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7/28 c1 Caitlyn
The actual sweetest fic I have ever read. This is what I call my 'pick me up' fic. I read it whenever I have a bad day or just need comfort. So thank you for giving me one!
12/23/2018 c1 coffeeaIways
I have spent the last week or so binge reading this story and I have loved every chapter!
5/20/2018 c48 STC
I really did love this fic all 47 chapters of it. I will admit to not loving the last one, and that is because I felt it was predictable. I loved the 'dance with me" part, but would have preferred that as part of Jane and Kurts NYE celebration, just the two of them, in a quiet apartment, by themselves with a natural segue to what I THOUGHT WAS LONG OVERDUE BETWEEN THEM.

i am not one of those who wants to see that right away, so I do appreciate the way you write. I like the buildup, the emotional intimacy you develop between your characters because (to me anyway) it shows a maturity and a sophistication one does not always see in fanfic. It's a rare quality, so kudos to you on that.
5/19/2018 c8 STC
This is a Winter version of Beach Weekend! I absolutely loved that one, and I am loving this!
11/22/2017 c5 1Dotty92
Okay my heart just exploded :)
11/17/2017 c48 101MonkeyPajamas
Happy New Year!
Finishing reviewing this story 11 months and 2 weeks after it was started. And over 7 months after it was finished.

Yes. The balance between working things out in your head - and then being stuck inside your head far too long.

Hahaha yes. The team will be a little bit overbearing I'm sure I'm just imaging them in reality. Like they showed in 3.03 - like come on guys. You realize we're here with you, we don't need to hear all of this stuff that you talk about.

Well Jane i'm with you. It always makes sense to be social, but then when faced with the idea of actually being social - well being a hermit seems so much better. Especially since Jane can be a hermit with Kurt.

Then they get to kiss at midnight.

I wrote a bit of a halloween story - but then it got too late to actually post it. I do want to do my own Thanksgiving story also. And maybe a Christmas. And defiitely a new years. And then a valentine's day. Just every holiday needs more Jeller, right. Even Saint Patricks day. Or... what ever holiday because it's a day ending in Y dammit.

"He wanted to kiss her - of course he did." OF COURSE HE DID

"I guess it's like everything else we've been through. it brought us here."

Bwahahaha of course they won't let anyone in early. They have things to do before the team arrives

Of course Kurt just goes to be by Jane's side.

Aww the deja vu with the Christmas Party and the New years Party and it's so sweet

I love the idea of going to Times Square on NYE but I would hate it in actuality. But the best thing to happen in Times Square already happened.

"Dance with me" !

Then Jane reviewing her year, and how it's ending and it's so special and amazing like my heart is smiling.
10/28/2017 c47 MonkeyPajamas
100% fluff, nope not sorry about this.

What to do with the hours of free time they had? Oh I think they can find something to keep them occupied.

"It's the same idea, just...closer" is exactly how all Jeller scenes should be. Just get them closer together.

Hahaha "You forgot about your coffee? Wow I'm even better than I thought."

"She was amazed how secure she felt, sitting there like that, with his arms encircling her." It doesn't surprise me at all Jane. Not. At. All.

Bahwahahaha you mention glowing with happiness, and of course when you wrote this we had no idea that Jane would literally be GLOWING. But I lauged and laughed and laughed.

"almost perfect" is such a good song. It's in no way a Jeller song. It's like the opposite of a Jeller song I think. At least the one part I remember "she's almost perfect, but she's not, she's not mine."

Also "too perfect" which i don't think you's started to write yet...

"You are Jane, and you are with me" heart eyes.

Gah these two are just adorable, snuggling, their hands in their hair and tracings on the skin... so much cuteness

Smiling in her sleep!

"That was just my brain, sabotaging me again." Yep, Jane. I understand. So understand.
And Kurt, if you can talk to my brain as well as Jane's I'd appreciate it. My brain has a hard time listening.

But that really was I think better to read now than it was back in March/April or whenever.

I saw my hot chocolate just the other day - the one I never made because it never got cold enough. Almost cold enough now...

They are so stinkin cute!

Oh yeah, not getting lost in Kurt's eyes. You know that's impossible. I get lost in his eyes when it's just a picture of him!

