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12/12/2020 c8 raggedcozy
11/26/2020 c1 Guest
Regarding to your point dark sapphire; i guess that could be partially the point that i mentioned about the amalgam between Ninjas and Spartans, specifically maybe to the Boruto era, the world Ninja made some treaties and alliance with the UNSC and some of the Ninja were included in the Spartan IV program, to enhances their capabilities to super-human levels, and even maybe the UNSC can studies their chakra physiology and can makes some enhancing to this system to enhances their capability to produces and storages the chakra within their bodies.

Regarding to some possible exoesqueleton, perhaps the world Ninja can makes some deals and treaties with a private company of the UEG and the UEG itself, to makes them their own Mjolnir armor, especially designed to Ninjas, that could makes more emphasis in the stealth than the raw power, making that possibly this variants of Mjolnir armor have stealth systems like the SPI armor, or even similar to the active camouflage of the covenant technology, than energy shields and possibly other functions exclusives to the UNSC branches.

Also, if the world Ninja makes some deals with the UNSC, perhaps this gives them access to more advanced alloys and metals like Titanium A and Tungsten, allowing them makes more stronger bladed weapons, like katanas, kunais and shurikens made from the same material used to crafts the combat knives of the UNSC soldiers, giving the capability to the Ninja's weapons to penetrates easily some armors, making their weapons more deadlier. And perhaps even some Ninjas shows interest in the firearms and they would buys some of them to the UNSC, though that to considers the stealth way of the ninja, the firearms could be a little used by be too noisy, leaving this kind of weapons more to battles in open field.

To be honest, this ideas could be cool to advanced chapters or even to an epilogue chapter in this story.
11/23/2020 c4 1The Dark Sapphire
I wonder how this story would have gone if it was the Boruto era. Technology advanced a ton in that time.
11/18/2020 c8 Ryu wolf
Can’t wait to continue to read this story again
10/25/2020 c1 Guest
Regarding the past discussions about who is better; Spartan vs Ninja. I was thinking that instead to see whom is better, what if we better thinks in a lethal combination of both warriors; a Spartan Ninja.

Imagines takes one of the native ninjas of this world, and applies them the spartan enhancements, to gives them enhanced muscles, circulatory system, nervous system, optic sensors, and reinforced bones, to makes more lethal the ninjas. And even if the ONI or UNSC studied the Chakra, perhaps they also includes some enhancing in the chakra vessels, to gives them spartan ninjas more flows of Charka to produces the triple rate, and even the capability to witthstand much more amount of Chakra within their bodies, to allows the Spartan ninjas could spend more Charka without needs replenishes it and for much time, adding that this also could makes their jutsus more powerful.

Adding that if they could recieves some of the Spartan gear, perhaps the Spartan ninjas can chooses between the SPI armor, for more stealthy actions, or the Mjolnir armor for more raw power to crushes their enemies.

To be honest, could be very cool see a combination between Spartan and Ninja, adding their respectives capabilities and gears.
9/3/2020 c6 Guest
PS. Regarding the trio of the land of wind, Hidden sand Village, i was talking specifically of the Temari, Kankuro and Gaara of the Chunin exams arc, not their older counterparts of Naruto Shippuden.

I says this to prevents some commentaries that talks about all the feats of this three characters in the entire franchise, to discredit the capability of Master chief to takes down Temari and Kankuro easily, as they are still young ninjas in this point, that needs to gets a lot experience, before to be truly powerful ninjas capables of be a threat to the Spartan soldiers.
9/3/2020 c6 Guest
To be honest, to read the dialogues between Temari and Kankuro regarding to to Master chief, i was thinking that could be interesting see the trio of the Land of wind, Hidden sand village confronting the Spartan soldier to could put to test the skills and lethality of Master chief. And considering that Temari was whom openly was showing a lot incredibility about Master chief's description and even getting to far to mocks him to says that he could be a easy kill by his "non effective" armor, i would likes to starts the analysis of combat with her.

In the case of Temari, her combat style is focused in wind attacks, mainly from her fan, that allows her uses several kinds of wind attacks, like the scythe wind that is capable to cuts even wood and flesh easily. Well, if we analyses the Mjolnir mark vi of Master chief, i could says that the combat style and jutsus of Temari could be useless or little effective against Master chief, because the wind attacks of Temari could be similar to ballistic, projectile or even physical impact, that are the kind of damage that the Mjolnir armor can withstand easily, as the Titanium A is very resistant to high temperature and a lot physical punishment, particulary from projectiles or impact, and even if the wind isn't solid like the bullets, it isn't like the plasma or energy directed weapons either, the kind of weapons that can breaches easily the mjolnirs armors, meaning that the wind attacks of Temari could be more similar to physical projectiles like bullets, than plasma, meaning that her attacks in general, would be useless against Master chief, and i would likes to see the Spartan erasing the smirk of Temari to shows off the power of his armor and he kicking her ass.

