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1/3/2018 c8 7bikerboy
Hey, like in your story "That's just life" i understand completely, i still hope that the stories get finished, but i don't wanna force you. I wish you the best :)
7/14/2017 c7 bikerboy
Hey so this was awesome, but i have to say that i may quit the Alpha and Omega category. The reasons why are because of this main reason, the sequels. I have looked and that nearly ever Alpha and Omega fan hates the sequels because of mainly the pups, how cheap it is, and how it was completely uninteresting. Also the franchise is dead which is great but at least people are still posting and making stories so i may stay because a very small few of stories i like and that I'm not picky but how i like a story is by it's creativity, originally, great writing, amazing characters and story and actually caring about what they write. Basically a awesome movie, but the other reason was the Critics United. You may have seen them or you didn't but i hope that you didn't cause no matter what they say they are just trolls that spam your stories by writing reviews saying that you broke rules when really you didn't, telling you to delete or change what you worked hard on and love so much, and the fact that when they say to message them for help (And this is what i mean by trolls.) THEY NEVER TALK TO YOU, like when they say to talk to them, guess what? They never do and that they just keep spamming you. So if someone says that they're a part of that group or if they claim to help you and that you find out yourself that they are apart of there group, never listen to them. Cause they can say to not listen to people who talk crap about them and say we got nothing to lose but you is bull and you know this. I had to deal with them and that all you need to do is ignore them cause they left me alone cause they realized that i didn't fall for anything they said and that they wanted to control me but i didn't let them, and that's how i bested them like others have. If you already know about them then you understand what i mean like i believe that we talked already about this but if not now you know, and k- I'm not gonna do that. I won't. So yeah like i delt with them and they even tried to put me down by placing my story "Predators of kilimanjaro" in a section called the bad, "the worse and the just plain ugly", As if that's gonna hurt me in any way possible or impossibility. I laughed cause i knew there and then that i had haters and that i clearly didn't care cause i love what i write and that I'm not gonna stop what i enjoy doing. So yeah that's the second reason cause it is over with now but it was just a bit fustrating at first. The last reason is again with the sequels and what it is, isn't a surprise...the pups... I am disqusted of them, they were legitimately the worse children characters i have ever seen in cinema. Like they were not funny, they were not cute, and nor were they memorable what so ever. There aren't enough words to describe them but I'm sure you understand. They ruined Alpha and omega for me, and a lot of people. Like i only watched reviews because i didn't want my brain cells to commit suicide watching a milla second of any of those sequels. And even with the reviews it was hard to watch them, cause like every time i watch a review of any of those sequels i get a headache and i just can't write for a little bit, either that or i stop to let my brain forget about the movie so that i don't write anything terrible. In which i don't want my films to suffer and that i want to do them justice. So when i finish a story in which i always will so if you see a film that i make and that you really like it, know that i am one of those people who finish there work so don't worry about me quiting or handing my work to someone that i've never even talked to, not even in a PM. But yeah i will still read Alpha and omega stories, i mean it's not like i even make them anymore. Like Predators of kilimanjaro, it's not an Alpha and omega story but a lot of people still love it which i am thankful for and that they don't even mind that it's not Alpha and omega because it's original, i put hard work into it, and that they enjoy it. But yeah this was just a l- This is so so so long i know but it's just a lot that i needed no wanted to say. But still i like this story that you have, see you in chapter 8. Also you don't have to copy or re-write this message in the next chapter if you are gonnna do that, but again see you in chapter 8. But if you have questions for me just PM me.
5/23/2017 c6 The Return of the Enclave
The story is pretty good keep up the good work.
5/23/2017 c6 bikerboy
Kate's gonna how much she loves him, i'm sorry but i know that's gonna happen. But still this was cool, and thanks for not killing another character so quickly, try to put dept in them so that it doesn't feel rushed but see you in chapter 7.
5/23/2017 c6 3Troy Groomes
I hope Kate admits her feelings to Humphrey,

& Admits that she's wants him as her mate
5/23/2017 c6 1MasterObi-Wan674
GAASSSPPP. You are alive. But anyways, awesome story. A little sad though. And also, FrACK YOU! For leaving us with a cliffhanger.
4/12/2017 c2 10kionforever89
This story is really good so far!
3/29/2017 c5 Guest
WWWWHHHHHAAAAATTTTTTT! Okay now thins turn right bad or something. By the looks of this the bad guy is a super weapon and a over power charter. I see two ways how the story is going. One bad guy wins or some how they bit he but the end of the day. The new chapter kind of killed the story for me. One the bad guy was a normal wolf how loved to kill. But making him a over power charter is a bad move. Still time can tell watch Direction the story is going. So hope the you have a nice day.
3/29/2017 c5 3Troy Groomes

I wonder if Kate realizes Humphrey is her one true love
3/29/2017 c5 4OmegaWolfSaint
Oh dang. I was confused there for a minute, but I think I got it. Nice job

1/27/2017 c2 Arek123
Good story
1/13/2017 c5 7bikerboy
Cool, take your time, also if you want i have a new story that you've probably never seen, it's called Predators of kilimanjaro, it's on my account and in the Alpha and omega category, if you do check it out leave a review, favorite and follow, but still chapter 5 or 6.
12/8/2016 c4 bikerboy
Hey, i like the story and the idea, if you want to check out my A&O story, if you want to when you have time, but if you don't then it's fine but still i like this and you just earned a follower, and favorite!
12/4/2016 c3 Janem
12/4/2016 c3 3Troy Groomes
Let me guess Kyle & mark meet the united pack soon?
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