Aww, committing that moment to memory. I would do. I love this fluffy happiness.
10/15/2017 c46 MonkeyPajamas
I know I could be doing GD, and I know that's also helpful, probably more so in the short term, but I also really really feel a need to finish reviewing some of these fics, so... sorry about that. Plus, these are faster to review. Because reviewing is mostly me squealing than commenting.

I lose track of time all the time in the morning because sitting with my eyes closed.
I love that they just get to sit and relax and be together. They deserve a time like that. I almost don't think that they would actually know how to handle all that quiet! Ha!

"Are you a sleep/I must be because I'm obviously dreaming/what makes you say that you're dreaming/because there's no way this is real"
Yes sorry I've taken an abbreviated approach to quoting multiple lines.

Ha "I think your stomach has something to say."

Kurt standing behind Jane, putting his arms around her waist. Heart eyes!

Kurt is always hungry. He's so much like Sully. Also, I love how we pretend to know that about Sully (I mean, he does talk about food a lot)

"his hand coming to rest on top of hers" More heart eyes. I love those little touches between the two of them. And Jane, you know why these are different. Why even the littlest touch of his makes your pulse race. Because you LOVE HIM

I love the little talk about Oscar, because I had just coincidentally typed up nearly the same thing the other day. It's so cool. We do share a brain. I like it that way.

It's okay that you've moved in. It's better that way. You both want to be together, so, it makes sense that you live together.

I want to quote the entire thing about it's a fact, and how we got here, and that entire paragraph that made me feel so much.
I'm seriously getting lazy about quoting, but FFN doesn't allow copy paste and I don't like typing out paragraph long chunks of text.

But I will quote "Everyone has parts of their life - that they could call how they got to the good part." Because I'm just waiting for the good part.


They have the best story. "My memory was wiped, I was tattooed, I crawled out of a bag naked in the middle of times square, he sent me to the CIA where i was tortured, and then we fell in love. how did you two meet?"

They get to say I love you.

It is 100% safer to have your door closed in a fire. Most doors are relatively fireproof. BUt only if they are closed.

Nope. The main thing is being alive. Sorry guys. It just is.

His last thought as he went to sleep was Jane. Heart eyes. Upon heart eyes.

Oh jane. Don't worry. He'll heal, but he'll still love you. He'll need you in a different way.

Bawhahahaha "I definitely prefer waking up with you" is sort of the same line as I have of an idea. So I love finding it in yours!

"You are better than medicine." Jeller is the best medicine.

I need to eventually have Jane and Kurt go to Times Square on New Years. Is it too early to start writing that fic?

"The best thing to ever happen in Times Square has already happened." You mean when we got to hang out there in March? Yeah that was pretty great.
10/12/2017 c45 MonkeyPajamas
I wasn't going to review, but apparently I am. Cause I wanted to write my own. Because I want to do you book. i want to do it all. But apparently I decided on reviewing. Who knows. I don't make sense.

Jane, you trying NOT too look at Kurt, especially when he's wearing a towel and only a towel... I mean come on, you're human. You can look. I'm enjoying reading it.

No, they don't ever had to leave that apartment. Never ever. Just stay there together in bright Jeller happiness.

"Probably the wrong season for you to be half naked. too bad for me."

They're adorable. I have nothing else to say except the multitude of heart eyes I'm making.

"of course I don't have to. I want to"

Just being by Kurt is relaxing to Jane. I understand that immensely. I love that description and it's perfect and relaxing and just... happy peaceful sigh.

"I like having you all to myself" Sorry Jane. You have to share him with the rest of us fangirls.

Oh yes! Walter Mitty! I remember that when you were writing it!
10/9/2017 c44 MonkeyPajamas
I know this is the story, not the show, but it does make me excited about the show, so it totally counts. Just Jane waking up that first morning after the ILY and being in Kurt's apartment, and all sorts of happiness abound.

I love that Jane's pretending to ignore him. It's adorable.

I also love any time the two of them get to just touch and be a couple. I'm still just sitting here with a smile.

"When it came down to it, he just enjoyed watching her, period."

Aww Jane spying on Kurt. It's adorable!

I remember this chapter! The ninja reference! I remember you mentioning it to me, and then laughing because you said I'd see why this was funny, and then I read this chapter, and it makes me happy all over again!

I love them standing there just listening to the other's breathing.

I love the line about Kurt - you trust me with your life but not your stomach. That's hilarious.
And those sound yummy although I would have made them slightly different way. Oh and the fact he tested them with Sawywer. I love that too.
Because banana and peanut butter works wonders. It took me a while to try it, but now I love it. It's so delicious.

