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for Hammer and a Heart

10/31/2017 c3 Maybwweedjfhfj
RWBY is the worst
9/5/2017 c8 Guest
It's a good story so far, so I personally think there's no reason to call yourself a terrible writer in fact your style is quite interesting to read and enjoy.

P.S: In marvel and norse mythology Thor is literally the God of thunder not a demigod
7/28/2017 c1 Sakurain03
Please please please continue this!
2/11/2017 c2 8DaManWOFear
Hey, this was a long chapter alright. So Nora grew up in an orphanage in your story, as opposed to canon where it was revealed that Ren found her... And I noticed that you used Jane Foster Thor as the basis for your Brunhilde? Okay, that's good. But there is already a Brunhilde in the comics (who goes by the name Valkyrie as well). Oh well, I would be glad to help you out a bit since I'm a comic book fan. Thanks for this chapter. Next one, please!
2/11/2017 c1 DaManWOFear
Short yet good. Is this your first? Well, not bad.
1/5/2017 c8 10Slick146
Um...Try time skipping a bit? Please? To when they start attending Beacon? And do introduce Loki and the Enchantress soon.
12/27/2016 c5 H20 Ferrum Dominus
Well this is certainly interesting. Could use some improvements though and the pacing is not so good...But keep up the good work. And thanks for the chapter!

Will Nora having asgardian blood make her stronger than her Cannon counter-part? And will she get new weapons?
12/27/2016 c7 Spooon8887
blarg blarg honk blarg
12/13/2016 c5 EzioIsPIRATE
This is a something fresh
12/12/2016 c3 Tuan92
The Ursa should have die when Thor threw his hammer. The thing was traveling at about 400 miles/hour, no way it could survive.
12/12/2016 c5 1buzzsaw935
my god, you beautiful workaholic.
12/10/2016 c4 2KuletXCore
I'm liking this. The Vol3 Ending is the bar on how dark RWBY can go, though. Thanks for the new release! appreciated it.
12/1/2016 c2 KuletXCore
I like this remix.
keep it up. I think Nora will discover that she's royalty from another world in the RNJR days, or something from Asgard will be on remnant, causing the fic to be a Divergent AU, or in other words: Canon Timeline derailed. Followed for potential and Faved because I want more.
12/1/2016 c2 1buzzsaw935
I personally don't see any problems, but I'm not that great of a writer. Also this is interesting good job.
12/1/2016 c2 buzzsaw935
I personally don't see any problems, but I'm not that great of a writer. Also this is interesting good job.
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