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for Primordial in a World of Gods

9/2 c1 yourfoxydope
7/22 c8 agnar
Honestly, more and more, Naruto's group is proving a disappointment. He may be the strongest on Earth, but his team is about the weakest, too many D-listers, not enough power.

Also meant to mention how utterly ridiculous it was a few chapters back when you had Capt. America hurt Superman, at all. Unless they gave his shield a Kryptonite coating or something. Too bad a good premise ended up so lackluster.

Also, your summary doesn't seem to match up at all, as we hear/see nothing of Naruto fighting against Gods. And if he was sealed for A Millenia, he'd have been awake during Apocalypse' life, as he was 5k years-old, which is 5 millenia.
7/22 c6 agnar
the idea has promise, but his group is kinda lacking in the impressive. a couple guys who use guns? Eh. The UN just jumping on board with a US controlled super group to happily push aside the JL? Eh.

And honestly, way too much detail on various mid-level at best fights. Lex, Kingpin, Joker, the big guys, that's all fine. But the long descriptions of taking out Black Mask and the deadlight group, eh.

Getting bogged down in minutia can kill a fic fast. Though that may've happened as the fic hasn't been updated in a long time.
7/22 c4 agnar
so basically, everyone but Naruto's group is morons?
6/28 c1 IAmTheGreatNoob
Update pls
4/13 c8 Guest
Please continue this it so good
2/5 c1 pp
Where is the update at BFFR
12/13/2022 c8 TheBroble
What the fuck. You made a dc/marvel/naruto fanfic? You know why no one makes ones this big? Because the lore gets fucked up and no one can accurately power scale. It's a relatively decent fic. Certainly not the worst that I've found. It's just a mess.
11/17/2022 c8 pp
where is the update
11/15/2022 c1 Guest
Please continue this series, it has a lot of potential
10/26/2022 c5 1NarutoTiny0852
Ha you made me leave for Naruto with poisons Ives power
10/11/2022 c1 Guest
Please continue this series
8/24/2022 c1 1MonsterCritic96
so from what I see this universe takes place during the merge of DC and Marvel universe
7/9/2022 c8 Guest
Awesome story sucks this doesn't have more chapters a man can hope though
7/4/2022 c1 pp
where the update at damn
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