"We make a good team."

"You didn't have to do that/And you didn't have to make me breakfast" seems like such a 'them' line.

The last time they watched a movie... was Poison Ivy. Or another one, but to me it's always poison ivy.

"You like it here, and I think it's pretty clear that he does too"

"Nice necklace/thanks someone special gave it to me."

"You're very distracting" that's one way to put it.

I like that Jane gets to get used to this. Happiness.
10/8/2017 c43 MonkeyPajamas
Hahaha! That totally sounds like something I would do... realize I have nothing clean left to wear. Okay that's probably because I've done that. On multiple occasions. However, Kurt was never there for me with clean clothes. So Jane, you win. Also, I love love love the idea of her wearing his clothes so I don't even care. THAT's what i want to see in this new season. Seriously. I'll die happy then.

I love Kurt's "you mean I missed it" in response to Jane getting dressed. And after seeing that promo and the way he talked to her at the party... bawhahahaa

Did you know the arm holes are actually named armsayes? I just learned that. It's true.

"I think you're distracting me/sorry/no you're not/nope, not at all" I LOVE THIS It's so cute and adorable.

"Come back here to me"

"they needed each other in order to heal completely" I love this idea. It's... perfect.

Putting the hand over the heart. heart eyes.

I think I laughed so much at the "why'd you stop."

Hahaha yes, they could just stay in bed all day. That sounds like a lovely way to spend the time.

"you're impossible/But you like it."

"In the space of a week, her entire would had been turned upside down. and she quite liked it that way."
10/3/2017 c42 MonkeyPajamas
Now placing bets on whether I actually will finish this before one year after it was published. Oops

Ah yes the 1-10 scale. I'm familiar with that.

Of course Jane could care less about what the nurse says and just is looking for Jane. Kurt, Jane will come back. Pay attention to the stuff that keeps you alive.

"You're so cute when you pout" Oh Jane! Tell him. Because he is adorable.

Kurt its totally possible to make breakfast last all day.

"Kurt's thumb was trailing up and down across her palm, so she really didn't need to focus on anything else anyway" Nope, not at all. Heart eyes.

Kurt you WILL listen to the doctors orders and Jane will make you and this is already an adorable story but I think I took it to like a thousand times more adorable in my head just then.

"If you won't do it for you, then do it for me." Well Jane I think you just figured out how to make Kurt listen.

Bawhahaha he needs Jane to help with his hospital gown.

"Jane was the exception" always. Always has been, always will be.

"Are you sure you don't just like the attention." "Oh I like the attention."

Hey Jane, driving wheelchairs is NOT as easy as it looks. I just realized I've driven a lot of wheelchairs. But it really isn't as easy as it looks. Just saying.

"You only consider it under control if it's under your control" is there something wrong with that Jane?

"We're a team" that's what I love. When they ARE a team.

It is probably good that Reade drove them, instead of Patterson or Tasha. Because THOSE two would have been all over it over anaylzing every movement between the two of them.

Bawhahaha, the three of them making a hasty exit after Jane and Kurt arrive makes me think of a certain OTHER scene where they have to leave quickly.

"Because... of course."
9/11/2017 c41 MonkeyPajamas
Yay! Kurt gets to go home with doctor Jane taking care of him!

And Jane - OF COURSE the team is up to something. Don't you know them but at all.

"Our team"

Considering the party at the FBI was less than a week ago - and was like 40 chapters ago hehehe!

"I know that's not happening" Glad to see Kurt's wised up. She's not leaving your side.

"Logically she knew that what he was saying whas the truth, and yet... it felt impossible to relax" Hmm, yep, for some reason I understand. Hmm, I mean, again, not that you are GREAT, but why haven't I had the Kurt anxiety cure. Him running his hands through my hair seems infinitely more relaxing than emoji hugs. Sigh. I guess I'll take you though, since you are real and put up with me. But Jane better realize how lucky she is.

"They'd both made so many mistakes, and yet... somehow they'd gotten a second chance, just when it had seemed like it was too late" I LOVE IT.

"I just know. I know you." HEART EYES

This year - for them, for us, just, so much can happen in a year.

FYI - how close this was
"But it was worth it. If I had to chose whether I'd change it... I'd go through it all again."

