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2/18 c5 8DeliriousDisposition
Okay first of all I love your little rundown of the case at the end, it's super helpful and reminds me of the Monokuma Files! Even if Kokoro should be a suspect on the list.

This chapter was screaming out to me a new suspect, though: MILA. She seems super suspicious. There was that random detail about her not liking the detergent smell? That was way too random. It's either an easter egg or a clue. I think it's the latter. Not only that, but she interrupted Zack's questions - she wasn't giving him an alibi, she was giving herself one. Zack was smiling uncomfortably, so clearly he realises this.

Other than that, I have no suspicions based on this chapter. Mila was definitely the most suspicious of the bunch. I'm also shipping Leifang and Jann Lee hehe

This was a good chapter though! Her first day and some interrogating, love to see it! Now I think my Kokoro theory might be wrong...

Also Hayate pls could you make your crush any more obvious? xo
1/30 c4 DeliriousDisposition
MARIE ROSE PLS, I can't believe she dropped that line about her heart being stolen LMAOOO, what an icon...

Helena too omg, telling Bayman to shut up when he interrupted her. These two are comedic geniuses and I'm living for it! I hope we see more of them in the future, and maybe this is the start for Eliot/Marie Rose? Unless Marie Rose ends up dead before anything can start rip.

This was a pretty short chapter but it's got me really interested! Why did the intruder want Helena's tennis equipment and trophy? I wonder when we'll hear more about that and when it will make sense...
1/30 c3 DeliriousDisposition
Okay so Hitomi has officially started work! I wonder how soon the next vic will drop?

I'm still sus of Eliot a little, Leifang and her talent for lying seem sus, but I'm also still suspicious of Kokoro of course. We'll see if new suspects pop up as the story unfolds, or whether I can rule any of these out as we go!

I'm looking forward to seeing how Hitomi and Eliot work with each other! And how Hitomi will react when she next sees Hayate.

Also the Douglas residence? Like the family of the singer that died? Interesting...
1/26 c2 DeliriousDisposition

Ngl I'm crying at there just being one cabbage sitting there and Hitomi wanting a discount on it, like pls stop being a cheapskate xo

I also laughed when you said the market was always sunny bc it was on a beach omg

But the first death in the string of deaths has been revealed as Rolaurende... No idea who killed her yet, we might not have even met the killer yet! Unless... since it's behind a gym, maybe it's musclebound Rig? No sus for any other reason though, I just like to throw guesses around. Wait, didn't he say he moved in two weeks ago aka when the murder happened? Interesting. Probably a redherring though.

Also Leifang... it's a cabbage, why are you trying to stop your friend from bargaining for it?

Let's see where this story takes us...
1/25 c1 DeliriousDisposition
This is a solid set-up for what I'm anticipating to be a very intriguing mystery fic! I don't know the characters so I'm just gonna assume they're 100% IC at all times, you're welcome hehe, but so far everyone is at least standing out and none seem like copies of each other!

I'm interested at the fact that Hitomi isn't paired with Eliot despite him being her soon-to-be detective partner as the description says... could this mean that Eliot is gonna turn out to be the big baddie? You've said he's super smart, so I'm not ruling it out! He's not who I'm most sus of, though.

I'm also sus of Ryu. I wonder why he's leaving, and I wonder if he'll return around the same time as Hitomi and thus start the series of crimes/murders? Again, just something I caught, might be completely nothing. Who I'm most sus of is...

Kokoro. I can't fully explain it. It's just because she seems so timid and also acted weird with Hitomi and Leifang when they chased Ayane off. I can see her being the type to snap and start killing people all the while staying under the radar. Could be waaaay off, but she's definitely on my radar right now.

Not gonna lie I burst out laughing when Niki immediately knew who Eliot's roommate was LMAOO. Brad Wong pls.

Also intrigued about Jann Lee, to be honest.

Very intrigued as to where this will go and whether or not we've already met the eventual killer...
10/20/2020 c23 Guest
Good chapter
9/25/2020 c22 A
I like mystery stories and read every chapter. Eliot could be the killer because he is Hitomi's partner and this started when she came back in town. I think I might be right.

Or maybe Lisa.
8/8/2020 c22 40Gundam-Knight-Chris
Hmm, I've been looking back at the previous murders and the clues. As much as I wanna say that Rig is the killer, it would be too obvious. There's always a suspect you would never guess to have a motive. Rig may be the prime suspect as the murderer right now but there's someone else out there.
8/8/2020 c22 Guest
you killed kasumi
2/25/2020 c21 6Besweet
And the mystery continues... glad to see you’re still around. Surprisingly I still remember this story after a while, and I had a good time reading this. Nostalgic almost as I miss DOA story as it is hard to find any completed stories out there. Good to know you will come back with more updates this year.
12/30/2019 c21 Guest
12/30/2019 c21 40Gundam-Knight-Chris
Glad to see you making a comeback with this story. Absolutely love it. Can't wait for the next chapter.
12/28/2018 c20 3BitterSweet Crazy
I think Bayman would be an interesting main character. His experience might be able to serve as some guidance for Hitomi and Eliot. I never thought that the cases would be related either, which makes me even more interested in seeing how your story plays out. I also loved the 'HD' part! This was a great chapter and I hope to read more of this story.
10/7/2018 c20 6Besweet
That happens sometimes where things don’t go as planned in the story, but you still made it work. Usually, I don’t enjoy Bayman in any story. Perhaps not many know how to write him or create a good story around him, and that’s why I enjoyed his character in your story. He is funny too even though he wasn’t trying to be funny. They got even more work to do now... thanks you for updating, hope it won’t be long until the next chapter.
9/9/2018 c20 40Gundam-Knight-Chris
Hm, I'm beginning to think you're leading us on. For one, how did the murderer reclaim the knife? Wouldn't it be in the evidence locker of the station? And if so, how did the murderer know about the secret entrance? I'm starting to think there's a different suspect than either Lisa or Rig.
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