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9/14 c110 Chronus1326
Great chapter, thank you!
9/5 c110 6admiralsakai.wikitroid
Was that a "stuff and things" joke? Did a Library meme just escape the Library?

Really looking forward to the next chapter, for probably obvious reasons.
9/5 c110 KnightOfHolyLight
Great job again. Damm the mess with Miranda and Haugen is just as big as I feared might be worse even. Question is just now can true rebuilding start from here or is that bridge of trust gone for good. Could be either one since situations like this make them. And then there is talk between Hackett and Harper that one will not be bed of roses either. Part of me wants to see that talk and part of me fears it.

Quite informative talks with between Miranda and Jack also Hackett and Haugen. Gave far more insight to people in question and their minds. I had honestly forgotten that Hackett's brother had died on akuze or was that mentioned before can't honestly remember?

And Morneua seriously you need to give this guy some break :D. Thou hopefully he actually gets a real holiday after that debriefs of this are done. At least some return to normality there at the end for so something good.

Overall great job again and I hope that you update soon.
9/2 c110 1OBSERVER01
Great update man.
9/2 c110 4Monster King
7/26 c109 KnightOfHolyLight
Great job again. You are right Miranda and Haugen clash was long time to come and I suspect aftermath will be uglier than the fight itself. It will be even worse or cleaner because both sides have rational argument. Miranda is right that thing could have been very valuable, but Haugen is also right that it was likely too dangerous and risky to keep.

I do wonder who the people behind this atrocity are but I do suspect Henry Lawson and his buddies, but can't be sure.

Thoughts of Miranda and Haugen were really good, very true to the type of people they are. I suspect that those will have even more personal/private fight over this and that is bound to be ugly. But guess we will see.

Overall great job again and I hope that you update soon.
7/23 c109 6admiralsakai.wikitroid
Interesting take on the Reaper derelict mission; you've added so much new stuff (and it's been so long since I've actually played ME2) that I didn't immediately recognize it.

Gosh, I wonder who could be behind this latest atrocity... someone toweringly douchey, perhaps? Not unrelated, Miranda is shaping up to be a wonderful douchebag herself.

A little disappointed that neither "Humanity Fuck Yeah" nor "Orbital Dropping Death Dealers" made it directly into the Codex entry. Although, literally mentioning "Orbital Dropping Death Dealers" is a deep hole to try to dig a serious story out of.
7/23 c109 Scarease
Great reading story like this plenty spy myster ,horror ,action ,intellectual talks ,moral philosophy and such keep it up .
7/22 c109 4Monster King
7/21 c1 Not logged in
I read this story up to about the one third point, and here's my review.

Its a good idea. Damn sight better than the torrents of awful hfy on this site. But the execution just sort of lost me. Its just a cycle of 'fight scenes, military jargon, exposition dump, repeat' and it makes the story exhausting to read. I dont care about any of the people in it.

So, good story, but Im gonna have to drop it. Sorry.
7/16 c108 2ChrisJM89
So… I’ve just read the entirety of Semper Vigilo (took me 2 weeks) and I love it.

Brilliant take on the universe, believable alt-history, it is now one of my favourite fanfic’s.

I’ve noticed a few typos but that doesn’t impact the story at all in my eyes. (throw it Grammarly or beta reader etc).

Excellent work all round.
7/5 c108 1OBSERVER01
Damn man! this was quite good.
7/4 c7 taintedahab
Imagine all this chaos being caused because a bunch of crusty old Karen’s and mostly asexual insurance saleslizards don’t want to get cucked by the hawtest new race to grace the citadel since the Krogans were uplifted.
7/2 c1 taintedahab
Not entirely sure why we would interfere with this situation or choose sides without knowing a lot more about what’s going on.
6/29 c108 6admiralsakai.wikitroid
I like "Robotic murder-mirror".

It occurs to me that you missed out on the chance to name Jeff the Geth either Beth the Geth or Seth the Geth; unless this is all clever foreshadowing that said geth will at some point go around stabbing people and spawning increasingly outrageous clones...
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