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3/19/2020 c26 2xxtails888xx
can I say this was one of the best stories of have read for stardew valley you did an amazing job :3
2/15/2017 c25 1JadeSkull16
Aww, you can cry on my shoulder. I'm in the same boat actually...gah, elusive romance. Mmm, black bean noodles sound really good right now. They sound like a good temporary cure for loneliness, haha.

Yay, they finally confessed! It's funny how they both had gotten bouquets for each other at the same time, and all the other surprises James and the others got ready for Abby's birthday were really sweet. It's good to see Jade's fitting in alright, I'd imagine it'd be very difficult for her since she almost killed some of the people in the valley beforehand. At least the people in Stardew Valley are understanding. And now that they all know his backstory, he doesn't have to keep secrets anymore, so that's a relief.

Hehe, I like how Abigail's calling James "Robo-baby" now, it's pretty cute and funny.

Thank you for more chapters!
2/10/2017 c24 EvilSithlord11
This is so good
2/8/2017 c4 4The Amber Pen
Loving the story so far, glad to see it's still going :) Great work.

I really like the average chapter length so far.
1/12/2017 c18 1JadeSkull16
Oh my goodness, I was sure an assassin was going to be waiting at the farm for James or something like that when he got that note that led him to the beach, yikes! Thank goodness.
1/10/2017 c16 Adusk
Thank you for this awesome story, I am enjoying it and hope to see more!
12/19/2016 c8 JadeSkull16
Aw, I'm glad my review made you happy! When I do bother to review people's fanfictions I try to at least tell them what I like about it or make comments about the story, rather than just saying "I liked it." Oh, it'll be sad to see Pelican Town be destroyed...but I think I can handle it, hopefully at least. Thank you for warning me though so I know what I'm getting into.
Hehe, I befriended Abigail, Sam, and Sebastian too in my game and kind of liked to think I was part of their group.

Hmm, it's interesting how you've given some of the characters different nationalities, I never really thought about what their backgrounds might be.

Ah, that was nice to see Abigail and James bonding over video games. I know the feeling.
12/11/2016 c6 JadeSkull16
I am loving this so far! I feel kind of 'meh' about most of the stardew valley fanfiction that's up so far because it just seems like a rehashing of the game’s plot with nothing really new...but you've added enough of your own twist that even reading about the events we're all familiar with in the game is fresh and interesting. Having a cyborg supersoldier become a stardew valley farmer is definitely an ‘out there’ idea, and that’s what makes it so fun to read. I found myself laughing several times when James’ cyborg-ness made things awkward with his new acquaintances-for example, I loved the first meeting between Abagail and James. I mean, man, what a way to make a first impression, haha. But oh man, I feel sooo bad for him at the end of the chapter! Poor James…

I’m excited to see what happens next! Keep up the good work!

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