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for Ballad of the Femme Fatale

7/15 c8 Cyber-Kanochi
I can already see the alliance between Skull and Ratchet... along with everyone else’s reactions to their now being to of them. I can’t wait to see that unholy alliance especially if/when Luss decides to join them.
Still love this story and am looking forward to your next update. :D
3/15 c8 tbiscool35
Love this story even though I know almost nothing about transformers. You really made a convincing character, which a lot of people tend to skimp on, with Skull-is-someone fics. They tend to just smoosh the two characters, but you actually gave her a personality and motivations.
By far by one of my fave Skull-fics; up there with Slip-up and Cloudy with a chance of freedom!
1/11 c8 IgnisFelicis
You know... I've been trawling through your tumblr, making a lurking nuisance out of myself, and it never occurred to me that you created this story. Just... didn't connect. And then you posted that snippet about Regalia and it seemed so familiar to this story, I actually thought back to reading about Silhouette way back when. Thought it was neat that two ppl had such a nice, similar idea. (This is coming from a person who is not overly fond of transformers covers for all that I enjoyed the movies /cartoons)
And then, today, I went back to the tab I had opened some time ago, to finish checking out your ffn account.
Seriously, my brain blanked for a moment, before the hilarity of the situation made me laugh.
Thank you.
And great work, btw. :)
7/21/2019 c1 LoveFanFictionForLife
Love it!
7/20/2019 c8 1Beloved Daughter
AhhhhhhhH! I love this so much! Such a great story! Skull is one of my favorite characters and I love reading stories where he or she is secretly a badass! You did an amazing job of writing her character here! I also loved how you integrated Transformers into the storyline. I can't help but wonder if you will reintegrate more Autobots into the story...? Either way, this story is awesome and I can only hope that you will write more!
5/12/2019 c8 Guest
From the references I caught, I'd guess Silhouette landed maybe in the thirties? Or like you said, WWII, the 40's. Somewhere in here either Skull or Sil mentioned her being on Earth for around seventy years and I think that was already in the 2000's though I don't remember how far. So yeah, depending how old her dad was when she was born, Sil joined the family with Skull's dad Nicolas or her grandfather, maybe when Nicky was a kid? Just before he was born? He was at least in his late twenties in the mid-70's, based on how old little Milena was, probably. Maybe older.

Oh jeez. Skull's scars as fatalities? Yikes. Hadn't quite thought of that connection, even with hidden-scars being the common explanation for the bandaids and constant coverup in the suit. /3 I like that the helmet is more of a constant because it can filter input - deadening sound and weakening light, etc. - due to over-sharp senses than just a mask to hide behind (even if it can double as such). Super senses make sense in context (cheers for cool things!), but are also a miserable b**** to experience. (Apologies, I know you hate cursing but I have a bit of experience with enhanced light-sensitivity myself and the migraines really do warrant some minor epithets. I can only imagine the agony of multiple-senses dialed past eleven!)
On the note of cursing, you did quite well accurately including it to suit the characters while easing your own discomfort with it! It's not to hard to guess what most of it is supposed to be, and it feels like the actual characters should except with one of those old-fashioned tv-censor filters catching everything. *giggles* Some of it is a lot funnier this way.
5/12/2019 c2 Guest
5/12/2019 c1 Guest
The explanation about Milena's variation of her Flames' expression makes sense. With so much belief involved - it is called "Will" for a reason - logically the greatest outliers and radically unusual examples of manifestations would come from those who Activated young and had absolutely no exposure to the "accepted" mindset of how thing work. All the imagination and childish experimentation, no preconceived notions. Or at least, none of the mafia's default assumptions of preconceived notions.
4/25/2019 c8 ACasualHuman
*sighs aggressively*

you made me postpone making my own dinner, I hope you're happy

Thank you for writing this in the first place and I hope you contiune to update.
3/22/2019 c1 aknight
I really like ballad of the femme fatale so please continue it
3/21/2019 c8 James
Certainly an interesting and possibly alarming way to remember each time you've happened to have died, the amount of scars on someone whom is immortal might be a quite a portion given the line of work they're in.

I did enjoy the chapter they pull a person into things very well.
3/11/2019 c8 StepOnLego14
3/11/2019 c8 57isthemagicnumber
3/11/2019 c8 Shiva
3/10/2019 c8 1buterflypuss
good chap
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