"There's no one I'd rather be in life or death situations with than you." These two really do have an odd idea of what's fun.

And they said I love you and it's just as sweet as it was on the show. I love those two.

"All I really need is... you."

"Lucky me. "Lucky me." "Lucky us." oh they are too adorable.

"Since you asked so nicely" Gah I love little callbacks

Oh these two are SO in love.
9/3/2017 c40 MonkeyPajamas
Know how happy just reading about our Blindspot Adventure in the A/N made me? I'm just saying - it made me happy.

"In front of her lay Kurt." Oh man I know in this story he's unconcious, but come on now, just in general, this is a happy statement/reality.

"Still unconscious, not appearing to have moved a muscle since the last time she'd looked at him." Well, Jane, to be fair, he is unconcious.

"Heartbreak had an actual basis in fact" IT DOES. The body processes emotional pain the same way as physical pain, but it doesn't know where to 'assign' it so yes, it does.

Yes Jane. Talk to Kurt. It actually does work. I mean, even when they aren't unconcious. Even when they aren't there. Talking always works. Man, I could write an essay about that. But it wouldn't actually be about your fics (well, that's not unusual in my reviews)
But yes Jane. TALK TO KURT.

It's so perfectly Jane to start with her calling him out on being dramatic and an attention hog. And then just, everything. It's so perfectly Jane. Calling him stubborn. Just making him wake up. And then the emotional I need you.

And then he wakes up.

See Jane - talking helps!

I know I'm just quoting like the simplest thing, but the way he says her name... it's okay. It's all I need

"It's about time you woke up" Well, we all know he's a heavy sleeper.

"How much he loved her."
Oh we ALL know that Kurt

Jane feels calm, because now she knows he'll be okay because he's awake. I mean, he may still have some healing to do, but he's awake. (I suddenly wanted to say It's a starting point)

"Well, actually she did want to monopolize him" At least she's being honest.

"Because Weller had to go get himself blown up, now the rest of us have extra work to do." I mean, shesh Kurt, SO RUDE.

Of course, it's like all kinds of extra adorable them sharing a hospital bed. Like, all kinds of adorable. Just sticking with that because therwise it's just a bunch of random cute squeals coming out of my mouth.

Call him Kurt, not because Mr Weller is his father, but because he's Kurt. Or Weller. Or Agent Weller. But he's certainly not Mr Weller.

Hmm, you think Jane can get permission from the boss to stay home an extra few days? Hehehe

"Our team is good at that." AWWWWWW
8/29/2017 c39 MonkeyPajamas
And back to December. Which is a Taylor Swift song. And I just realized I better try and finish reviewing this fic before it is December again. I can't believe how far behind I got. No I blame you - you write fast. Which I know I'm also the same person who this morning was demanding as little time in between fics/stories, but don't you dare and try and use logic on this.

I like it when Jane and Kurt walk in with matching cups of coffee as opposed to what we saw on the show.

"Patterson had cracked another tattoo, which, after her long and complicated explaination" Ah Patterson. I love your long and complicated explanations.

I love that now that we've been to NYC, it's easier to notice how many cases take place in Brooklyn/Queens/Long Island. Because that's where their studio is, and certainly easier to film in than Manhattan. And I mean, I don't know how crime is spread out over the city, but it is always fun just knowing that we know where they're at.

This is why I never answer unknown numbers. Okay, in my case they are mostly spam junk calls not anyting to do with terrorists and crimes, but you can never be too careful.

I'd forgotten the explosin and the fact that Kurt got hurt.

As Kurt's going away on the ambulance I know exactly what scene I'm picturing - well, you know, the other one where Kurt got hurt and its one where we could actually do screen caps. But this time she actually got to ride with him.

"This was not how it was supposed to go"

Yep Jane, clean up. You look terrible. You don't want that to be the first sight he sees.

Gah! The Patterson call back from 1.10

Yeah Jane. I understand. Sometimes you want someone else there. Sometimes its better to be alone.

Hahaha I just love that Jane does coffee first and not crackers because she thought she might throw up. When for me it would be the exact opposite. I'd have to eat crackers or else the coffee would make me sick.


Of course jane gets to be the first one to see him. That's never in doubt. I think the only person who could potentially outrank her is Sarah (and that's in the past - I think at this point even Sarah would allow Jane to go first)

And it's adorable and sweet and I love it how she falls asleep holding his hand.
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