In the case of Kankuro, his combat style involves mainly his puppet man size, that has a lot strength, capable to overpower and even breaks the bones of a human being, adding that Kankuro can incorporates it some weapons like knives, shuriken, but mainly poisonous gadgets, like gas bombs. Well, in this case, his combat style could be also inneffective against Master chief, because even if the puppet has a lot physical strength, the Spartan soldiers are also juggernauts in terms of strength, as this super soldiers showed superhuman feats since the adolescence, like beats up to dead ODSTs, special forces soldiers, and even dented steel with their barehands, and their physical capabilities growed exponentially to become adults, meaning that is unlikely that the puppet of Kankuro can overpowers Master chief. And regarding the arsenal of the puppet, the knives and shurikens would be useless, because as i already mentioned, the mjonlir armor is very resistant to physical impact, making this kind of weapon useless, and the poison gas wouldn't serves either, as the helmet is sealed and has powerful filters, making that tactics of poisoning useless against Spartans, making that Master chief can also kick his ass.

But in the case of Gaara, to considers his powers of control the sand, to the point of uses it in defensives ways like a sand shield, and very brutal offensives ways like crushes his enemies with it, i thinks that Gaara could be the only worthy opponent of Master chief, or even the only one that is a true threat, because while Temari and Kankuro lacks an effective defense to protects themselves from the guns of Master chief and from his superhuman strength, Gaara counts with his own equivalent to the energy shield, a sand shield, meaning that Master chief would needs a lot firepower to damages Gaara. Adding that the attacks of Gaara, particulary the attacks that implies traps his enemies with his sand and crushes them with it, could be effectives against Master chief, because even if the Titanium A is very resistant to physical impacts and physical projectiles, it showed has a lesser resistance against a huge amount of pressure, meaning that with certain level of pressure, is possible dents and crushes the Mjolnir armor is some level, and this was already showed when Master chief and the blue team fighted against the Ur-didact in the installation 03, and the didact managed to crushed partially the master chief's helmet with his hand, or also during the second battle in the installation 00, between the red team against Atriox, where the Chieftain brute managed to crushed the armored shoulder of Douglas, and after takes him down, Atriox took his helmet and crushed it with his hand, implying that the Titanium A don't has much resistance against a lot pressure, meaning that Master chief should be careful with the attacks of Gaara, and finds a way to breaches his defense, meaning that this battle between Master chief and Gaara could be titanic.

But personally, i would likes to see particulary the battle between Temari and Master chief, as she was the only one that don't believes in the poweress of the Spartan and even was mocking him, making interested see Master chief showing Temari that she shouldn't understimates the Spartan soldiers, and even that Temari ended developing some sense of fear and respect toward the Spartans, for see them like very powerful enemies that can withstand a lot damage and are capables of causes a lot destruction.
3/6/2020 c8 Guest
Well heres to waiting a few more years, and good luck with your novel
1/27/2020 c8 Michael
Great story. Master Chief’s military discipline won’t even allow him to show his face to people in an alternate reality. And I’d like to see more interactions between Master Chief and Naruto Uzumaki. But I guess it makes sense on what Chief is doing since he has no reason to acknowledge Naruto. All Chief is trying to do is get off the planet and help Cortana. So I’d say keep up the great work. I’d also like to add that Chief has advanced weaponry that the Naruto verse has never seen. If an enemy tries to kill Chief, he can just get his MA5C Assault Rifle and drop them dead. And his armor is not affected by knives and katanas so he’s in no danger.
12/20/2019 c1 Michael
I hope this gets updated sometime in 2020. I really hope that this becomes a book. I’m a fan of both Naruto and Halo. I want more chapters of this story. Please make more.
11/14/2019 c8 minecraft93
hope you update this story soon.
9/24/2019 c8 acslayer98
hey bro, im kinda interested, please pm me if your down to talk
9/16/2019 c7 Guest
Hope for an update soon
9/16/2019 c8 1Siphon 117
Huh. Having just found this, and seeing it being put on Hiatus, makes me a little sad.

None the less, I enjoyed what I read, and I hope you'll eventually get back to writing on this, though not before hopefully achieving success with your original novel. Best of luck to ya.
9/15/2019 c8 lovecrazyhedgehog
That sound like something I'd actually read
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