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11/13/2020 c3 475213
“iPhone 8S, properly ruggedized for military purposes, and finally with that stupid headphone jack back.”

*Author used Vicious Mockery*
*Apple takes 1d4 psychic damage*
8/31/2020 c10 Lukkai
Holy... that was pretty intense!

And I wonder if a shipgirl can be resummoned when her older version hasn't been sunk but turned. And if yes, what does that mean for the turned one?
7/14/2017 c10 1Johenn Casvell Mcgyrch
I liked this story. The central concept, that's not something I've read before. Now, I might've felt an initial poking sensation like "Oh, Enterprise feels like one of them Mary-susans." at first, but again, your idea turned out to be quite entertaining. All the new fleetgirls were mildly overwhelming, not much room for characterization, as well as the fact that they US has "researched the full tech tree", to put it one way. I look forward to the sequel. I think I know who the Fast battleship B*tch is/was.
7/8/2017 c10 Vi
So in the end, clean start with nothing learned?
That is a bit of a shame, especially since E could have been refitted in time, to remove the beast.
For example, giving her a early angled flight deck.
That would mean relocation some of those guns and that would mean new gun nest outriggers.
She rebuilded her legs with Abyssal hull parts, did she keep to her specs or did she steal them from a princess or so?
Why I ask?
The Lexington class had turbo electric drives, the IJN ships had boilers that where 50 procent(? %) less powerfull them the US ships where.
Lexington could do 34, Yorktown could do 38.
Abyssals can do...what exactly?

And could she turn those Abyssal body slash hull parts, into clothing items?
Just think about those white metallic arms and legs being turned into shoulder length gloves and tight high socks.
With the torso section becoming the breast plate, just needing some skirt or so and replacement footwear.

Mmm, ever though about a carrier that uses a similar deal to become a gunboat?
A battlecruiser slash battleship, you know.

Well, take care and I hope we will see more on a later date.
But was the epilogue the true ending or a hopefull dream?
7/9/2017 c9 Rydan fall
You know, she has shown able to stop the flow of blood out of her wounds.
She has also shown capable of diving.
That Re class even dropped her flightdeck.

So yeah, theoretically she should be able to recover enough to drag one of those already sunken Abyssals to shore or else go for the Abyssal Princesses that where destroyed on that island.
I don't think those shipgirls can stay there long.
Yup, thats one way, another one could have been breaking free and diving, them dragging that Re class under in order to get her flightdeck back.

So if wanted, you could treat the epilogue as omake and continue on.
Big E should know about the angled flightdeck.
And it would be fun if her crew is worse then a group of submarine shipgirls.

Say, you ever read Worm?
What about ending Taylor (Kepri), after being shoot twice in the head by Contessa, ends up in a summoning pool on the Kancole world?
It would let you get away with ships like the Lexington class Battlecruiser Constellation CC-2, depending on your choice.
Thought the Yamato sub class, IJN Shinano could also work.
Same for the Iowa class USS Kentucky BB-66.
12/24/2016 c10 8cko2
Nice wrapup and nice to see back and ready to kick ass. But the first thing to ask, how did she show up inthe first place and spend three years by herself hunting the enemy?
12/23/2016 c10 1OBSERVER01
good chapter.i look forward to the sequel.
12/23/2016 c10 Ni Oxx
Great story. I really loved the detailed descriptions of the naval battles, and the feral brutality with which Enterprise could act. I'm really excited to read Hot and Smoky. Furthermore, is the Enterprise in this story the same Enterprise who is Yamato's steady in Things Involving Shipgirls?
12/21/2016 c9 redcollecter
we salute you enterprise you went out in a blaze of gorly and. We wait for you return because we all know this ain't the end for you
12/21/2016 c9 8cko2
Talk about going out in a blaze of glory for sure. But who brout back e for the closure though?
12/21/2016 c9 Warhawk97
If this story ends like this I WILL incite a riot.
12/21/2016 c9 1OBSERVER01
12/21/2016 c9 11Tristar
I swear the Abyssal E is part submarine I swear it! Don't know whether to be happy or annoyed that she didn't gut Northern on the one hand I find Northern frikken adorable on the other she's still a murderhobo that crawls into crabpots for naps...

I wonder if that Re from the earlier chapter is still puttering about or if she joined her kin at the bottom of them abyss during this battle.
12/21/2016 c8 Tristar
oh poor Northern Ocean Princess you're gonna die Enterprise is going to gut you like a fish, you adorable little monster...
12/20/2016 c8 1OBSERVER01
dayuum! needs more missile massacre!
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