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for Primordial in a World of Gods

5/21 c1 Guest
I hope the ppl who either tell you to delete the story or to update would just stfu. The author clearly is not reading or responding to the reviews, which all sound like an echo chamber of whiny brats who can't handle that a freelance writer, who has no actual obligation to write the stories for other people, decided not to continue their stories.
4/11 c1 pp
just delete this shit. You're giving your readers false hope that you'll continue this. Might as well delete it
4/7 c2 edoabb
That's bullshit, he recruits insane people for his group...
3/1 c8 jabraha
I really wished this story could have been continued. It was a greta premise and I was really looking forward to people like Deathstroke, Punisher, and Taskmaster.
2/28 c8 Froststar624
I still want a chapter 9 to this..
2/13 c8 pp
update this shit
2/14 c8 pathless-sage
Can you please update great story
2/8 c8 xSean
Not sure if you have plans to continue this or reboot or what but thought I'd leave my thoughts here just incase. I enjoyed this fic but there was 3 glaring flaws.

The first is that Naruto gets very little screen time after the first 2 chapters. And the screen time he does have feels like recycled garbage. He is always recruiting and never taking any action himself it feels. Felt myself getting excited a bit about the potential Superman fight but that was cut extremely short.

The second is that the rest of the Akatsuki seem to have about 90% of the screen time. Don't get me wrong, it's interesting but I don't wanna read about Mammoth fighting every chapter, or Ivy going gaga over flowers, or Red Hood and Deadshot destroying their targets. It's cool but gets old after 2-6 chapters of it. We wanna see what Naruto can do.

The third isn't much of a problem for me personally but I know it can be to the average reader. Naruto here just isn't Naruto. He's too different. Doesn't feel like there's anything of himself left in there.
2/1 c1 kekbekmekflekwek
This was terrible, but then it got even worse when you decided that you were just going to switch from present to past tense mid sentence, over and over and over and over again. Dumbass.
1/1 c8 Guest
Bruhhh update
12/7/2020 c8 avjuan37
please make more chapters
11/15/2020 c8 SageOfSixCats
I love the story! It’s has great detail and is very long just how I like it! I think that it would be cool if there were little skits with the new Akatsuki. Like asking naruto/sage if he has kissed anyone before or asking him his real name. Loki should have this one-sided rivalry with naruto/sage until he finally understands the difference in there power and he actually looks up to him. And naruto/sage seeing himself in loki a little bit treats him like a younger brother since they are both really old. I hope u reply and have a great day! I really look forward into u writing more for the fanfic!
10/14/2020 c8 Gguma030
oh boy, I was hoping Deadpool would join the party

Anyway, I hope there will be another chapter, this story is too good to give up
9/15/2020 c8 AnthonyR89
...weak? outside of Thor and Odin, Loki is probably the strongest of the Asgardians.
9/15/2020 c7 AnthonyR89
...saying something is based off the live action tv show of a DC comic means next to nothing to me, since the last one i actually watched was Smallville (though i recently grabbed Titans for the hell of it and plan on getting Doom Patrol at some point). the only other one i've tried is Green Arrow, but besides preferring the character on Smallville as protrayed by Justin Hartley, the constant monologues got on my nerves very quickly.

and while i'm at it, why do you have Superman and Wonder Woman dating? New 52 sucked. while i'm not a particularly big Batman/Wonder Woman fan, though i don't mind it, i'm very much a Superman/Lois Lane fan.

also, what kind of idiot lets the guy guarding the prisoner hold onto the items the prisoner had when he was captured? at a minimum, it should be in a vault in the Watchtower. that, or in the Batcave or Fortress of Solitude.

also, Loki? eh.
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