ohayo, I love your stories and I hope for much more on the future. Though I was wondering if you'd be willing to a One Piece or Nanatsu no Taizai versions too?
2/24 c13 25NewMystery356
All caught up. If Shirou can’t send a message home, I wonder how long he’ll stay in Mist. There will definitely be ripple effects, and I wonder if maybe he legit has the Rinnegan…
Eager for more.
2/24 c12 NewMystery356
Well, you know the saying. “No body, no crime.”
2/23 c11 NewMystery356
This is the power of a filled stomach.
2/23 c10 NewMystery356
If his messages have t been getting to Uzu, who HAS been getting them…?
2/23 c9 NewMystery356
He can definitely spoof a Bloodline with his new Lava Release. That and maybe his Creation of All Things. Wonder how his revolution will go from there…
2/23 c8 NewMystery356
Huh. Looks like shit just turned wild. Wonder if they have a Fuinjutsu to determine signs of live… Interested in seeing how things with Mei go.
2/23 c13 Pogs21
2/23 c13 Guest
i really hope shirou sends a message when he actually has subbordinates

with a status report kind of message and with questions on why he hasnt recieved any kind of message back via jonin messenger or something

shirou cant be this idiotic

he died as an adult with doing his dream

communication with allies should be one of the things he should know how to do his way

like maybe firing off a noble phantasm arrow tied with a message or something

since you said a few hundred kilometers lol

thats a huge ass distance

several cities with space inbetween

shirou could probably be able to calculate a shot send a message even if he cant see uzu

like a intercontinental missile
2/22 c7 NewMystery356
Flawless. Victory.
2/22 c6 NewMystery356
Money, like firearms, are ALSO a great equalizer.
Of course, combine ninjas WITH guns, and you have the making of a new arms race. You can be faster than the marksman, but can you always be faster than the bullet? Maybe over a certain threshold, but you’d have to be a real fitness junkie.
2/22 c5 NewMystery356
Hm. I wonder what Shirou will pull. A literal/metaphorical soup kitchen feels a little on-the-nose, but it COULD get through their defenses. Hungry stomachs don’t lie, and if you can’t trust someone to sit at the same dining table as you, who CAN you trust?
2/22 c10 codeninja676
Oh boy, pretty sure Danzo is pulling his shit again. Need Shirou to smack everyone around with his Unlimited Shlong Works before it gets worse.
2/21 c4 NewMystery356
Okay, so the War was postponed. I wonder how this will ripple outward…
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