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1/21/2019 c2 Guest
I know it's been a long time but I'm hoping you'll take up this story again. I love the idea of this Mary and Tom (not as a couple) and you write them with such humor (Mary especially). So hopefully you'll add to this wonderful story!
2/2/2018 c2 132rebecca-in-blue
Hi Mei, I'm fandom-blind for Downton Abbey, but I really enjoyed this family story. I think there's a nice sense of warmth and family togetherness in it, despite the friction between Mary and Edith. I really love the opening scene of Tom and Mary with their kids; your writing there is so smooth - I could picture everything happening - and feels very realistic (you write like you have some combat experience, haha). It also has a good mix of humor and seriousness.

I think this is a good execution of the prompt in a subtle way. Tom, Mary, and Edith might drive each other crazy in little ways (like Mary's talk-walking, or Edith's subpar taste in Chinese food) but are there for each other with the big stuff. Thanks for entering the MOC!
2/2/2018 c2 46JessieBess
I'm really enjoying this story. A unique look at Tom and Mary - can't tell if you're planning on them getting together or not - but in keeping with the actual show as to their friendship and that Mary was ready to move on while Tom wasn't. Hope you will continue with this.
2/1/2018 c2 Guest
Interesting story idea and I hope you continue with this. Did I miss something but I don't see where you fully describe what happened to Matthew and Sybil - same car accident? Mary driving?
Your Mary has me chuckling. Great job with her.
2/1/2018 c2 hillevi
Beautiful! So glad you did decide to continue this story
3/9/2017 c1 70Gamemakers
I saw about the first season or so of Downton Abbey when it first came out, but my knowledge of the fandom is both limited and rusty. Please excuse me if I'm being fandom ignorant :-)

I am SQUEALING by the end of the first scene. Literal, got-a-weird-look-from-my-roommate squealing. I'm right with Mary here. He seems like such an asshole at the beginning and I almost kind of like him by the end? Also very clever with how you've sandwiched that scene with the mistakes.

This is a really well-done AU. I like how you've spaced out the details that remind the reader that this is happening in modern day. It also just /feels/ like the show in a way that I should be able to articulate but can't oops.

The relationship between Mary and Tom is so unconventional but also completely sweet and supportive and I'm amazed at how good of a sense the reader gets of it in less than 2K. That's definitely my favorite part of this fic.

In summary, this is so sweet and soft and I love it.

/silently points to author's note about possible future chapters/
pretty please?
3/7/2017 c1 circa1910
Thank you for this. Not easy to put this in a 21st c setting but it is perfect. I can see and hear Blake. Best of all Tom and Mary ring true-strong, dutiful and humorous. They do what they can and are brave.
12/4/2016 c1 Hillevi
Very nice! I hope you continue.
12/3/2016 c1 103guineapiggie
I'm not a fan of DA modern AU's, but I loved how true to their characters this was, the whole text - I especially loved the "I'm not better at it, I'm just doing it", and the warmth between them. Very well done!
12/3/2016 c1 27foojules
This is lovely - you strike the delicate balance between poignancy and humor that seems perfect for the subject matter, but not TOO heavy. I really like Tom and Mary's relationship. So much affection and history there. And Charles/Mary have chemistry too!

I hope you write more of this one. Looking forward to seeing how it develops.
12/2/2016 c1 46JessieBess
So nice to see you writing again! Your story To THine Own Self is one of my favorites.
I'm not a Mary/Tom fan but you did great job with them here - retaining much of their show personalities. I look forward to more chapters.
12/1/2016 c1 tammyteresa64
Great idea for a fic. I like it overlook forward to more. It's very well written and the flashbacks and explaining their feelings of moving on is great. Can't explain myself well well but great job. Thanks.
12/1/2016 c1 23Katie Duggan's Niece
You struck just the right tone, capturing the premise and the personalities, and then at the end turned sharply into poignancy. Such a strong end to what started out with Lady Mary-Charles Blake tension.
12/1/2016 c1 Guest
Very charming beginning. I like both your Tom and Mary.
12/1/2016 c1 Maryvonne
I love a Tom and Mary story, even better modern AU. Yours is very well-written. Hope you go on (but, please, let her not choose Charles Blake!)

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