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8/28/2017 c9 Nightshade
This story is really good! I hope you continue this!
5/28/2017 c9 Sieglinde Eremiah
all current chapters was a great ride hoping for future updates since i wanna know how Marry and Blake will patch things up
5/12/2017 c9 10deathstalker982
you know, i could have sworn i followed this story back when i first found it, when it was up to the first initiation chapter, but when i found this on someone elses favorites page and saw there were more chapters, i had to continue reading, so far this is the only good story of the Kagero Daze franchise i have found, but if there are any others i would love a recomendation. this time i'm not forgetting to follow this story, and i hope to see it continue. I'm also really looking forward to seeing Takane revealing her Eyes, as i can see one point where her eyes could be important, the invasion of Beacon, when she could take the Atlasian robots back from Cinder's control if she had enough time.

i do have a suggestion if you would accept it, a crossover between Kagero Daze and Harry Potter in which the events of Kagero Daze happen when they are all(except Mary, Hibiya, Hiyori, and the adults) were 13-14, with all others being cannon age, and with Shintaro being an adopted Hary Potter who was abbandoned in Japan before he could remember much, and was found by Momo's Parents, or Seto being Harry, who was abbandoned by the Dursleys in Japan, and wasn;t adopted till he was found by Kenjiro and Ayaka. Any of the characters could be a magical who was missed by the local magical school(or they all could be), or they could have gotten magical schooling; and you could either leave the ending as is, or you might make it where at the end of the Kagero Daze, the fact that Shintaro and friends could be magic might change the ending, like saving Asami Shion, Kenjiro and Ayaka from the Heat Haze, or even everyone who was ever trapped in the Heat Haze(which is all who died on August 15 since at least 101 years(no exact amount of years is given, just over 100 years) before the series began, though that would be a lot of people, even if you relegated it to only those who wanted to live longer, and who didn't die of old age. The last thing would be they were brought to Hogwarts when the Triwizard Tournament spits Harry's name from the Goblet of Fire(hence why i suggested to reduce their ages), either through the Goblet itself, or through some other method.
4/23/2017 c9 36Kiri Kaitou Clover
Nice changes! Also, it seems you've concluded volume 1 for now. I wonder what Vol 2 will bring, and exactly how did the time loop end for the Dan.
3/18/2017 c8 2Anellia Sorsogon
What good mix of funny and slight angst. And also, your chapter titling reason is 10/10 lol

o3o)b { Noice
2/26/2017 c7 Shinoki
Nice chapter! Hahaha, Marry beating Cardin is a wonderful sight to see.
2/6/2017 c6 nice
Actually... I think the kano, kido, and seto, only went to the orphanage for one year. I dunno my opinion...
1/23/2017 c5 36Kiri Kaitou Clover
THAT WAS EPIC! Also I am totally unsurprised that the Gang has excellent teamwork in their respective 4 man teams. Ayano especially for coordinating the group so well. Shintaro also deserves some credit for dealing the final blow, as well as manipulating his aura in a way I have not seen in any fanfic yet, leaving aura to deal with heavy damage and not allow it to constantly take damage for you until it runs out. Its pure Shintaro! (I am totally okay with occasionally veering off canon for the RWBY characters to interact with the Blindfold Gang. Maybe lesson specific chapters to showcase their abilities in a more controlled setting?)
1/8/2017 c4 Kiri Kaitou Clover
Great overall chapter, and I love how it differs slightly to the original start of the Emerald Forest arc. Blake being wary of Kano is so understandable after last chapter. Seto's a great partner for Marry. Shintaro and Takane are both sharpshooters so they are kinda best when working with each other. As for your questions well...

1 - Memoir is a good name for Shintaro's weapon. (I'm guessing its from his eye ability and Lost Time Memory). Probably would be a good idea to tag on another part to the name as well to reference the weapon itself.
2 - Honestly Marry would be the one I would expect to name her weapon Kagerou _ or Imagination _. Ayano would probably include words like Red or Hero or something related in her weapon name.
3-5 the Final decision for naming weapons is really up to you. But if we're following a theme of naming weapons after the songs, Kido's will definitely have the word Blindfold/Blinding/Concealing somewhere there, Kano's may or may not name his weapon in relation to masks, deceit, or illusions... Or perhaps just black cats and bad luck. Takane... Well I was guessing she would have named her weapon after her old gaming handle really, Lightning Dancer or something similar. Seto would name his weapon in relation to nature or truths. Haruka would probably name his in regards to duality and/or light and shadow, or even something that reflects his artistic skills. Momo... Momo... I'm actually not too sure about Momo's weapon name unless you want it to relate to moons/music/attention.

(I love the Kagepro series a lot. Seeing it get a good crossover with RWBY is something I want to happen. You've done well with the writing and characterisation so far too!)
12/26/2016 c3 Kiri Kaitou Clover
How did I not find this fic earlier? Its amazing! Everyone is pretty in character and I love how their eye abilities are pretty much their semblances. Great job and I look forward to the emerald forest chapters!
12/24/2016 c2 AnimeGirl
I hope you will open a chapter soon!
12/20/2016 c2 Ag
Love marry, keep up your great work

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